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Can Condensed Milk Go Bad?: Sweet Lovers will definitely relate to this guide on Can Condensed Milk Go Bad? As they love to make or eat sweets homemade. Condensed milk is sweetened milk that is made of milk and sugar with less water which lasts for a long time.

Are you wondering how to store after opening the can of condensed milk and extend its shelf life? and also had queries like Where to store condensed milk? How to store open condensed milk? Can You Use Expired Condensed Milk? What are the signs of spoilage? etc.

Dive into the below sections & clear all your minor to major doubts about can condensed milk go off, How to keep condensed milk fresh, and how to store canned condensed milk from below in no time.

Can Condensed Milk Go Bad

How Long Does Condensed Milk Last? Can It Go Bad?

Yes, condensed milk goes bad like all other milk products. But the best part of condensed milk is the longer shelf life. It holds the sugar content with milk so the shelf life of sweetened condensed milk is long-lasting when compared to unsweetened milk products like evaporated milk.

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The shelf life of sweetened condensed milk when it is in the can and in unopen condition lasts upto best by or expiry date plus 1-2 years. If you open the can and use it for any dish, then it lasts for two weeks in the fridge and longer than other dairy products.

For quick reference, we have tabulated the condensed milk shelf life look at the details below and know the shelf life of condensed milk storage after opening.

Conditions Refrigerator Pantry or Cupboard
Sweetened condensed milk (opened) Up to 2 weeks
Sweetened condensed milk (unopened) Best by + 1 – 2 years

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condensed milk shelf life

Can You Freeze Condensed Milk?

Yes, you can freeze the condensed milk once opened and leftover after 1 to 2 weeks for better quality and extend the shelf life. Also, remember that the separation and texture can slightly be altered after defrosting. But it won’t be harmful to consume.

A small trick to freezing the sweetened condensed milk is to transfer the leftover condensed milk into an air-tight container. Did your mind raise a question like What about unopened condensed milk? Can we freeze it or not?

Direct No is the answer to your query as it has a long shelf life when it is stored in the pantry as well. Hence, it’s a bad idea to keep the unopened sweetened condensed milk in a freezer.

How To Tell If Condensed Milk Is Bad? | How To Know If Condensed Milk Is Bad?

The condensed milk is concentrated milk with 60 percent water eliminated. There are 6 Tips To Tell If Condensed Milk Has Gone Bad. Let’s see the signs of condensed milk spoilage below and be aware of such conditions for future purposes as well:

Smell: The smell of the perfect condensed milk is sweet and creamy whereas it smells sour and unpleasantly when it gets spoiled.

Taste: When you taste your sweetened condensed milk and it turns stale or sour then it is an indication of spoilage, discard it.

Color: One of the basic signs of spoilage for any food item is color. Condensed milk color is yellowish or pale creamy when it is fresh. If you see any product in discoloration or dark color then you should avoid consuming it. If any of the brands informs, if any color change doesn’t mean went bad then take it as a warning and decide whether to have it or not.

Texture: It has a smooth, viscous, and chocolate syrup-like texture. When it becomes hard and doesn’t fall from the can then it signs of spoilage so avoid it.

Cans: All brands’ condensed milk package type is cans so the products last for a long time when it is unopened. Besides, if you find any breakage or rust or puffed cans that are not sealed properly is one more indication to discard the product.

Mold: A strong sign that condensed milk is mold growth and is inedible. If you fail to store the product properly then it leads to mold growth which is harmful.

signs of condensed milk spoilage

How to Store Sweetened Condensed Milk? | How to Preserve Condensed Milk?

You can store the unopened condensed milk in the pantry, dry or cool area, cupboard, or cabinet in the kitchen. If you follow & choose one of these places will extend the shelf life of sweetened condensed milk.

Measures to store the opened condensed milk are as follows:

  • Should keep the leftover can in the refrigerator.
  • To avoid mold growth, transfer the product into an airtight container and store it in the fridge.
  • For long-time usage of opened condensed milk, follow this tip. Keep it in frozen mode and thaw it overnight in the fridge. Later you can use it directly.
  • The stored frozen condensed milk lasts for three months without any changes in texture or flavor. Note that thawed milk can not be possible to freeze back.

Condensed Milk Facts

  • Condensed milk refers to sweetened milk and evaporated milk refers to unsweetened milk.
  • The sweetened condensed milk is thick, flowing, and creamy in taste.
  • The first people who started the process of removing water from milk and increasing the volume per container were the tartar people of Asia and Europe.
  • Usually, Nicolas Appert of France attempted to make sweetened condensed milk in 1809.
  • Later on, in the 1850s, American Gail Borden Jr. is the one who introduced or invented condensed milk and it became commercially achievable.
  • In most desserts like chocolate dishes, pies, cakes, and sweets, as well as coffee, the usage of condensed milk is high.

Can Condensed Milk Go Bad

FAQs on How Long Does Unopened Canned Condensed Milk Last? | Tips On Storing Condensed Milk After Opening

1. What is the Risk of Consuming Expired Condensed Milk?

What happens if you eat expired condensed milk? The risk of consuming expired condensed milk is high it may lead to a stomachache or even food poisoning. The symptoms that you can observe are Nausea, Low-grade fever, and Diarrhea.

2. What if sweetened condensed milk is brown?

As long as you use the product best by date or after a few months it is okay to use in the recipes. It won’t affect your desserts because of the color.

3. How long is condensed milk good for after opening?

5 – 7 days is the maximum long time to use the condensed milk after opening. When you cover it in an airtight container after opening you can increase the shelf life of the opened sweetened condensed milk.

4. How to store leftover condensed milk?

The leftover condensed milk should be transferred to an airtight container and then tossed into the refrigerator.

5. How to store condensed milk once opened?

If you leave condensed milk in a can after opening then cover it using plastic wrap, secure it with an elastic band then preserve it in a cool place like a refrigerator.

6. How to save condensed milk?

Storing sweetened condensed milk in a cool and dry place before opening is the best way to store condensed milk.

7. How long can condensed milk last after opening?

Opened Condensed milk can last for two months in the fridge and this answer is also relatable to how long does condensed milk last in the fridge. When you need to save it for a longer period then the freezer is the best option.

8. Is condensed milk bad for you?

Not likely bad but there are some issues with consuming condensed milk like cardiovascular issues, bad insulin resistance, fast weight gain, etc.

Key Takeaways – Does Sweetened Condensed Milk Go Bad

We think the data written by our content team regarding Can Condensed Milk Go Bad satisfied you all to use the product. When you are freezing the sweetened milk then store it in airtight boxes and keep it safe for a long time. Keep visiting our site for more such articles on Food.

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