Can Yogurt Go Bad – Shelf Life & Signs To Tell If Yogurt Is Bad

Can Yogurt Go Bad?: Have you stocked up too many Yogurt Containers in the Fridge? Not sure about what to do with Leftover Yogurt Containers and running out of questions like Can Yogurt Go Bad, How Long Does Yogurt Last, Is it Safe to Use if Opened, etc. then this article is for you. We have got them all covered and will explain the Storage Practices, and Shelf Life of Yogurt in both Opened and Unopened Conditions here.

You can even get knowledge on a couple of things you need to know before consuming expired Yogurt, How to Store Yogurt so it Lasts Long Term, Signs to Tell if Your Yogurt is Bad or Not, and When is the Time to Discard it, etc. all here. So, without any delay let’s dive in.

Yogurt Shelf Life

Can Unopened Yogurt Go Bad?

Yes, Unopened Yogurt can go bad but the chances are likely. Mold Growth is quite rare as mold can’t grow from thin air. However, it can go bad if it stays more than a week or so and become either sour or separated. However, the level of separation, and sourness accepted is up to you.  If Yogurt has been left out for more than a month or so better safe than sorry let it go.

Can Yogurt Go Bad

How Long Does Yogurt Last?

Yogurt stays up to 4-5 days after the date on the label. Dairy Products will last about a week once they are opened and all these are rough estimates. Each manufacturer recommends different dates on how long the Yogurt Lasts. Thus, we recommend you to go by the date on the label before using one to see how long the product remains of good quality. Post the expiry date the Yogurt will not stay the same so better consume it before that time. Open your package and see if it is okay to use or else see for any signs of spoilage.

Condition Fridge
Yogurt (unopened) Sell-by + 1 week
Yogurt (opened) 5 – 7 days

How Long Does Yogurt Last

How Long Can Yogurt Sit Out?

Remember the thumb rule for Yogurt and don’t let it sit outside the Fridge for more than 2 hours. But this doesn’t mean you have to throw away your Yogurt if it is kept outside. It is just to let you know that Yogurt shouldn’t be left outside in the hot. If you want to have some Yogurt that is a bit warmer you better keep it an hour before you want to eat from the Fridge.

To study about Can Condensed Milk Go Bad and storage tips associated with it to increase shelf life follow the link and get the required knowledge.

How to Store Yogurt?

Follow the guidelines over here to enjoy the best quality Yogurt. Storage Practices do have an impact on the Shelf Life of Yogurt and we tried to explain each one of them below. Have a quick glance and store your Yogurt Properly. They are as such

  • Store Yogurt in Fridge: The faster you keep the Yogurt brought from the Supermarket the better it is. This works for all kinds of Yogurt be it Plain fat, Greek Style, or Flavored Ones.  Remember to keep it in the Fridge rather than in the Fridge Door as it is the place where temperature changes happen often.
  • Sealed Container: In case of any leftover Yogurt better transfer it to an Air Tight Container. Also, wrap the top of the container to prevent it from picking up any smell or drying out. If not done so your Yogurt might spoil quickly as Mold Spores may get into it.
  • Clean Spoons: If you don’t use the Yogurt in one go always remember to keep clean utensils. Using the same spoon you used for salad preparation won’t work so take a clean spoon to be safe.

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Can Yogurt Go Bad

Can Yogurt Go Bad 1

Pasteurised Homogenised Toned Milk & Active Lactic Cultures
Allergen advice: Contains Milk

Nutritional Facts (Approx.)
Number of servings per pack: 4
Serving Size: 112.5 g

Nutrients UOM Per 100 g %RDA
Energy Kcal 58.60 3.30
Protein g 3.50 7.29
Carbohydrates g 4.40 3.81
Added Sugar g 0.00 0.00
Total Fat g 3.00 5.04
Saturated Fat g 2.04 10.43
Trans Fatty Acids g 0.00
Cholesterol mg 10.00
Calcium mg 125.00 14.06

*Per serve percentage (%) contribution to Recommended Dietary Allowance calculated on the basis of 2000 kcal energy.

How to Tell if Yogurt is Bad?

To decide whether your Yogurt has Spoiled or not you need to check its appearance, taste, and smell. We have outlined what to look out for in your Yogurt to decide whether it is good or bad. They are along the lines

  • Mold Or Any other Changes in Appearance: If you ever find any green or brown spots on the surface of your Yogurt it is a sign that it went wrong and you need to discard it.
  • Sour Smell: Usually, you will get a pleasant smell when you open the Yogurt. If you find any sour or off smell then it is time for it to go. A slight sour smell is okay but is up to your individual choice to use or not further.
  • Off Taste: When you check for its taste if you get any off taste other than the required one you better throw it away.
  • Separation: If you notice some liquid on the top of Yogurt it is a natural phenomenon and you don’t have to worry about it and you can either discard it or simply stir and use it as per your choice.

Can You Freeze Yogurt?

Yes, you can Freeze Yogurt just like buttermilk or any other dairy products. However, it separates when thawed and you can get the texture back by simply stirring it back but don’t expect miracles to happen. If you Freeze your Yogurt use it either in cooked or baked dishes as the texture will not alter pretty much.

Greek Yogurt Vs Regular Yogurt

The Shelf Life of all types of Yogurt is more or less the same be it plain, no fat, Greek Style, or Flavored Yogurt. Go by the date on the label for Greek Yogurt too just as you do with plain yogurt.  The same applies to storage techniques too. The Presence of Preservatives is something that affects the storage time and going bad of yogurt.

Some Yogurts have natural ingredients whereas some others come with extra ingredients that help them not to spoil quickly. The latter ones will stay for a long time comparatively. Remember the ones having preservatives may not be a good fit for your health.

Interesting Facts about Yogurt

Below is the list of fun facts to need about Yogurt explained clearly. They are along the lines

  • You can keep your digestion in check by using Yogurt.
  • Yogurt has 3* more protein than Eggs.
  • It is a Healthy Alternative to various Common Ingredients.
  • Yogurt contains a high amount of lactic acid that is needed for skin health.
  • It can be used as a natural cleaning product.

FAQs on Does Yogurt Go Bad & Expire

1. How long does Yogurt last in the Fridge?

Yogurt lasts about Sell by date+1 Week in the Fridge if left unopened. In case you opened Yogurt it lasts about 5-7 days.

2. What does Spoiled Yogurt taste like?

Spoiled Yogurt has a sour, stale, or unusual state from the regular one.

3. Can you eat Yogurt a Month after the Expiration Date?

Yes, you can eat Yogurt a Month after the Expiration Date as long as it doesn’t go bad

Key Takeaways

We believe we tried to answer your questions like Can Yogurt Go Bad, How Long Does Yogurt Last, Better Storage Practices, and Advise on Preservation here. if you need any further assistance on the same do write us and we will offer the help needed. Keep connected to avail latest updates on How Long Does Buttermilk Last and a lot more in our coming articles.

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