Does Eggplant Go Bad – How To Tell If Eggplant Is Bad

Does Eggplant Go Bad?: The struggle of storage of various products in the kitchen is not easy. One of the main questions asked is, “Does eggplant go bad?” They may be derived from nature or bought from the market.

Fruits and vegetables are the most important sources of food. Fruits and vegetables are the very basic sources of food for all. They have got their own shelf life. Once plucked with the purpose of eating, there are some things to remember.

One should know the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. Of course, it is impossible to enhance the shelf-life. However, it can be protected by following the precautions. Eggplant is one such vegetable. It needs excessive care. Once it goes out of shelf-life, it decomposes fast.

Does Eggplant Go Bad

What’s the Shelf Life of Eggplant? – How Long Does Eggplant Last?

Before knowing more about eggplant, it’s important to know the eggplant shelf-life. Eggplant shelf life typically varies on how it is stored and the conditions in which it is stored.

A Whole Eggplant will stay for about 3-4 days when left in the pantry and can stay up to 7 days when kept in the fridge. Here is a description of its shelf life. All the dates mentioned here are rough estimates only.

How Long Does Eggplant Last

How to know if Eggplant has Gone Bad?

Make sure the eggplant is fine. It is important to keep track as it undergoes decomposition fast. One can check for eggplant gone bad by these signs.

  • A change in texture: If the eggplant seems extremely soft and smooth, it’s gone bad. Even if its skin has started wearing out as mini holes, throw it out. In simple words, a healthy eggplant is somehow firm to hold.
  • Mold formation: The growth of mold shows the contamination of eggplant. It is an indication that it’s of no use. Throwing it is the best thing after this growth.
  • Storage: Without checking anything else, it is important to throw it after 5 days. It is past the shelf-life period.
  • Occurrence of brown flesh and seeds: An eggplant that has protruding brown flesh and seeds is unfit for consumption.

How to Store Eggplant?

Eggplant is a sensitive vegetable. It needs to be stored as per the following instructions.

  • Remove any plastic covering from the vegetable before storing.
  • The vegetables should be stored as a whole. Interiors shouldn’t be exposed.
  • The cut eggplant storage is to protect the browning of flesh.
  • If possible, cook the cut vegetables immediately.
  • Store the eggplant away from the sun and ethylene products.

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How To Store Eggplant

Best Storage Tips For Eggplant for Better Results

To protect eggplant against natural or human-driven factors, it’s important to know some tips. It is worth the best care that one can provide. Go through such tips for eggplant preservation:

  • Unwrap the vegetable once it is at home.
  • If possible, store it at the eggplant storage temperature of 10-12 degrees Celsius.
  • Simply, store it in a cool pantry or fridge.
  • Good ventilation and an appropriate amount of sunlight are necessary to store it.
  • Cutting it into rounds and freezing it also acts as a protector.

These are some ways to store eggplant. This is up to the user to select the method and implement it.

Interesting Facts about Eggplant

There are some amazing facts about eggplant. Get to know some interesting facts about eggplant.

  • Eggplant is a berry-like watermelon, tomatoes, and blueberries.
  • Eggplants are a rich source of proteins and antioxidant ingredients.
  • They have a negligible amount of Nicotine.
  • The name “eggplant” is due to its oval shape.
  • They are related to tomatoes and peppers.

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FAQs on Does Eggplant Expire

1. Can you eat eggplant that has gone bad?

It’s not safe to eat an eggplant that has gone bad. However, if signs are minimal and occur shortly, it may be safe.

2. Does eggplant go bad in the fridge?

Eggplant can stay intact in the fridge for a maximum of one week.

3. Can you eat eggplant if it’s brown?

Eggplant is safe to eat if it gets brown very shortly. However, if it gets brown from the inside before cutting, don’t eat it.

4. How long does it take for the eggplant to spoil?

Eggplant can stay for one week in a place with a temperature of 10-12 degrees C. It can last for 3-4 days at room temperature.


The journey of an eggplant right from its twig and house is easy. However, it is important to follow the right precautions to protect the vegetables.

There are various methods that one can use at his or her convenience. Go through our other article on Can Potatoes Go Bad and similar vegetable stuff.

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