Can Pickles Go Bad: Shelf Life, Expiration – How Can You Tell If Pickles Have Gone Bad?

Can Pickles Go Bad?: Have you bought some Pickles and applied them to Sandwiches once in a while? Not sure how long it’s been kept over there and if is it still safe to use. Don’t worry as we have come up with an article that lists answers to all your questions like Can Pickles Go Bad, How Long Does Pickles Last, How to Tell if Pickles is Bad, etc. We even mentioned the storage tips to extend the Shelf Life of Pickles in the next sections. Also, check out some fun facts you wish you knew about Pickles earlier by going through this quick guide.

Can Pickles Go Bad

Can Pickles Go Bad? Do They Expire

Yes, Pickles can go bad but this may happen eventually. Usually, Pickles stay up late even after the best by date. Pickles might damage if not sealed properly in a jar. If the Pickles are kept outside they might lose their crunchiness and you won’t feel the taste similar to how it tasted initially. You can see the signs of spoilage to decide when to toss it.

How Long Are Pickles Good For?

Pickles’ shelf life is pretty much similar no matter the variety of pickles. Pickle Jars usually come with the best-by date on the label and that indicates how long it retains in best quality. If the jar has remained unopened the pickles will stay in great quality.  As the pickle is sealed tightly in a solution with vinegar it will not damage. Pieces that aren’t submerged properly will degrade quickly. See the Shelf Life of Pickles both Pasteurized and Unpasteurized in the later sections.

How Long Do Pickles Last

Type Pantry Fridge
Pickles (pasteurized, unopened) Best-by + 3 months
Pickles (pasteurized, opened) 3+ months
Pickles (unpasteurized, unopened) Best-by + 3 months
Pickles (unpasteurized, opened) 3+ months

How Long Do Pickles Last Once Opened?

Pickles that are kept open will stay good for about 1 to 2 months. But if you refrigerate them you can eat them for a month or two. Some manufacturers recommend you to use them for 1 to 2 months. However, some of them will recommend eating them as long as you eat. Open Pickles become sour so better keep them in the fridge to avoid a decline in quality. The longer you store it outside after opening the harsher the taste becomes.

Can Pickles Go Bad

How to Store Pickles?

Follow the simple practices to store your pickles for a long time. They are as such

  • Store unpacked pickles in a cool and dark place away from sources of sunlight and heat.
  • After opening, seal the jars tightly and keep them in a refrigerator. As long as you leave the pickle unopened it stays perfectly fine. If you open keep it back in the refrigerator.
  • Make sure every veggie is submerged in the brine.  If not, mold may grow and the pickle may turn darker after a couple of weeks.
  • If it is an unpasteurized pickle keep it in the Refrigerator without fail as there are bacteria inside and the fermentation process keeps happening.

How to Tell if Pickles Have Gone Bad?

Usually, Pickles last for a long time if the brine is intact and veggies are submerged in it.

  • You get a pleasant acidic aroma and the pickling brine will be plane amber in color.
  • Alongside white sediment settling down in the jar is also quite natural.
  • If you ever find the odor or difference in the pickling color throw them out.
  • If you find any mold growth or organic growth in the pickle it is time to discard it.
  • If all the above are okay check the taste of the veggies and if everything seems fine you can use it.
  • In case the pickle loses its crunchiness it is a sign that the pickle has lost quality and it’s your call to discard it or not.

Do You Have to Refrigerate Open Pickles?

No, it is not mandatory to refrigerate open pickles. But, refrigerating is recommended for certain reasons. Leaving the Pickles outside will speed up the fermentation process thus the pickle becomes sour in taste. If Pickles are not covered by brine the chances of mold growth are more. Leaving them accidentally overnight isn’t a great deal but we recommend you to keep them in Fridge for better quality.

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Can Pickles Go Bad

Can Pickles Go Bad 1

Mango (65%), Common Salt, Mixed Spices Powder, Split Mustard Seeds, Refined Rice Bran Oil, Acetic Acid (INS 260) & Compounded Asafoetida.
Contains Permitted Class II Preservative (INS 211)
Allergen advice: Contains Mustard

Nutritional Information
Approx. values per serving of 15 g
Serving size: 1 tbsp (15 g)
Servings per container: About 67

Nutrients Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Energy 21 kcal 1%
Total Fat 1 g 1.5%
Saturated Fat 0.2 g 0.9%
Trans Fat 0 g 0%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 780 mg 39%
Total Carbohydrate 2.5 g 1%
of which Sugars 2 g
Added Sugars 0 g 0%
Dietary Fibre 0.1 g 0.4%
Protein 0.5 g 1%

Not a significant source of Vitamins & Minerals
*Percentage daily values are based on a 2000 kcal diet

Interesting Facts about Pickles

Pickles are known for their several benefits. Here we have mentioned the health benefits that one can have from eating pickles.

  • Salt brine juice present in the pickles is earlier used to treat players suffering from dehydration. However, taking pickles in large quantities is not a good idea.
  • Pickles can help you improve the wellness of the heart.
  • Consuming Pickles can help you get the required amount of sodium needed for your body.
  • You can recycle the Pickle Juice and use it as a base to marinate pork or beef.
  • If you are fond of pickled veggies you can add some fresh vegetables to the Jar.

FAQs on Does Pickles Go Bad & Expire

1. How can you tell if Pickles have Gone Bad?

Signs like Bad Smell, Change in Color, Mold Growing, or difference in taste are an indication that Pickles have Gone Bad.

2. Can you get sick from eating Old Pickles?

The chances that a Pickle will make you sick are quite slim. However, there is a possibility if you don’t reseal the jar properly.

3. How long do Pickles Last Once Opened?

Pickles last about 3 months if stored in Fridge after opening.

Key Takeaways

Hope the info prevailing on our page with regards to Pickles has shed some light on you. In case of any further assistance related to shelf life, storage tips and preservation method do let us know through the comment section and our team will guide you. Bookmark our site to avail latest updates on How To Store Leeks and Can Asparagus Go Bad, etc.

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