How To Store Dry Goods That are Opened/Unopened Packages – Tips On Organizing Dry Goods

How To Store Dry Goods: If you have dry goods that were bought from the store and laying around, if you want to store them properly for the long term then we have many great options. Most people store well but some of them do not know how to store without going bad or away from bugs and insects, and also do not know how to keep the dry goods separately and use them. Sometimes we bring a large amount of food and store them as they are dry goods we think it will not go bad that easily. But if the goods that you have bought will be safe only when you use proper storing methods or tips.

Here in this article, we will discuss all the processes of storing methods, like how to store unopened packs, how to store opened packs, tips on organizing goods, and many more. Start Reading Now!!

How To Store Dry GoodsHow To Store Dry Goods

How To Store Opened Packages of Dry Goods?

If you leave the dry goods in the cupboard by opening the pack you may get issues with those packets. First thing is, it will take more space because we can’t keep one on one. The next thing is when you keep all the packages in one place in an open pack, some dry goods might pick up some strong odors or it may take moisture from the environment and go bad easily. Otherwise, you may get insects and bugs in the package.

So to avoid all these we need to store the opened packages properly, let us look into the storing options for opened packages.

Store in Mason Jars

You can store your dry goods in the mason jars because if you store them like that you can see what item we have in the jar clearly also they will take only less place and you can keep one on one. And also it will be helpful to design your kitchen neatly and colorful by adding colorful goods, These jars are helpful for goods like corn flakes, pasta, oats, coffee beans, and many more.

Store in Storage Containers

If you are looking to store goods like flour and sugar, then you can use storage containers. Buy a couple of storage containers and stack them. This will work best. For flour and sugar, you will need some small and large containers. It is also one of the space-saving options.

Store in Resealable Bag

You can also store the dry goods in resealable bags, but how? you may immediately think that how can we store them in resealable bags as they will not be organized and that cover will not protect the goods inside from being crushed. But it has one high advantage it can fit anywhere. So, in this, you can store dry goods like chia seeds, sesame seeds, and many.

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How To Store Dry Goods

How To Store Unopened Dry Goods?

If we are looking to store unopened dry goods, some types of dry goods will be easy to store with packaging but some of the dry goods need to transfer to containers. Now, we will see what dry goods can be easily stored in the packages and what are dry goods items we need to store in the containers even if we do not touch them for many days. The goods such as rice, sugar, and flour can be stored as packages as they will not take much place.

But the goods such as cornflakes, pasta, and jumbo shells should be stored in containers because they occupy more space because of their odd-shaped.

Tips On Organizing Dry Goods

Organizing the kitchen is not a simple thing. We use a bunch of containers, jars, and bags. And we need to keep in mind where we have placed a container in the pantry or kitchen cabinet. And for some of them, we need to know the expiry dates as well. We need to complete them before the expiry date. So, to do all this we are going to provide you with some extra tips to organize the goods.

  • As many dry goods like flours, we will have the same color, same texture, and some of them have no smell to recognize, at that time we may get confused about what to use, so for every container use the labels and write the name of the product if you want you can also write down the expiry.
  • And in racks, the most commonly used products should be kept in the front row and the remaining goods which will not be used often should be back on the shelf.
  • And you can keep the good food or healthy food in the front and junk food in the back, so that you may try to eat healthily. It is the best tip to keep junk away from children.

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FAQs on How To Store Dry Goods – Dry Food Storage Guidelines

1. Can we store dry food on the floor level?

No, it is always better to store dry goods at least six inches height from the floor.

2. How do you store a large amount of dry goods?

Use mylar bags and oxygen absorbers to keep the dry goods for years long.

3. Can you store dry goods in plastic containers?

Yes, you can store dry goods in plastic containers but that will depend on which type of plastic you are going to use.

Key Takeaways

Hope that the information provided regarding how to store dry goods is useful for you. By following the above guidelines properly you can organize your kitchen perfectly without any food wastage. Still, if you need any assistance with organizing your dry goods you can comment to us in the comment section. Stay connected for more interesting articles.