Does Parmesan Cheese Go Bad? – How To Store Parmesan Cheese For Maximum Freshness?

Can Parmesan Cheese Go Bad? is the most common question raised in everyone’s mind when they see a block of parmesan cheese placed in the fridge door or the freezer. We all know how parmesan cheese is important as a topping for casseroles, soups, and other special dishes.

If you are the person wondering can parmesan cheese go bad if left out? how to store parmesan cheese for a longer life? and signs of spoilage then this guide is the answer for you all. Move forward and step into the below modules to check whether both grated and shredded variations of parmesan cheese go bad or not.

Can Parmesan Cheese Go Bad

Can Parmesan Cheese Go Bad? | Does Parmesan Cheese Expire?

No, Parmesan Cheese won’t go bad or expire if it is stored well. Parmesan cheese is a type of hard cheese where it stays for longer times than soft types of cheese like ricotta. If you follow the storage tips clearly then the storage life of parmesan cheese can stay for more time. As it reduces the moisture level within the product, it will stay fresher as time passes.

Parmesan cheese blocks and wedges have more shelf life compared to grated parmesan cheese. If you see mold growth on the block of parmesan cheese don’t discard it immediately, once check the whole block by cutting the layers, if you find the moldy all the way then it’s unsafe to eat.

How Long Does Parmesan Cheese Last?

The parmesan cheese shelf life is best-by data on the package and an extra couple of months when it is stored in the correct way. After using the block of cheese, do wrap it properly and store it in the fridge.

If you grate it and make it sit in the refrigerator to increase the shelf life of parmesan cheese. If you want extra information about the store-bought parmesan cheese, just follow the instructions mentioned in the package. Have you got doubts about how long it can go bad if frozen? For more details do check the below modules.

Product in Different Conditions Fridge Pantry
Parmesan (unopened) 7 – 9 months or Use-by + 1 month
Parmesan (opened) 1 – 2 months (best quality)
Shredded/grated parmesan (sold refrigerated, unopened) Best-by + 7 days
Shredded/grated parmesan (sold refrigerated, opened) 3 – 7 days
Grated parmesan (sold unrefrigerated, unopened) Use-by + 1 month
Grated parmesan (sold unrefrigerated, opened) 4 – 6 months

Remember that the storage time provided in the above table is estimation time, not the exact shelf life so it may vary from package to package, brand to brand.

How Long Does Parmesan Cheese Last

Can You Freeze Parmesan Cheese?

Yes, we can freeze parmesan cheese for extra shelf time. As it has a long shelf life dairy products to use in dishes like soups, sauces, and casseroles. Freezing parmesan cheese is not necessary but if you want to do then grat it before freezing. If you stored the grated or shredded parm cheese in the fridge it lasts for weeks with good quality.

When the frozen parm cheese starts thawing, then its texture and taste may lose. The best approach how to freezing parmesan cheese is to grate it and then freeze it. This will eliminate the thawing process and is handy to cook dishes with parmesan cheese.

If you grate the cheese before freezing then it won’t stick too much and easy to take how much you require put the rest of the product in the container & return back to the freezer.

Can Parmesan Cheese Go Bad

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How to Store Parmesan Cheese? | Tips to Store Parm for a Long Time

The tips to store the parmesan cheese are compiled here in the following points:

  • If you have a block of parmesan cheese then grate it and store the cheese in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • A shell is the best protection for any food or product likewise parmesan blocks or wedges need to have their rind.
  • When it stores in a refrigerator then the storage temperature ranges between 39 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit for the best quality and longer shelf life.
  • Any type of cheese not specifically parmesan cheese should cover in cling wrap or aluminum foil before going into the fridge.
  • It will not spoil easily and also it keeps away from all other odors present in the fridge.
  • Also, the wrapper will check moisture loss so the cheese won’t dry out too much if it is in the fridge.
  • Always opt for an airtight container or freezer or resealable bags to store the parmesan cheese wedge.
  • However, grated parmesan cheese can store in a container and leave it in the fridge.

Signs that Parmesan Cheese Has Gone Bad

There are different signs of spoilage of parmesan cheese, unlike other cheese or dairy products. The indication of parm spoilage is explained here:

Mold: The presence of mold growth directly indicates spoilage. Don’t know how to identify it, simply check for the moldy spot, then cut it off and use the left cheese. If the overall block is moldy then throw it away.
Changes in Color: After checking the mold sign, go for the discoloration check. In case you found any darker colors or different annoying colors from the original ones get rid of the parmesan cheese.
Smell: Funny or Off Smell is a sign of spoilage. The odors of moldy and pungent are the indication to trash the leftover parm cheese.
Taste: If it tastes sour or rancid kind then discard it.

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Interesting Facts About Parmesan Cheese

  • The original name of the parmesan cheese is Parmigiano Reggiano. Parmigiano refers to the region of Parma, Italy, and Reggiano refers to Reggio Emilia, Italy where cheese was made.
  • For flavorful parmesan cheese, you need to wait for some time to get aged after it’s done the preparation.
  • On the parmesan cheese wheel, you will see the dots which explain its name ie., Parmigiano Reggiano.
  • After an intense inspection of the parmesan cheese only you found the organic parmesan cheese wheels in the market.
  • Parmigiano Reggiano is categorized as Prima categoria, ‘Mezzano’, and ‘Scarto’ (‘Scrap’) as per the results of the tests they performed on the wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano.

FAQs on Does Parmesan cheese go bad if refrigerated?

1. How long is Parmesan cheese good for in the fridge?

If an unopened parmesan cheese block sits in the refrigerator then it lasts for seven to nine months. When it is opened, it lasts for one to two months. After grating the parmesan cheese store it in an airtight container to store and it last nearly a week in the fridge.

2. Can you get sick from expired Parmesan cheese?

No, as the shelf life of parmesan cheese is long so you can’t get any health effects when you consume the expired parmesan cheese.

3. Can I eat expired grated Parmesan cheese?

No, you can’t eat the expired grated parmesan cheese as it may lead to some health issues like stomachache and others. Nothing extreme is not going to happen when you eat expired parmesan cheese.

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