15+ Quick Healthy Breakfast Pies Ideas – How To Store A Pie To Keep Fresh?

Healthy Breakfast Pies: Breakfast pies are amazing make-ahead recipes that can be enjoyed by people worldwide not only for breakfast but also for brunch. The pie crust that comes along with these pies binds together all the cheesy and meaty ingredients together to give an ultimate treat to your tastebuds during busy mornings.

Such breakfast options are high in protein and fiber, filling enough to jumpstart your day with a healthy boost. These recipes are simple, quicker on the clock, and can be stored easily for future consumption. Are your tastebuds craving right?

This article will cover some amazing breakfast pie recipes that you can try for yourself or your family that take minimum effort and are easier on the pocket, yet heavier in taste and flavor.

Healthy Breakfast Pies

10 Best Breakfast Pie Recipes List That Adores You

Now, let us look at the 10 most famous breakfast pies that are loved by people worldwide. These recipes are not only delicious but are also very easy and quick to make. Let’s quickly take a glance at the recipes below:

Cinnamon Roll Pie

Homemade cinnamon roll pies are famous for their amazingly gooey and wafting smell and are generally served in a flaky pie crust with cheese frostings on top. This recipe is an amazing combination of cinnamon, butter, milk, yeast, salt, and melted brown sugar.

This serves not only as an amazing super-filling breakfast but also as a savory dessert option after a light dinner.

Filipino Egg Pie

Filipino egg pie is yet another popular breakfast dish that highly resembles the Southern egg pie recipe. Store-bought or homemade, this is an amazing egg-flavored and sweet recipe that combines a readymade 9 inches pie crust along with a thick custard filling infused with vanilla cream and coconut popsicles. You can also try adding skim milk and nutmeg to the filling to fuel the deliciousness even more.

Maple Walnut Cream Pie

This recipe comprises a thick crust made of flour, granulated sugar, and salt, and a mix comprising chopped walnuts, B-grade maple syrup, gelatin powder, heavy cream, scrambled eggs, maple extract, and confectioner’s sugar. Once your mixed pie is ready, toss everything up unsalted butter and apple cider vinegar, to get a soft and delicious pie ready in just 30 minutes.

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Sausage Potato Pie

This recipe is an amazing 6- ingredient breakfast meat pie, which doesn’t require a pie crust to start with. The dough comprises eggs and potatoes that hold all the ingredients together and prevents the pie from falling apart. To hike the flavors even more you can try tossing this up, with some fresh kale, ground sausage, and Gruyere cheese.

Breakfast Pie With Hash Browns

A cheesy breakfast pie infused with hash browns is packed with bacon, toned milk, scrambled eggs, potatoes, and cheddar cheese. This recipe is extremely simple and gets ready in just 10 minutes, just make sure to grease the pan with butter or geese before starting the grilling process, in order to get a clean nice slice. Try adding some chopped bell peppers, tomato slices, and grated spinach to enhance the flavors to another level.

Irish Potato Breakfast Pie

The Irish potato pie recipe is one of the most celebrated breakfast recipes to try out. This is a rich recipe having a flaky crust and a buttery filling inside. Bacon, scalloped potatoes, herbs, and onions make the best mixture inside. Keep the slices of bacon thick-cut in an oven preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and garnish the dish with heavy cream, salt, pepper, and chive.

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Spinach Quiche

This breakfast pie recipe is a super filling, nutrient-packed healthy power meal to kickstart a tough day. Spinach quiche is famous for its custard consistency that comes from heavy cream and sauteed shallots. You can add this quiche to freshly frozen spinach, but make sure it is completely defrosted and drained of any excess water. This is a classic French recipe perfect for seasonal cocktails and drink parties.

South of The Border Breakfast Pie

The South of the Border Breakfast Pie is very famous, comprising a 9-inches crust filled with mild spicy chorizo sauce, chopped green chilies, salt, frozen potato hash browns, red bell peppers, crumbled sausage, and scrambled eggs. To add up the flavors even more, top up the dish with salsa and chopped fresh cilantro.

Tourte Milanese

Tourte Milanese is an amazingly beautiful recipe comprising a golden brown flaky crust along with a buttery mix inside. The filling consists of scrambled eggs, veggies, roasted bell peppers, spinach, smoked turkey, and Swiss cheese. This recipe can be combined with puff pastry and hamburgers as well.

Raspberry Swamp Pie

This breakfast pie recipe comprises a delicious raspberry custard mix, amazing for hot summer mornings. The recipe comprises mint leaves, ground raspberries, vanilla sugar, and vanilla beans, and needs to be gently baked to let the warm raspberry juices come out and mix with the entire fruit pie. Try using Turbinado instead of regular sugar and keep the flour content a little higher to hold the pie ingredients in place.

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List Of Other Wholesome & Easy Breakfast Pie Recipes

Now that you have learned about the 10 best breakfast pie recipes, here are some other recipes to try out on days when you are in the mood to try something unique for your family and friends. Let’s see what these healthy pie recipes do in your breakfast:

Breakfast Hand Pies With Pie Crust

Breakfast hand pies are basically rolled-out biscuits filled with eggs, onions, cheese, and bacon that are generally cooked in an air fryer and topped with butter. These pies are amazingly delicious for breakfast due to the onion butter brushed with cheese. Instead of bacon, smoked steak can also be used along with onion powder instead of added salt.

Sweet Breakfast Pies

Sweet breakfast pie recipes with bacon, ham, and cheese pie will give you the best experience ever. This is an all-rounder & ultimate crowd-favorite meal due to its meaty and sweet taste in a wholesome breakfast casserole. Inside this super famous pie, we place ham, bacon, spinach, bell peppers, two types of cheese, scrambled eggs, and sugar syrup inside a flaky crust.

Crescent Breakfast Pies

To get the best crescent breakfast pie, you just need a fair crescent dough, which you cut into triangles and fill with a scrambled egg mixture. You can improvise the recipe even more with red bell peppers, bacon, and cheddar cheese all wrapped up in a crescent roll and gets ready within just 20 minutes.

Some More:

Bisquick Breakfast Pies

Bisquick cheeseburger is an amazing dish option that can be enjoyed not only as your breakfast but also as a filling dinner. The recipe of this is extremely simple and requires a Bisquick mix instead of the need of fussing around with a pie crust all over again from scratch and hovering over a grill. The mix comprises some beef along with chopped onions and cheddar cheese.

Breakfast Pie Recipe With Sausage

Sausage breakfast pie is yet another very popular breakfast option originating in Mexico, that comprises a pie crust infused with sausage, eggs, and cheddar cheese. This recipe is superbly easy to make and gets ready within 30 minutes. Also, it is known as a breakfast quiche recipe as you can easily alter the recipe by adding some veggies or other kinds of meat as per your preference.

How To Store Healthy Vegan Breakfast Pies Overnight?

If you have breakfast pies left over or want to prepare them once and store them for the rest of your busy mornings, then knowing how to properly store them is the key.

  • If you are planning to consume your breakfast pie within the next couple of days then you can loosely cover your dish and store it in the refrigerator itself.
  • In case you are planning to store it for longer, then you need to transfer your dish to an airtight freezer-safe container and store it in the freezer.

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FAQs on Healthy Breakfast Pie Recipes

1. Are eating pies healthy?

Eating pies with fillings like cream, chocolate, or too much cheese and butter might not always be healthy if consumed on a regular basis, try opting for pies that are based on natural ingredients like eggs, milk, meat, etc. can be healthy for consuming on a daily basis, especially during breakfast.

2. Which is better cake or pie?

Pies are better than cakes on all grounds when it comes to health facts and nutrients. This is because cake comprises all the high-calorie and high-cholesterol ingredients like cream, white flour, butter, sugar, etc. Well, pie comes with healthier ingredient options like eggs, meat, fruits, honey, etc.

3. Can I eat apple pie for breakfast?

Yes, a sweet apple pie breakfast with a combination of cinnamon and oatmeal can be an amazingly healthy breakfast option to enjoy at any time of the day, especially if you are on a diet.

4. What to serve with pie for breakfast?

Eggs are a great option to serve with your breakfast pie to give a bounce of healthiness to your morning routine. A tart of frittata or benedict can also go really well.

5. Which pie is healthier?

Fruit-filled pies are considered to be much healthier than other high-calorie pies having nuts, raisins, creams, etc. as their main ingredients. Pies with an open-faced tart and crusts only at the bottom are also healthy as compared to others.

Closing Thoughts

So these were the best recipes to try out if you want to enjoy unique Breakfast pie recipes every morning or on weekends when you have relatives or friends at home. Breakfast pies are healthy as well as have a variety of filling options to choose from, the best of which are mentioned in this article above.

If you want to learn about more such amazing food recipes, make sure to stay tuned with us, until then, we bid you goodbye and promise to meet you super soon with another interesting food-related article.

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