The Seven Best Parmesan Cheese Substitutes (Dairy and Non-Dairy) – What’s the Best Vegan Parmesan Cheese Alternatives

Best Parmesan Cheese Substitutes: Don’t have grated parmesan cheese to make alfredo sauce or creamy sauce or pasta dishes or other recipes? Worry not! you are on the right page where you can get to know the information about substitutes for parmesan cheese. These are the best parmesan cheese substitutes that help everyone like dairy-free, vegan, and dairy-interested people.

Yes, explained the best substitutes for parmesan cheese are similar to the traditional parmesan cheese with a nutty flavor, salty taste, creamy consistency, and softer texture. So, go for the great substitute as per your recipe and enjoy it in the same way. You can use parmesan cheese vegan alternative in salads, savory recipes, and other cooking dishes.

Best Parmesan Cheese Substitutes

What Is Parmesan Cheese?

Parmesan cheese is an Italian cheese and comes under hard cheese types. It is made from cow’s milk and has an excellent savory cheesy flavor. Hence, it makes every recipe super nutritious, yummy, and delicious too. Everyone enjoys this type of cheese over the world. The other name of the parmesan cheese is Parmigiano Reggiano and originated in Italy.

This popular cheese is referred mostly to all dishes because of its rich fruity and nutty taste. The standard parmesan cheese age is usually 12-18 months but other types of parmesan are ancient up to 36 months. The flavor richness will increase based on how aged your parmesan is. The longer it ages, the richest its taste.

The shredded and grated Parmesan cheese enhances the taste of the pasta and pizza food. You can use this most commonly used cheese on roasted or grilled vegetables or meat foods like meatballs or in breading chicken cutlets. Parmesan cheese is one of the old and ancient cheeses now it is used as an ideal staple in the kitchen.

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List of Top Best Parmesan Cheese Substitutes | Simple Dairy & Dairy Free Alternatives for Parmesan Cheese

  • Pecorino Romano Cheese
  • Asiago Cheese
  • Manchego
  • Grana Padano
  • Cotija Cheese
  • Sapsago
  • Soy Parmesan

Here is the list of the best substitutes for parmesan cheese that includes both dairy and dairy-free options to choose from and complete your recipe with the same taste and texture. In case you had any confusion in the quantities while the replacement, refer to the provided substitutes for parmesan cheese explanation and clear it out in no time. So let’s see:

Best Substitutes for Parmesan Cheese

Pecorino Romano Cheese

Pecorino Romano Cheese is an Italian cheese that can easily replace parmesan cheese in many dishes. This Italian Roman cheese substitute is similar to parmesan cheese because it also has a sharper, salty, and nutty flavor of the cheese.

But this Italian Pecorino Roman cheese is more expensive than parmesan because it is made from goat’s milk. You may also find American-made romano cheese but substituting the Italian Pecorino romano cheese gives the same results as parmesan to your dish.

The substitution of Pecorino Roman cheese for parmesan cheese can be done by using half of the amount that the recipe calls for. If you feel it doesn’t match the same taste then add more and bring it to the right flavored recipe.

Asiago Cheese

Asiago Cheese is also an Italian cheese originating from Italy. This Asiago Cheese has a rich taste and slightly sweet flavor compared to parmesan also softer than that. The soft texture of Asiago Cheese thaws into an attractive gooey cheese that works great in pasta, risotto, and sauces.

A cup-for-cup replacement is the suggested substitution for parmesan but if you feel asiago has a strong flavor than parmesan, then swap half of the quantity of asiago for parmesan and slowly add more.


One more the best substitute for parmesan cheese is manchego. It is a Spanish cheese that comes in pale yellow color compared to parmesan. Also, it has a more aromatic, zesty, salty flavor than parmesan. So, if you miss buying parmesan in recent grocery shopping then using this manchego cheese is a better choice.

Also, it matches greatly with crusty bread, dried tomatoes, olives, and a glass of red wine. Both manchego and parmesan resemble each other in various paths but it has a mild flavor than parmesan. This Spanish version of parmesan cheese can be used as toppings on salad, in eggs, or grated in savory recipes for a creamy texture.

Manchego Substitute

You can replace parmesan cheese with manchego in a 1:1 ratio or slowly add more than that as per the taste you need in the recipe.

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Grana Padano

Granada Padano or Grana Padano is a less-known Italian cheese made in Italy. This type of cheese can easily mimic the nutty flavor of parmesan but the texture is slightly soft than parmesan. So, it can be a great substitute in sauces and savory recipes, and also uses on top of Italian food dishes like pasta, pizza, and salads.

Grana Padano cheese is not a staple ingredient in the kitchen so you can’t use it as a last-minute substitute but try this new cheese when it finds in your region and explore its flavor of it. To replace parmesan cheese with grana panado, the substitution ratio is a 1:1 ratio in any dish.

Cotija Cheese

Cotija cheese is a Mexican cheese and is also named queso anejado. Cotija is hard, sharp, and crumbly in texture like parmesan cheese after age. Due to such similarities, it has earned the nickname “Parmesan of Mexico.” This cheese is the popular hard cheese in Mexico often used in tacos, chili, and tostadas.

As an alternative to parmesan cheese also you can use this cotija cheese. To substitute cotija cheese for parmesan cheese, add the same amount that the recipe calls for a grated Parmesan as a topping or mixed into a pizza, pasta, salad, or in many dishes.


One of the best and most healthy alternatives to parmesan cheese is Sapsago. This cheese type is made from skimmed cow’s milk and so it is a low-fat substitute. Sap sago cheese is made in Switzerland and comes in pale lime color. This hard cheese type is mainly used for grating and top-on in any of the recipes.

The flavor of sapsago is nutty which is similar to the parmesan cheese flavor. Also, it is a quite pungent cheese and also it has a distinct taste so add half of the amount at first and then increase the quantity as per your taste.

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Soy Parmesan (Vegan Parmesan Cheese Alternative)

For all vegan diet people who are looking for a vegan alternative to replace parmesan cheese in recipes, Soy parmesan is the best non-dairy substitute that is used in the same way.

It is the healthiest substitute now because it is cholesterol free, low-fat, and as rich as traditional parmesan. Replace parmesan cheese with parmesan soy in a 1:1 replacement or instructed in the recipe or packet of soy parmesan.

Want to know about other best vegan parmesan cheese substitutes? Then look at the list below carefully:

  • Nutritional Yeast Flakes
  • Olives
  • Sun-Dried Tomatoes
  • Salted Roast Almonds
  • Brazil Nuts
  • Toasted Breadcrumbs
  • Sea Salt Flakes

Is Parmesan Cheese Healthy?

Parmesan cheese has more nutrients too like rich in calcium, vitamin D, protein, and high levels of vitamin A. These nutrients help to promote good bone health, reach peak bone mass, great for superlative eyesight, and protein content in it helps to build and repair muscles.

After seeing such healthy facts about parmesan cheese, you may think to consume it daily and in more quantity. But it’s a wrong decision because the food with parmesan cheese may raise sodium levels in your body and causes high blood pressure and heart diseases.

FAQs on What You Can Substitute For Parmesan Cheese?

1. What kind of cheese is similar to parmesan cheese?

The dairy product that is the best and most similar to parmesan cheese is pecorino. It is made from sheep’s milk and it is more acidic and sharper.

2. Can I Use Swiss Cheese Instead of Parmesan?

The answer to the query Can Swiss be a substitute for Parmesan cheese? is simply yes. Swiss cheese is generally a hard cheese used for grating mainly. So, grated swiss cheese can easily be replaceable with grated parmesan cheese.

3. What is the best vegetarian substitute for parmesan cheese?

The list of vegetarian alternatives to parmesan cheese is as follows:

  • Italian-Style Hard Cheese
  • Gran Kinara
  • Breadcrumbs
  • VBites Dairy-Free Italian Hard Style Cheezly
  • Nutritional Yeast

4. What is the healthy substitute for parmesan cheese in alfredo sauce?

Pecorino, Piave, or Grana Padano are three Italian kinds of cheese that can be used as a healthy substitute for parmesan cheese in alfredo sauce. These three healthy parmesan cheese alternatives are salty taste and sharp as the original one so check the taste and substitute accordingly in alfredo sauce.

5. What cheese can replace parmesan?

The names of good parmesan substitutes are listed and explained on our page but here we are giving a few alternatives for your reference. Those are Romano, Asiago, Grated Mozzarella, Pecorino Romano, Manchego, and Sapsago.

Key Outcomes

The above-furnished explanation about the best parmesan cheese substitutes like asiago cheese, romano cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano, soy parmesan cheese pecorino romano Italian cheese assisted you to the fullest while you don’t have parmesan on your hands. If you need some other cheese substitute information do visit our website regularly without fail and gain proper knowledge on the same.

Ricotta Substitute For Cooked or Uncooked Recipes – 8 Top Substitutes for Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta Substitute: Are you making cheesecake for the party and you found that you are out of ricotta cheese and have no time to run to the grocery store? Don’t worry as you came here, we have an idea for you that is nothing but ricotta substitutes. Some of you may already know about the substitutes for ricotta but you may not know which substitute will work well in a particular recipe. So look into the article to know about all of them.

In this article, we are going to provide brief information on ricotta substitutes, How to choose ricotta substitutes for a particular recipe, and many more.

Best Ricotta Substitutes For Recipes

What is Ricotta Cheese?

Ricotta is a dairy product of Italy that was made from the whey leftover from making cheese. Unlike, all other cheeses, ricotta cheese is not restricted to the milk source from a single animal. Manufacturers make ricotta from cow, sheep, goat, and even with Italian buffalo water milk. This ricotta cheese or any other cheese made from whey was made through the coagulation process and it also has a soft texture.

8 Best Substitutes for Ricotta -Ricotta Cheese Substitutes For Baked Dishes

  • Fromage Blanc Cheese
  • Sour Cream
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Cream Cheese
  • Goat cheese
  • Tofu or Silken Tofu
  • Cashew Cream
  • Coconut Cream

Here we are going to provide you with some ricotta cheese substitutes to swap the ricotta cheese that is as good as the ricotta cheese. From cottage cheese to buttermilk cheese we have lots of options to choose from along with dairy and dairy-free products too which helps to make baked recipes and cooked recipes.

Dairy Alternatives of Ricotta Cheese

Look into some of the dairy alternatives for ricotta cheese.

  • Fromage Blanc Cheese
  • Sour Cream
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Cream Cheese
  • Goat cheese

Fromage Blanc Cheese

One of the best substitutes that you can use instead of ricotta is fromage blanc cheese. This blanc cheese will look like yogurt that has a buttery taste and if you use blanc cheese it is a healthier alternative than ricotta. You can use this for fillings or desserts where you need creamy ricotta cheese. You can use it in equal portions of Fromage and ricotta cheese.

Sour Cream cheese

Sour cream is a dairy product that was made by a fermentation process that gives you a distinct tangy flavor and creamy texture. This sour cream is very popular in many recipes that are sweet and savory dishes. Even you can use it for toppings for baked potatoes, chili, tacos, soups, sauces, and dips. Sour cream is the best substitute for ricotta cheese that can be used in any type of recipe.

Still, to know more about sour cream, you can check out can sour cream go bad article.

Cottage Cheese

When you are substituting cottage cheese in place of ricotta cheese, it works really well. It looks the same in color, along with similar taste and moisture levels. And this small curd cottage cheese is low in calories and fat. If your recipe wants to be lighter then this cheese will be the best option to choose.

Cottage Cheese

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is also the best substitute for ricotta cheese but it will taste slightly sweet, unlike ricotta. And also it will be in a soft texture as it is made from milk and heavy cream. To use this as a substitute you can use it in equal amounts(1:1 ratio). As cream cheese is thicker than ricotta cheese if you want thinner consistency add one teaspoon of water to the cheese.

When you think of adding your old cream cheese as a substitute for the ricotta cheese, if you are not knowing whether it is spoiled or not you can check out our Can Cream Cheese Go Bad.

Goat’s Cheese

Another best brilliant substitute to replace ricotta cheese is fresh goat cheese. Because goat milk is normally used in the preparation of ricotta cheese. This replacement will be the exact type as it is very close to flavor and consistency. And depending on the need of the recipe you can the aged goat cheese.

Dairy Free Alternatives of Ricotta substitute(Vegan Substitutes)

By using vegan or dairy-free substitutes you do not need to miss the taste that dairy products give you. Below are some of the non-dairy substitutes to choose from if you don’t want dairy products.

  • Tofu or Silken Tofu
  • Cashew Cream
  • Coconut Cream

Tofu Or Silken Tofu

If the recipe calls for ricotta cheese tofu is the best substitute for vegan. It will have a creamier texture and sweet taste same as ricotta cheese. But one thing you need to remember is to remove the excess water in the tofu when you are replacing ricotta as we all know tofu has a lot of water.

You can use this tofu in place of ricotta for savory recipes, and uncooked and cooked dishes.

Tofu & Silken Tofu

Cashew Cream

When you think of a replacement for ricotta cheese in dairy-free products, we recommend cashew cream. As it will give richness to the dishes just soak the nuts in water and grind them so that you will get the cream that looks like cheese. Even you can add almond milk while grinding which gives you the perfect texture.

It will be the best ricotta substitute in using the ricotta recipes like uncooked sweet and uncooked cheesecakes, and it will be good for any uncooked dishes.

Coconut Cream

While coming to coconut cream is the best ricotta cheese substitute as it will be the same as ricotta cheese. As it has very similar in color, texture, and flavor you can use it in the recipes like desserts, smoothies, vegetable, and fruit dips, and even shakes.

Coconut Cheese

Not only these substitutes we have many others like Italian cheese, queso fresco, buttermilk, crème Fraiche, quark, greek yogurt, soy yogurt, Béchamel sauce, homemade ricotta cheese, mascarpone cheese, soft mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese Parmigiano Reggiano(mature cheese), pot cheese, paneer, buttermilk cheese, and many more are available.

How To Make Home-Made Ricotta Cheese

Are you out of ricotta cheese and do you won’t have time to go to the store? As you have seen many substitutes you don’t want for your recipe and looking for an idea. Then we are going to provide you easy to make ricotta cheese recipe at home.

For that, you just need some basic ingredients like whole milk, lemon juice, and kosher salt. Even you can use vinegar instead of lemon juice.

  • Take a large cheesecloth and fold it 3-4 times. And then use it to line the colander.
  • Now, take this cheesecloth colander and place it in a bowl.
  • Boil the milk in a saucepan on the stove until it is heated on medium heat.
  • Then add the salt to the milk and stir occasionally.
  • Heat the milk until it gets bubbles along with a slight film around the outside edge. It can take up to 20 minutes.
  • Now, after that, it’s time to add lemon juice to the milk to get the small curds.
  • Then, pour all of that curdled milk onto the cheesecloth colander and let it drain for 3-4 minutes.
  • Now, your homemade ricotta is ready.

How To Choose Ricotta Cheese Substitutes For Recipes

Choosing ricotta cheese substitutes for recipes is very easy but there are some factors to consider. We will look into those factors below.

  • The first thing you need to consider is, just to look at the texture of the dairy and nondairy products which should be the same as ricotta, as ricotta cheese will be soft, and moist along with quite grainy texture.
  • Next, you need to look at the consistency as ricotta will not be too creamy consistency and it will not be too hard. It is moist, airy, fluffy, and light cheese.
  • And as ricotta is a sweet, milky taste and it has a mild aroma. So look into the substitutes that have these flavors.

As we have seen the things you need to consider before you choose your substitutes in place of ricotta cheese. If you have seen the factors in any other cheese you can happily use it as a substitute for ricotta cheese for your baked and cooked dishes.

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Recipes That We can Make with Ricotta Cheese

We are going to look into the ricotta-based recipes where we can add ricotta cheese. And in these ricotta-based recipes, you can still add substitutes by choosing the right one.

  • Lasagna
  • Baked Pasta pots
  • Ricotta can be used with fruits and jams, as a spread to toast and bread.
  • Use it in sweet dishes.
  • Even add it to dessert toppings.
  • Make Delicious Cheesecakes
  • Pasta fillings and savory dishes.

Nutritional Information of Ricotta Cheese

Here we will look into some nutritional information about ricotta cheese.

  • Total fat content per cup: 32 grams
  • Cholesterol per cup: 125 mg
  • Calories per cup: 428
  • Carbs per cup: 10 grams
  • Saturated fat content per cup: 20 grams

FAQs on Best Ricotta Cheese Replacements

1. What can I use as a ricotta cheese substitute for lasagna?

The best substitute for ricotta cheese in lasagna recipes is cottage cheese. Cottage cheese has a similar color, taste, and flavor to ricotta cheese.

2. Can I use mozzarella cheese instead of ricotta cheese?

Yes, you can use mozzarella cheese instead of ricotta cheese. But you need to remember that mozzarella cheese will have a tendency to become clumpy and it will be stringier compared with ricotta cheese.

3. Can I use paneer in place of ricotta?

Yes, you can use paneer to replace ricotta, as these both are fresh cheeses and you can replace one another.

4. Can I substitute greek yogurt for ricotta cheese in baking?

Absolutely yes, you can substitute greek yogurt in place of ricotta cheese for baking and it is the right substitute as the taste, flavor, and color are the same for ricotta and greek yogurt.

5. Can I substitute cream cheese for ricotta?

Yes, you can substitute cream cheese for ricotta cheese as it is made with milk and cream like ricotta. And it has lower fat content ad also it will be less creamy.

In a Nutshell

Hope that the information we have shared above on ricotta substitutes is beneficial for you. When you look into these substitutes you can have different options in our article. Still, if you have any doubts about the article, comment to us in the comment section below. Feel free to share this article with your family and friends.

For more interesting articles like How Long Does Cottage Cheese Last and many more, you can check out website and bookmark our site for more latest updates.

Does Ice Cream Expire? – Does Ice Cream Go Bad? – Ice Cream Shelf Life, Storage Tips, Spoilage Signs

Does Ice Cream Expire?: One of the most popular ready-to-eat food which needs to be in the refrigerator always to maintain their texture, and quality is Ice Cream. Sometimes you may leave the ice cream box in the freezer and realize it after so long time. Before eating it just check the expiration date and avoid any health risks.

Knowing Can ice cream go bad & how long ice cream last in the freezer helps you have the best ice cream in your life. So jump into this guide called does ice cream expire and gain the required knowledge on the same like storage methods, shelf life, signs of spoilage, interesting facts about ice cream, etc.

Does Ice Cream Expire

Does Ice Cream Go Bad? | Does Ice Cream Expire?

Yes, ice cream goes bad and expires when it is not stored in the freezer properly and for a long time too. Ice cream is completely a freezer food item that can easily go bad and it will stay fresh for a limited time. Also, your favorite dairy-based ice cream has an expiration date so based on that people can decide whether to consume it or not.

Here, you have to look for the shelf time, storage methods, and signs of spoilage before eating your stored ice cream. Ice cream storage timings can differ when it is opened and unopened. Want to understand it clearly then have a glance at the below ice cream shelf life table and how to store ice cream fresh module.

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How To Store Ice Cream? | Storage Tips & Tricks for Ice Cream

Storing plays an important role when it comes to any type of food. Ice cream lasts upto the best by date and more than that when you have stored it nicely. Hence, the methods for storing ice cream are explained here clearly for your reference and knowledge. Let’s see them and enjoy your favorite flavored ice cream container at any time before expiring.

We all know that ice cream is made by using the dairy products like milk, heavy cream, condensed milk, evaporated milk, etc. Generally, ice cream is a mixture of dairy, sugar, flavored essence, and water. Some of the branded and store-bought ice creams include additives for making them stable food.

In recent days, dairy-free, vegan-friendly ice creams are available to make milk-allergic, lactose-intolerant people happy and satisfied. While storing and purchasing ice creams you have to follow these points carefully:

  • Never pick the ice cream at the initial stage of shopping.
  • Always choose your favorite ice creams at the end of shopping, prior to payment.
  • Keep the ice cream separately in the grocery bag or hold it in your hand or carry any freezer bag to maintain and protect easily while temperature fluctuations.
  • Once you entered the home, throw the ice creams in your freezer are have them right away before it starts melting.
  • Unopened ice cream containers should always stay in the freezer and seal it properly.
  • When it comes to homemade ice cream, store it in an airtight container and cover it tightly. Remember to leave some headspace like approx 1/2 inch in the container to expand the emulsion freely while freezing.
  • The ideal range of the storage temperature for ice cream is between -5 °F and 0 °F (or -20 °C to -18 °C). The best serving temperature of ice cream is between 6 °F to 10 °F (or -14 °C to -12 °C.
  • Never store your ice cream on the door because the temperature always fluctuates and there is a chance to start melting in a short span of time.
  • Also, don’t store the ice cream beside any uncovered foods or raw foods because there is a chance of happening cross-contamination or leads to bacterial contamination. Thus, leftover ice cream goes bad and becomes unsafe to eat.
  • Once you serve the ice cream from the container, keep it in the freezer immediately and also avoid re frozen often because it may turn into an unpleasant chunk.
  • Always close the ice cream lid properly while storing it in the freezer if not it forms tiny ice crystals on the top of the ice cream. So, follow this simple trick – cover the ice cream’s surface with a piece of parchment paper or plastic wrap to avoid ice crystals.
  • One more storage tip is complete the ice cream tub in one go or else portion the required amount of ice cream in a bowl with the help of a clean spoon and store the rest of it properly in the freezer.

How Long Does Ice Cream Last Opened & Unopened?

There is no surprise or shock after knowing that ice cream doesn’t last for a long time. It’s like an open book to all ice cream lovers and makers too. Also, we all know that freezer foods last indefinitely sadly, it’s not for ice cream.

Opened ice cream can stay fresh for less than unopened ice cream. Once you stored the opened ice cream in the freezer for a long time then you will that the ice cream’s quality gradually goes down and stops to be delicious anymore.

Here, we can say that the storage conditions and methods influence the shelf life of ice cream and safety too. You can’t tell that the shelf life for ice cream to ice cream is the same because it completely depends on the ingredients, flavors, additives, and making process. But the ideal lifetime of unopened and opened ice cream past its printed date is given in the below table.

Ice cream types Freezer (keep at 0 ºF or below)
Ice cream (unopened) Best-by date + 1 to 2 months
Ice cream (opened) 1 to 2 months
Homemade ice cream 2 weeks to 2 months

However, homemade ice cream shelf time is estimated to be weeks to months as given in the table. But it is completely decided on the basis of the recipe and preparation method. One thing you can surely understand is the storage life of homemade ice cream lasts for a short span than the store-bought ice cream variety. Because store ones include preservatives and emulsifiers.

How Long Does Ice Cream Last

How Do You Tell If Ice Cream Has Gone Bad? | How to tell if Ice Cream is bad, rotten, or spoiled?

In some people’s freezers, you can see the huge stock of ice creams that include both expired and spoiled ones too. But understanding which ice cream containers are spoiled really tough in long run. So, it is essential to check the best-by date initially and then look for the signs of spoilage as explained here.

By identifying the spoilage indications you can easily decide whether storing the ice cream container is worth it or not and understand whether your ice cream has gone bad or not:

Off Smell – One of the primary signs to understand whether ice cream is spoiled or not is its stale odor. If you have stored the ice cream beside or around the strongly flavored foods without letting it cover properly then your ice cream picks up odors so easily from them and ruins its original smell.

Change in Texture – The perfect texture of ice cream is firm when it turns into a slimy or gooey texture it says that the ice cream had gone bad and needs to destroy.

Freezer Burn – This indication is kind of half spoilage means when you found the ice crystals or ice shards on the surface of the ice cream then it is undergoing freezer burn. At times, you can scoop off the layer and eat the remaining ones. In case, it is damaged completely then your entire ice cream got spoiled.

Repeatedly Refrozen – In case you have leftover melted ice cream to be tossed into the freezer then opt for refreezing for once not more than that because there is a Listeria-named harmful bacteria that may grow and cause damage or ruin your ice cream.

What Happens if You Eat Expired Ice Cream?

A query like what happens if you have a batch of ice cream past its printed date in the freezer? commonly hunts everyone. So, today we will be talking about the same in this section. The simple answer is nothing happens until it is spoiled. Do check the taste before it, if it tastes subpar then it’s your call to eat it anyway or not.

In case, you have eaten expired or spoiled ice cream then you may get a stomachache or some severe health risks. But there will be no major loss. Hence, examine the expired ice cream once or twice before serving or eating it.

FAQs on Can Ice Cream Expire When It Is Unopened & Opened?

1. Is it ok to eat expired ice cream?

Yes, it is ok and safe to have expired ice cream till it doesn’t show any of the spoilage signs. As long as you store it properly in the freezer any bacterial growth can attack your ice cream so make sure to follow all storage tips and enjoy the ice cream after expiration too.

2. Can you get food poisoning from old ice cream?

Yes, you may get food poisoning from old ice cream in the worst scenarios when manufacturing the ice cream if any of the ingredients are contaminated also when it melts and is refrozen repeatedly then there is a risk of contamination.

3. How long can you eat ice cream after the expiration date?

You can’t always remember the expiry date of your ice cream printed on the label. But if haven’t unopened the container for upto two to three months after the printed date you can eat but as a benefit of the doubt, check the spoilage signs before eating expired ice cream.

4. What does spoiled ice cream taste like?

The spoiled ice cream tastes like the same ice cream but it becomes like a lightly-chewable ‘candy’, also called another way of freezer burn. Due to the lack of moisture, it leaves the emulsifiers and milk solids and turns semi-dry.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the shared information on does ice cream expire has shed some light on you while storing leftover ice cream. It can stay longer or upto the best-by date when you stored it properly in the freezer. So, follow all the instructions mentioned above and increase the shelf life of ice cream. For more such Does Food Go Bad articles, you can visit our site or bookmark it for daily updates on published guides.

What Is The Best Sweetened Condensed Milk Substitute? – List Of Top Substitutes for Sweetened Condensed Milk

Sweetened Condensed Milk Substitute: Have you seen the yummy sweet recipe on youtube which includes sweetened condensed milk? Want to try it right away but realized that there is no batch of your own sweetened condensed milk in the kitchen? No worries, we have come up with an informative guide on the best Sweetened Condensed Milk substitutes.

These natural sweeteners substitute sweetened condensed milk make your job so easy and fulfill your wish to eat your favorite sweetened condensed milk recipe in no time. In this article, you will learn about what is Sweetened Condensed Milk, what are non dairy milk & milk alternatives, and vegan alternatives for Sweetened Condensed Milk, and How to make homemade sweetened condensed milk substitutes? etc.

Sweetened Condensed Milk Substitute

What Is Sweetened Condensed Milk?

Sweetened condensed milk is reduced milk like evaporated milk but with some extra sweetness. The consistency of the condensed milk is thick, sticky liquid just like syrup. The sweetness comes from sugar products and it makes it more shelf-stable. You can use this sweet creamy delicious food ingredient in many dessert recipes and cold drinks.

Basically, condensed milk is a dairy product with sugar so it is also utilized in various cooking and baking recipes too. But some people may get allergic to milk products and some are lactose intolerant and vegan too. For those, replacement is very important so considering sweetened condensed milk substitutes makes your dish similar to the original recipe but in a healthy way.

Sweetened Condensed Milk Nutrition Facts:

  • Calories: 130
  • Sugars: 22g
  • Fat: 3g
  • Protein: 3g
  • Sodium: 45mg
  • Calcium: 99.9mg
  • Carbohydrates: 22g
  • Cholesterol: 9.9mg
  • Fiber: 0g

List Of Top Dairy, Non-Dairy, Vegan Substitutes For Sweetened Condensed Milk For Dessert Recipes

  • Coconut Milk
  • Heavy Cream + Sugar
  • Powdered Milk
  • Whole Milk + Sugar
  • Evaporated Milk
  • Almond Milk + Sugar
  • Coconut Cream
  • Milk Alternatives

The above list of sweetened condensed milk substitutes does your job very easily and help you experience the recipe in a new and healthy way. Below is a detailed explanation of each alternative for sweetened condensed milk.

Coconut Milk

Canned coconut milk plus sugar is the best dairy-free alternative for sweetened condensed milk. To prepare this great vegan sweetened condensed milk substitute all you need to do is take a can of full fat coconut milk and add 1/4 cup of white sugar to it. Now, keep this mixture on the stove at a simmer and whisk gradually until it boils and let it sit on simmer for 30 minutes more to thicken.

Once it’s done cool down the mixture at room temperature and preserve it in the fridge. You can use this creamy textured coconut milk condensed milk in any of your favorite sweet dishes and improve good health. Must read about Can Coconut Milk Go Bad and prevent from spoilage.

Heavy Cream + Sugar

Heavy cream is naturally thick and sweet and later when it mixes with sugar then it can easily be a great substitute for sweetened condensed milk. Also, this substitute can be referred to and used as DIY homemade sweetened condensed milk. You can use this mix for baked goods and even usefully in pies, ice creams, and fudge.

Heavy Cream Alternative for Sweetened Condensed Milk

If the recipe calls for 1 cup of sweetened condensed milk, then add the mixture of 1 cup of heavy cream and ¼ cup of caster or granulated sugar as a substitute. This gives the same taste and texture as original baked goods or ice cream or other dishes. For more sweetness, you can add an extra amount of cream and sugar to your recipe.

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Powdered Milk

Powdered milk substitute is a dairy alternative for sweetened condensed milk but it is a shelf-stable powder with a slight sweetness. It is used widely in various dairy applications. The consistency of this mixture will not be creamy as condensed milk. To achieve the sweetened condensed milk taste and texture in powdered milk substitute add some fat like butter to the mixture.

Now, you can undoubtedly use this alternative in desserts when recipes call for sweetened condensed milk. To replace 100 ml (approx. 2/5 cups) of sweetened condensed milk with powdered milk in the recipe, you have to combine 1/3 cup of powdered milk with 1/3 cup of hot water and 2 tbsp of butter. This mixture works amazing with Vietnamese Iced Coffee Cheesecake, Key Lime Pie, Custard, Cookies, Fudge, and Caramel recipes.

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Whole Milk + Sugar

If you strictly want to substitute the homemade sweetened condensed milk in the recipes then opting for this whole milk + sugar substitute is a perfect choice. This sweetened condensed milk alternative is very close to the original canned sweetened condensed milk in all aspects like taste, sweetness, and texture.

So, try to make this DIY sweetened condensed milk alternative at home and replace canned condensed milk in desserts. Firstly, take a saucepan and pour two cups of whole milk to boil. After its first boil slow down the heat to low or simmer and reduce the milk to half means one cup.

Once it comes to the desired amount, add 2/3 cup of sugar and stir gradually to dissolve and achieve the correct consistency like store-bought condensed milk. You can use this homemade condensed milk in frosting, fudge, pies, ice cream, and custard. Use granulated sugar for better results.

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Evaporated Milk

Evaporated milk is one of the best substitutes for sweetened condensed milk as it is very similar in consistency but you need to add sweetness to it. To cover it up, use the same amounts of substitution in the recipe but make sure to add more sugar of your choice. At last, you can serve evaporated milk as a substitute for sweetened condensed milk. Also, you can get some information on How Long Does Evaporated Milk Last from the available link.

Almond Milk + Sugar

Almond milk is one more dairy-free alternative and kind of vegan substitute too. So it plays as a great replacement for sweetened condensed milk. For people who are on a vegan diet and want to cut their fat and calories by eating desserts then choosing this almond milk and sugar substitute is the right decision. The thickness and sweetness of almond milk substitutes are similar to condensed milk.

almond milk substitute for sweetened condensed milk

The preparation of almond milk plus sugar substitution is similar to milk+sugar. All you need to do is just take 2 cups of almond milk and reduce it to half quantity by keeping it at a simmer or over low-medium heat. After that, add preferred 2/3 cup of sugar and mix well. Always, use this substitute in 1:1 exchange while replacing sweetened condensed milk in vegan recipes like caramel, cheesecake, Vietnamese iced coffee, cookies, and pie.

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Coconut Cream

One more non-dairy substitute for sweetened condensed milk that can be easily available in any grocery store is coconut cream. The coconut cream is made from 4 parts of coconut meat to 1 part of water. It has an exact creamy texture like condensed milk without a cooking process. But it does come with a coconut flavor slightly and is less sweet.

When replacing condensed milk with coconut cream, make sure to add extra sugar of your preferred type and enhance the sweetness of the recipe. The substitution ratio is 1:1 ratio, also you can increase or decrease the sweetness accordingly and make a vegan-friendly dessert.

Cream of Coconut

Cream of coconut is the most different vegan condensed milk substitute that works great in recipes by adding extra sugar to it. Cream of coconut and coconut cream is different from each other.

Mostly, cream of coconut substitute is used in various desserts like banana bread, cheesecake, and key lime pie recipes, and also in drinks like smoothies, Pina Coladas, and Vietnamese iced coffee.

To use Cream of Coconut as a sweetened condensed milk substitute, add equal quantities as the recipe suggests. Make sure to remember that it exhibits the mild flavor of coconut in the recipe so choose the correct substitute as per the ingredients and recipe.

Milk Alternatives

Milk alternatives for condensed milk are dairy-free ingredients like cashew, macadamia, hemp milk, almond milk, etc. Choose the best and slightly flavored milk alternative for enjoying the original taste of the recipe. Most of these substitutes hold different tastes so they won’t pair with all the ingredients in some dishes. So opt for the best and most flexible option to replace sweetened condensed milk.

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FAQs on What Can I Replace Sweetened Condensed Milk With?

1. What is the best dairy free alternative for sweetened condensed milk?

Coconut milk is the best dairy-free alternative to be used instead of sweetened condensed milk in the recipe. Want to look for other non dairy milk substitutes? check out the above list carefully.

2. Can you substitute milk for sweetened condensed milk?

Yes, milk substitute works great for sweetened condensed milk but plain milk can’t be substituted alone without adding any natural sweeteners. So, combine milk and sugar together and substitute for sweetened condensed milk in sweet recipes.

3. What does condensed milk do in baking?

By using condensed milk in baking, you will end up with the baked good with tenderness, moisture, and amazing flavor. It goes well in all baking recipes because of its thick and sweet nature. So, use sweetened condensed milk in baking.

4. What can I use in place of sweetened condensed milk?

You can use various DIY sweetened condensed milk substitutes, homemade sweetened condensed milk substitutes, vegan condensed milk substitutes, dairy free substitutes, and milk mixture alternatives instead of sweetened condensed milk when the recipe calls. The list of all top recommended substitutes for sweetened condensed milk is given on our page once refer to them and enjoy your sweet dish.

Key Takeaways

Finally, you have gained some knowledge on sweetened condensed milk substitutes and how to substitute in recipes for sweetened condensed milk. All are very healthy alternatives for condensed milk that everyone can replace and complete their brunch, lunch, or dinner with healthy desserts.

Make sure to add the same texture and taste-based substitute for sweetened condensed for better results. For more details on the best sweetened condensed milk substitute and other food substitutes like cardamom substitute, tamari substitute, etc. bookmark our site or visit daily.

How Long Does Butter Last When it is Unopened? – Tips To Store Butter – Shelf life of Butter

How Long Does Butter Last: Do you have some butter that has been sitting in the fridge for some days? and wondering how long does that last? or thinking to stock up on some butter that you are getting on sale and thinking about how to store it for a long time. And if you are the one thinking to use butter that was storing for a long time. Dont worry this article will help you to know the signs to check whether the butter has gone bad or not.

Butter is a dairy product and it is often made with milk from a cow or from other animals. It gives a good flavor to other foods around it. Always make sure to keep it away from strong smells as it will easily grab the smell. Still, to know more interesting things about butter, have a look at this small guide, to easily know the storing process of butter to extend its shelf life, bad signs, how long does butter last, does it go bad or not, and many more. Check out each and every section as we have answered all your questions.

How long does butter last

What is the Shelf Life of Butter

The shelf life of the butter will always depend on the way you store it. Butter has more shelf life compared with other dairy products. If you fail to store it properly, it can go rancid. And storing it for a long time will change the flavor and quality. Always use it best before the expiration date.
Below you can check out the shelf life of the butter clearly as we have provided you the shelf life along with an explanation.

How Long Does Butter Last in the Refrigerator?

Butter can last in the refrigerator for upto anywhere if you store it properly. But actually, it can last in teh fridge for one to nine months. Even after the expiry date, you can use it for at least one month safely if it is unopened and if it is opened you can use it within two weeks. Try to keep the temperature of your fridge constant for longer shelf life.

How Long Does Butter Last in the Freezer?

Butter can last in the freezer for upto 9 months. But remember that you always need to store the butter in the freezer by wrapping it with foil. And proper storage will help you to last the butter for longer. For delicious taste and quality, it is better to consume it within four months even if it is safe to eat after 4 months.

How Long Does Butter Last at Room Temperature?

Butter lasts at room temperature or on the countertop for about a week probably. Salted butter will last slightly longer than unsalted butter but not for a significant amount of time. But always try to consume the salted and unsalted butter before the expiration date. Always store them in an air-tight container when you store butter at room temperature.

When To Toss Your Butter?

If you store the butter improperly, it will go bad. And also if it is past the expiry date or if you storing butter for many months, always check before you use it. If you would like to know whether the butter has gone bad or not, here are some signs to know.

  • Coming to appearance, as we always look first, if you see any mold growth it is a sign that butter has gone bad.
  • And when you smell the butter, if it smells sour and unpleasant smell other than the fresh smell, just toss it out.
  • Spoiled butter will always have a soft consistency, if you find it like that discard it.
  • When you cut the butter, always observe the color of the outer and inner layers. If you find any discoloration slightly darker outside then it is not good to eat.
  • If you don’t find anything that we have told above, you just taste the butter before using it if it tastes rancid, toss it out.

Does Butter Go Bad? Why Does Butter Go Bad?

Yes, butter can go bad, the main thing that it goes bad is not storing it properly. Butter spoils very slowly compared with other dairy products as it will have lactose in it. If you store it improperly, oxidation occurs and butter goes bad. The major catalysts for oxidation are heat, light, and air. Store it properly will help you store the butter for a long time even after its expiration. If the butter sits long in the fridge or freezer, it will change its texture, taste, and flavor.

What is the Best Way To Store Butter? Tips To Store Butter

As we have discussed above butter will go bad even if it is refrigerated, but by storing it correctly you can extend the shelf life of the butter. Here we are going to provide you with some helpful tips to store the butter so that you can enjoy the fresh butter for a long time.

  • Butter always should be stored in the fridge, then leaving it in room temperature. And when you place it in the refrigerator keep the butter away from strong odors.
  • Always keep one compartment in the fridge for dairy products, because if you store everything as you like there may be some strong odors or leakage products that make your butter bad.
  • Probably, this will be the best option to store in the freezer. Wrap the opened butter with foil so that it can last for almost one year.
  • Even if you store the butter at room temperature, store it in a cool, dark place and in an air-tight jar.
  • Wherever, you place the butter, just wrap it with aluminum foil.
  • You can store the butter in the butter bell if you want to store it outside. An air-tight condition within the bell will make the butter last for 30 days.
  • The last tip is always to try to bring a small amount of butter if the store is near to you. So that you can use fresh butter always.

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Unknown Facts To Know About Butter

Look into the facts that are unknown to many people about butter.

  • Butter has been around for 9000 years.
  • Butter contains vitamins like vitamins A, E, D, and K and there will be no trans fat in butter.
  • Firstly, butter was made in Ancient Africa.
  • Butter was made by churning milk or cream.

Is It OK to Eat Expired Butter?

No, if the butter has been past its expiration date, then it starts to taste repulsive and could potentially make you ill. Once you eat expired butter it will taste unpleasant and sour. If you eat this expired butter it will make you sick and give you many negative effects. Eating it will not kill you but you may get stomach upset and discomfort in case of a sensitive stomach.

FAQs on How Long Does Unsalted Butter Last in the Fridge

1. Does butter expire in the fridge?

Yes, butter expires in the fridge. Normally, the butter will last one more month longer than the butter stored on the counter. But still, it will go bad after a month of the expiration date if it is kept in an air-tight container in the fridge.

2. How long is butter good past the expiration date?

Butter will last for 2-3 months past the expiry date if it is unopened and stored properly in the fridge. In the case of the opened package, butter stored in the fridge should be consumed within 1-2 months past the printed date.

3. How long does organic butter last in the fridge?

Organic butter will last in the fridge for upto 6 months. But it is always better to consume it before 3 months as it will slightly start to change its texture. But by freezing this organic butter, it can last long upto 1 year.

4. How long does whipped butter last in the fridge?

Whipped butter lasts long in the fridge for upto 10 days. And also it is based on the storing conditions. Always try to store it in a plastic, air-tight container.

5. How long does plant-based butter last in the fridge?

Plant-based butter will last in the fridge for one month if it is unopened. Once it is opened, you should consume it within 2 weeks. And the time will also depend on the storage condition.

Key Upshots

We hope that the information given regarding how long does butter last is benificial for you. The shelf life of butter always depends on the way you store it and the type of butter, but definitely, any type of butter will last in the fridge for at least two weeks. Still, if you have any doubts or suggestions, you can feel free to share them in the comment section below. For more interesting dairy articles, you can check out our website.

How Long Is Heavy Cream Good For Storage Before And After Opening

How Long Is Heavy Cream Good For?:  Have you bought heavy cream to use in a recipe but delayed in making it? or you used the amount needed while the rest of the carton sits in the refrigerator aging. When do you see that, are you wondering how long is heavy cream good for? then study our article to know every detail about heavy cream.

Heavy cream is a high part of fresh milk and consists of 30-40% fats, creamy, and rich in texture. It is used in desserts and sauces. If you would like to know more about this heavy cream check out our article. We will tell you everything about heavy cream like how long does heavy cream last? can heavy cream go bad? and many more are provided below. Start reading to find out!!

How Long Is Heavy Cream Good For

How Long Is Heavy Cream Good For?

Longevity and the freshness of the heavy cream will depend on how we store it. With proper storage, you can use heavy cream for a long time. When you are going to buy this heavy cream, the first thing you need to do is check the “best before date” on the label. As the heavy cream is made of a buttery, creamy layer out from the milk, it will not last long like all dairy products.

Check the shelf life of the heavy cream below the table.

Cream Type Refrigerator Freezer
Heavy Cream(Unopened) 1-2 weeks 3-4 months
Heavy Cream(Opened) 3-5 days Not Recommended

Not only storing but the fat content in the cream is also an important factor to determine how long the heavy cream remains fresh and tasty.

shelf life of heavy cream

Does Heavy Cream Go Bad?

Yes,  heavy cream can go bad. Heavy cream also known as heavy whipping cream comes with an expiry date. By consuming the heavy cream after the expiry date can make you sick which causes food poisoning and stomach upsets. However, the taste of the heavy cream after expiry becomes weird as it will miss the freshness and wholesomeness of the cream. And the heavy cream which is old will be difficult to whip.

How Long Is Heavy Cream Good For

How To Tell If Heavy Cream Is Spoiled

If you do not store the heavy cream properly, it can spoil easily. Here we are going to provide you with the signs that you need to know if the heavy cream is gone bad or not. Let us look into the signs below.

Mold Growth & Discoloration

If you see any mold growth on the surface of the heavy cream or on the neck of the container then you need to throw it away.

Sour & Fermented Smell

This is another sign that you can know whether the heavy cream has gone bad or not. Once after opening the container of the heavy cream if you get any fermented or sour smell, then it’s time to discard it.

Improper Whipping

Once after opening the heavy cream for whipping then if that cream doesn’t whip properly, it is the indication that heavy cream has gone bad. Because the old or hot cream doesn’t whip properly.

Bad Taste

If you do not get any of the signs that were given above then it is time to know by eating a tiny bit. When you take a tiny bit of cream, then if it tastes like curd rather than its original creamy taste then discard the cream as it is not suitable for consumption.

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How To Store Heavy Cream

If you are always using a small portion of heavy cream and if the remaining part is going bad, then just go through the tips that we have given below on how to store the heavy cream. Let’s check out below.

  • Heavy cream always should be kept in the refrigerator before and after opening. It should not be kept near the heat elements.
  • After every use, make sure to seal the container tightly.
  • When you are having a large container of cream, and if you would like to use it for many days. Keep the container in the fridge back rather than the front. So that container will get the temperature correctly and it will be for long period.
  • Never ever store your heavy cream in a cardboard or paper container, Because if you do that, the container will become spoiled easily and the entire cream will be spoiled.
  • If you do not have a perfect container to keep the heavy cream, you can just place it in a large bowl and cover it with clean foil, and tie it tightly with a rubber band.

Can You Freeze Heavy Cream?

No, many manufacturers of heavy cream will not recommend freezing the heavy cream, because it will change the texture like it will become watery and bland. Never freeze heavy cream and defrost it after taking it out from freezing. The complete cream will get spoiled and it cannot be used in even baked dishes.

During summers, you should be very careful than on normal days. Do not leave the cream on the countertop even for a few seconds. After using it keep it in the fridge immediately.

Interesting Facts About Heavy Cream

Let us look into the interesting facts about heavy cream.

  • Heavy cream is usually called “milk snow”.
  • Heavy creams only whip at the temperature of 50 degrees.
  • Heavy whipping cream contains fat-soluble vitamins that include vitamins A, D, E, And K.
  • By eating half a cup of heavy cream, we will get 400 calories.

FAQs on How Long Is Heavy Cream Good For

1. What happens if you eat the expired heavy cream?

Consuming the expired heavy cream will cause painful gastric problems and may cause you to vomit. Many people who are allergic to dairy products will get rashes or boils on their skin.

2. What are the benefits of heavy cream?

Let us see a few benefits of eating heavy cream.

  • Heavy cream is having more vitamins than low-fat or no-fat dairy.
  • It is a good source of calcium which helps to promote bone health.
  • We will have the vitamins, minerals fat, and carbohydrates in a good portion.

3. How long does heavy cream last after the expiration date?

Once after completion of the expiry date, you can consume the heavy cream for 3- 4 days.

Key Upshots

Hope that the information we have provided above on How Long Is Heavy Cream Good For is useful for you. To make your dish more delicious, heavy cream is the best source, so store it properly and consume it before the expiry date. Share this information with your friends and family. Still, if you are interested in other articles like Can Kefir Go Bad, Can Butter Milk Go Bad, and many more. Just reach out website.

Does Half And Half Go Bad & How Long Does It Take For Half And Half To Go Bad

Does Half And Half Go Bad?: There are plenty of recipes that need Half and Half to add that extra flavor to your dish. If you have ever been bought Half and Half and has leftovers then you might be wondering Does Half and Half Go Bad. Yes it does go bad if not stored properly and having said that you might be looking for help on How Quickly does Half and Half Go Bad. This article has got them all covered right from storing half and half, tips to tell if half and half has gone bad in the coming sections.

Does Half and Half Go Bad

Does Half And Half Go Bad?

Yes, Half Half does go bad. After the best by date milk usually begins to deteriorate so is the case with half half as it is 50% milk. Half Half usually has a short shelf life comparitively. How long does half half last depends on the storage methods you have opted. Thus take proper caution while storing the half half to prevent it from spoiling quickly.

How to Store Half and Half?

The process for storing Half and Half is given below. Follow the simple steps over here to understand the storing process in depth. They are as follows

  • Tight Seal: After you open the carton of half half make sure to seal it tightly. If you can’t seal it transfer the leftovers to an airtight container or mason jar.
  • Shake Before Use: Shake the half half bottle before use so that the texture remains uniform.
  • Far Corner Vs Door: Keep the half half far way from the fridge door as it is the place where temperature fluctuates often. Leave it on the door if you are going to use it within a short span of time.

Can you Freeze Half Half?

Freeing Half and Half isn’t recommended as it affects the taste and texture. This dairy product usually separates and stirring it will not bring its original state. As it is separated it will not be great when used in desserts and other dishes that depend on texture. You can use the Frozen Half Half as coffee creamer or for cooking.

Explore our article on Can Freeze Half Half to know about the freezing process in detail and how it affects the shelf life.

How to Freeze Half Half?

To store Half and Half you can use the ice cube tray method as it is a better option to go by. By doing so you can defrost the amount you needed than thawing the whole. Ice cubes don’t take much space and you can include them in several freezer bags to store anywhere.

Another method to freeze Half Half is to use an airtight container. Simply pour half half into the container and close the lid tightly and keep it in the fridge. Remember to leave an inch space so that the container has space to expand. To defrost them you can simply keep in the fridge and it is a great option.

How Long do Half and Half Last?

Usually, Half and Half stays about best by date plus 3-5 days. The product will stay in good quality for about 7-10 days after opening the carton. In general Half and Half lasts for 6 months and even stays better for 1 month past the best by date. Go through the following table to understand the shelf life of half half better.

State Fridge Pantry
Half and half (unopened) Use-by + 3 – 5 days
Half and half (opened) 7 – 10 days
Half and half tiny cups Best-by + 1 – 2 months

How Long do Half and Half Last

Tips to tell if Half and Half has Gone Bad?

If you ever had a carton of half half that’s been on the counter for a while you might be wondering whether it has gone bad or not just like anyone. There are many subtle ways by which you can identify whether half half has gone bad or not and we have mentioned them beneath

  • Lumps: Lumps are a clear sign that your Half Half has gone bad. If you notice any lumps in the half half the product might have probably gone bad and will taste different from the regular ones.
  • Strange Smell: If you find the product smell different from the usual one then you should probably toss it out for quality reasons.
  • Mold Growth: If you leave the Half Half opened it might develop mold over time. The product will not stay good for consumption after developing this mold.
  • Curdled Appearance: If the proteins in the half half begin to form clumps PH alters and results in curdling. This usually happens if any bacteria gets in the product when left outside or while leaving the manufacturing unit. it can happen when product is stored in high temperatures.
  • Age: If the product is kept in storage for quite a long time you better toss it out for quality reasons. If you are not sure about the quality let it go.

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Does Half And Half Go Bad

Tricks to Store Half and Half

In order to extend the shelf life of Half and Half you better follow certain tips & tricks. Following are some of the points that help your cream fresh and tasty for long time.

  • After you open the Half Half Bottle make sure to seal it tightly before placing it in the Refrigerator.
  • Keep the creamer away from the door of the Fridge as this is the part where temperatures keep changing in the Fridge.
  • Make sure to keep it away from strong scented food odors as Half Half might pick them up.
  • Usually Half Half cups are shelf stable and doesn’t require refrigeration. However, it is advisable to keep them in a cool place away from sources of heat and sunlight. Kitchen Cabinet would be completely fine to store this.

Risk of Consuming Expired Half and Half

Half Half is made of a huge amount of milk and if it gets spoiled you can see signs like off smell and difference in taste. Although you don’t get any bad smell and taste it is still not good to have half half that is spoiled. You might experience the symptoms of food poisoning like nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain. If the quantity you consume is little you will not have adverse effects.

FAQs on Can Half Half Go Bad

1. How do you know if half half is bad?

You will notice the signs like off smell, taste difference, change in color and curdling appearance if your half half is spoiled.

2. Can I freeze Half Half?

Yes, you can freeze half half without any doubt.

3. What happens if you drink expired half-and-half?

You might experience the symptoms of food poisoning if you consume large quantity of expired half half.


We believe the information existing on our page with regards to Does Half Half Go Bad has resolved your queries. Try to limit the spoilage of half half by following the simple tips & tricks listed over here and ensure the product is consumed within that time frame. For more queries write us via comment box and our team will guide you. Bookmark our site to have the latest updates on How To Store Fresh Mozzarella and many more dairy products all in one place.

How Long Does Milk Last – Is Expired Milk Safe To Eat & Here’s How To Know If It Is Expired?

How Long Does Milk Last: If you ever bought more bottles of milk from the supermarket and forgot about it in storage you might be wondering How Long Does Milk Last then you have come the right way. This article covers everything related to it such as Types of Milk, Can You Freeze Milk to extend the shelf life, etc. You will also get acquainted with ways to make your milk last longer, signs of spoilage in the further modules. Without any further delay let’s get started.

How Long Does Milk Last

Shelf Life of Milk – How Long Does Milk Last?

Unopened Shelf Stable UHT Milk will last for about weeks even after the expiration date. However, the Pasteurized Milk will stay for 10 days after opening. Non-UHT Milk lasts about 5-7 days after the regular expiry date and even 7-10 days after opening. To better understand the shelf life of various varieties, feel free to check out the following table. Remember the simple logic the longer the shelf life of the milk the longer the product stays good after the best by date or past date.

State Pantry Fridge
Shelf-stable (UHT) Milk, unopened Best-by + 2 – 4 weeks Best-by + 1 – 2 months
Shelf-stable (UHT) Milk, opened 7 – 10 days
Pasteurized Milk, unopened Use-by + 2 – 5 days
Pasteurized Milk, opened 1 – 3 days
Ultra-pasteurized Milk unopened Use-by + 5 to 7 days
Ultra-pasteurized Milk opened 7 – 10 days

How to Store Milk?

Shelf Stable UHT Milk will stay fine at room temperature as long as it is left unopened. Other kinds of milk varieties need refrigeration in the fridge at all times. Try to keep the UHT Milk Cartons in a cool place and away from other sources of heat. Temperature changes will not affect the milk but the quality might deteriorate if you keep it near heat or a stove.

Once you open the bottle make sure to seal it tightly and keep it back in the fridge. Don’t pour leftover milk into the carton or bottle as you can introduce microbes in the milk and lead to spoiling. To extend the shelf life of the bottle store it in the far corner of the shelves instead of keeping it in the door. By doing so, you can extend the shelf life of milk.

Types of Milk

There are various varieties of milk and the shelf life of each one varies from one another. It all depends on the variety and how you have stored each one of them. Of all of them, Pasteurized Milk is the best-consumed one and the types are explained below

  • Pasteurized Milk: It comes refrigerated and has a shelf life of about 10-21 days and you can see it from the sell-by date or use-by date.
  • Ultra Pasteurized Milk: This kind of milk is treated under higher temperatures and needs refrigeration. The shelf life of this Ultra Pasteurized Milk is around 30 – 90 days.
  • UHT Milk: Heat Treatment is similar to Ultra Pasteurized Milk and the equipment used is much controlled. This particular milk variety needs no refrigeration and has a shelf life of about 6 months.

Sell By Vs Best By Vs Use By Vs Expiration Dates

To help you understand the basic difference between sell-by date, best-by date, use-by date, and expiration we have mentioned the definitions below and use your milk when it is of premium quality. They are along the lines

  • Sell By Date: It is the date by which the product seller has to leave the shelves i.e. the date by which they need to sell the product from the grocery store.
  • Best By Date: This date is to mention the product quality and indicates that the product stays in better quality before this date. However, it doesn’t mean the product is not safe to consume after this.
  • Use By Date: Use by Date is also a marketing term and tells about the product staying in peak quality.
  • Expiration Date: The Expiration Date indicates the day from which the product begins to decline in quality. After this date, the product isn’t safe to eat.

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Can You Freeze Milk?

Yes, you can freeze milk if you have too much milk. You can store the milk in an ice cube tray and make some milk cubes or even store the milk in an airtight container. Milk will stay in the freezer for about a few months and try to consume within the first month. After a few days, milk starts to become grainy.

How To Tell If Milk Is Bad?

If you think your milk is expired you can see the common signs of spoilage and decide whether it is bad or not. Spoiled foods in general develop an off smell, flavor change, or difference in texture. They are along the lines

  • Sour Taste: The very first sign you will notice in spoiled milk is a sour taste. If you sense any taste difference apart from the regular milk then your milk is probably done for.
  • Color Change: If the color turns yellow then the milk has gone bad.
  • Texture: If the milk develops a lumpy texture then it is a sign that it’s time to discard it.
  • Sits Way Longer Than Expected: If your milk is kept in storage for a long time it is better to toss it off to be on the cautious side. If you are not sure about the quality discard it for safety reasons.

How Long Does Milk Last

Ways to Make Your Milk Last Longer

Milk stays good for a few days even after the expiration date. This doesn’t mean milk will not spoil and can spoil if not stored properly. Below are the tips to prevent milk from spoiling and ensure it last longer. They are as follows

  • As long it is shelf stable you can keep it outside the fridge. If not keep it in the fridge soon after you purchase it.
  • Try to maintain the room temperature within 38°F (3°C) – 40°F (4°C).
  • Keep the milk on the interior shelf of the fridge rather than keeping it in the door.
  • Make sure to seal tightly and keep the carton in the fridge.

FAQs on Shelf Life of Milk

1. How long does milk last after you open it?

Milk lasts about 4-7 days after you open it.

2. Is it Ok to drink expired milk?

You might experience the symptoms of food poisoning after consuming expired milk and they last a day or two.

3. Will slightly sour milk hurt you? 

Drinking a sip of sour milk will not hurt you but if you consume large or moderate amounts of milk you might have digestive discomfort.

Final Words

We wish the knowledge shared above on How Long Does Milk Last has been helpful to you. So, try to consume the milk before its shelf life in order to avoid flavor loss. If you need any further assistance feel free to reach us via the comment section so that we can get back to you. Bookmark our site to get the latest updates on Can Soy Milk Go Bad, How To Tell If Oat Milk Is Bad, and much more similar to this.

Can Butter Go Bad If You Don’t Refrigerate? – How Long Does Butter Last?

Can Butter Go Bad?: Most of us consume Butter on a Daily Basis and it is a Kitchen Staple. However, the quantity of Butter we use varies from person to person and the type of dishes we prepare. Have you bought butter in bulk and put it back in the fridge and didn’t open it for a long time? Your quest to the questions like Can Butter Go Bad, How Long Butter Lasts, and How to Store Butter will be answered here.

Butter is unlikely to get moldy or rotten but becomes rancid after a certain period of time if not stored properly. We have even covered details like Signs to Tell if Butter is Bad, Can You Freeze Butter, Will you get Sick Eating Expired Butter, etc. Continue reading further to know about the Shelf Life, Expiration Date of Butter, etc.

Can Butter Go Bad

Can Butter Go Bad?

Yes, Butter can surely go bad if not stored properly but will not go bad as fast as you think. Butter Packets usually come with the best by date and it is advised to consume within that date. However, you can consume a week or two after the best date and it will not make you fall sick. To increase the shelf life of butter store it in a refrigerator and use the inner shelves than the shelves in the door to overcome temperature fluctuations.

How to Store Butter?

Butter should be stored in a proper way to prevent it from becoming rancid. Heat and Sunlight present will accelerate the oxidation process. So, we advise you to store the butter in the Fridge. However, placing it in the Refrigerator will not stop the butter from oxidizing but will slow down the process.

Storing the butter at room temperature will retain the quality of butter for only a couple of days. Remember to wrap it tightly so that the surface doesn’t have access to air thus limiting the process of oxidization. To even store it further we can freeze it. Cut butter into smaller portions and then pack each portion separately. Thaw when needed and this will extend the shelf life for bout 6 – 8 months.

Can Butter Go Bad

How Long Does Butter Last: Shelf Life & Expiration Date

Go by the date on the package to get to know the Shelf Life of Butter. All the dates are for letting you know the product has its freshness intact by that time. If you eat the product a week or two after that date will not affect you. Butter can be stored in open or unopen conditions and it doesn’t have any impact on how long does butter last.

Keep in mind that salted butter stays fine compared to unsalted butter. As Salt is a preservative salted butter stays for a long time.

Butter Shelf Life & Expiration Dates

Condition Kitchen counter Fridge
Butter (unopened or opened) 2 – 4 days Sell-by + 1 month

How to Tell if Butter has Gone Bad?

You can see if Butter has Gone Bad or not by following the being conditions. They are as follows

  • Mold Formation: If you witness any mold formation in the Butter it’s a sign that butter has gone wrong.
  • Discoloration: If you find any other color than the regular pale yellow color butter has become rancid.
  • Smell: When you sense any off or sour smell butter turned rancid.
  • Taste: Taste your butter and if it is accompanied by any sour smell and the taste is different from the regular one then butter has gone bad. If it is spoiled throw it away.

Can You Freeze Butter?

If you bought butter than the regular size you better freeze it. If you keep butter in the freezer for about 1 to 2 weeks you will have extra protection against freezer burn. You can use airtight containers to store. You can use resealable freezer bags and make sure to squeeze the air from them before sealing.

What Happens if you Eat Expired Butter?

You need not panic about eating expired butter. It won’t harm you or cause food poisoning. The worst that can happen is you will get a stomach ache. Eating Expired Butter will lower your Vitamin E & Vitamin B Levels. You can witness the change in color and slight difference in taste if butter expires.

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Interesting Facts about Butter

Butter is quite popular among people for the health & nutritional benefits that it has. They are explained below

  • Butter is pretty popular among individuals who follow low-carb or high-fat diets.
  • You can use it in your weight loss journey as it breaks down the fat effectively.
  • Butter regulates inflammatory and immunological responses ad even improves bone mass.
  • Butter has no bad cholesterol fats as most of you assume.
  • Although butter is rich in healthy nutrients it can harm those who are allergic to Milk.
  • High-fat dairy products will not increase your risk of heart diseases but in turn, benefits the heart in numerous ways.

Interesting Facts about Butter

FAQs on Does Butter Expire

1. What happens if you eat old butter?

Oxygen binding to the fat will change the chemical components thus leading to a horrible taste. However, consuming it will not make you fall sick.

2. What does rancid butter taste like?

Rancid butter will have a sour-bitter taste.

3. Should butter be kept in the Refrigerator?

Yes, you should keep the Butter in the Refrigerator to use it for a considerable amount of time.

4. How long does butter last in the fridge once opened?

Butter lasts about 1 month in the fridge once opened.

Key Takeaways

We wish the knowledge shed with regards to Can Butter Go Bad has been useful to you. Store the butter in the fridge or at room temperature in an air-tight container to prevent it from spoilage. If you need or still have any questions left unanswered do write us in the comment section and we will answer you. Bookmark our site to check if similar dairy products have a shelf life, expiration date, tips for storage, etc.

Can Powdered Milk Go Bad? – How Long Does Powdered Milk Last Once Opened?

Can Powdered Milk Go Bad?:  Have you bought some Powdered Milk in Bulk and don’t know how long it’s kept in your cabinet? Then you might be asking yourself questions like Can Powdered Milk Go Bad, How Long Does Powdered Milk Last, Shelf Life & Expiration Date, etc. Don’t fret as you can use Powdered Milk even after its expiration date and it won’t make you fall sick but will not have the same flavors.

If you are unsure about what to do with Powdered Milk left read the article further to know about Shelf Life, Expiration Dates, Queries like Can you Freeze Powdered Milk, etc. For any other doubts and you don’t want to risk your health just simply toss the leftover powdered milk.

Can Powdered Milk Go Bad

What is Powdered Milk?

Powdered Milk is made of pasteurized low-fat milk from which water is removed. In this process, low-fat milk is heated at high temperatures so that most of the moisture is removed. However, the Leftover moisture is removed using the spray drying process. It can be a great addition to emergency survival supplies and you just need water to make milk in case you need fresh milk.

Can Powdered Milk Go Bad?

Yes, Powdered Milk can damage and there is no doubt about it. They can degrade or become useless if not stored properly. In case the Powdered Milk Comes in contact with the water it can spoil within a few days. In addition, if you notice any mold or wet clumps in the Powdered Milk Packaging then it is clear that moisture got into the product and you need to throw it away. The flavor of the Powdered Milk degrades with time and if you feel your product might have been damaged give it a quick taste and if you find any unpleasant or different taste throw it away.

Can Powdered Milk Go Bad

How Long Does Powdered Milk Last?

In general, Powdered Milk comes with a best-by date i.e. 12 to 24 months after the production date. However, you can use it beyond too but we can’t guarantee you the quality after that. You can make milk with an expired one but the taste will not be the same as how you bought it the first time. You can get powdered milk in different versions like full fat, nonfat, and skim. We have outlined the Powdered Milk Shelf Life in all three cases below based on how you store it and where you store it.

How Long Does Powdered Milk Last

State Pantry Fridge
Full fat powdered milk (unopened, opened) Best by + 1-2 years
No fat powdered milk (unopened, opened) Best by + 2-4 years
Powdered milk (mixed) 2 – 3 days

How to Store Powdered Milk?

Follow the simple tips & tricks mentioned below to store your Powdered Milk for a long time. They are as under

Store in a Dark and Cool Place: Keep the Powdered Milk in a Cool and Dark Place away from the sources of heat or direct sunlight. A pantry or Kitchen would be perfectly fine to store your Powdered Milk. Any Exposure to Moisture will damage the Powdered Milk.

Seal it Tightly: After opening the Packaging seal it tightly so that no insects would get into the Powdered Milk.

Freeze it: Storing the Powdered Milk in a Freezer can be a great alternative if the package is opened. To keep your Powdered Milk Fresh and retain the flavors even after opening store it in a Freezer. There is no need to defrost it and you can use it by taking it with a spoon.

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How to Tell if Powdered Milk is Bad?

Below are some clear signs indicating whether your Powdered Milk has gone bad. They are explained below

  • Discoloration: If you notice any kind of change in color then it is a sign that Powdered Milk has gone bad. The color change happens whenever moisture enters the milk powder or its surroundings.
  • Rancid Smell: Certain Gases affect the scented smell of the milk powder and cause an unpleasant smell. Usually, Milk Powder smells like Milk and has a creamy texture whereas spoiled milk doesn’t have a creamy texture.
  • Mold Formation: Once the Powder begins to degrade you can see mold forming on the surface of powdered milk. If you find any green or greyish brown color it’s an indication of mold growth.
  • Insects Crawling: If you find any insects inside the jar or container it is unfit for consumption. They can cause significant health problems such as allergies or food poisoning.

Signs if Powdered Milk is Bad

Can You Freeze Powdered Milk?

Yes, you can Freeze Powdered Milk only if you want to store it for a long time and use it often. If you are a Regular Milk User you can choose to keep it outside too if you don’t have enough freezer space as you use it often. You can simply keep the Powdered Milk in Air Tight Container and store it in the Freezer. Take in the required quantity as much as you need and then refreeze it.

Powdered Milk Facts

Below is the list of nutritional and health-related benefits of consuming Powdered Milk that you never knew before.

  • Powdered Milk is equivalent to Fresh Milk in terms of nutritional value.
  • It is a great source of protein and you can add it to all your recipes.
  • The flavor of Powdered Milk is somewhat different from that of Regular Milk.
  • Powdered Milk comes with certain vitamins, calcium, and iron, and by consuming it we get the required amount needed on a daily basis.
  • You can use Powdered Milk in Baked Goods.
  • Powdered Milk tends to be cheaper compared to regular Fresh Milk.

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FAQs on Does Powdered Milk Expire

1. Can Expired Powdered Milk make you Sick?

Eating Expired Powdered Milk won’t harm you and it is good to use even after the expiration date for a year or two. However, there will be a difference in flavors.

2. How long does Mixed Powdered Milk last in the Fridge?

Mixed Powdered Milk lasts for about 2-3 days.

3. Can Powdered Milk Go Bad?

Yes, Powdered Milk can go bad if not stored properly.

Key Takeaways

Hope the knowledge shed regarding Can Powdered Milk Go Bad has been useful. Keep the instructions listed over here in mind to keep your Powdered Powder safe for a long time. For more doubts or queries related to milk, varieties do let us know via the comment box and our team will reach out.