All About Cracker Barrel Pancakes Recipe (Ingredients & Making Process) – Tips on Cooking & Storing Cracker Barrel Pancake 

Cracker Barrel Pancakes: One of the most talked about country restaurants and its delicacy won’t go unnoticed. This American restaurant chain is known for being an iconic Southern-themed place for all natives. And- out of all its best foods, pancakes are the show-stealers in all possible ways.

Notably, we are discussing Cracker Barrel’s best pancakes and possibly a recipe or two. Well, the restaurant is only available in North America, which is why a recipe will do great for us. Hence, let us get a preview of the restaurant first.

 Cracker Barrel Pancakes

What Are Cracker Barrel Pancakes?

Cracker Barrel serves some of the best country foods all over the United States. The restaurant first started its business back in the year 1959, almost half a decade ago, in Lebanon, Tennessee. The company now has started franchising over 45 different states with 600 stores located in the States.

The Cracker Barrel pancakes, however, have a separate fanbase of their own. The signature soft and fluffy texture of these pancakes makes them one of the best-rated pancakes place in the States. Once you try from the menu, there is no going back to any other restaurant.

The best part is, Cracker Barrels offer a number of flavors toppings for each new pancake recipe. You will find the classic ones and some extras like blueberry, buttermilk, etc. It truly serves pancakes of quality and the tastiest flavors.

What Are The Ingredients Needed To Prepare Cracker Barrel Pancake Recipe?

Cracker Barrel pancakes are definitely easy to master once you get the batter right. And we are all pretty much aware of how the even most basic ingredients are very important in a pancake batter. So, open up your notes and get down the important ingredients for this recipe.

  • All-purpose flour: Make sure you do not use any replacements like almond flour or wheat. All-purpose flour is the only way to get the flavor of Cracker Barrel in your house.
  • Low-fat buttermilk: Low-fat buttermilk is great for the tasty Copycat Pancake we get in Cracker Barrel. The buttermilk adds a good tangy taste to the batter, making it more appealing.
  • Powdered sugar: Crystal sugar is good but granulated or powdered sugar works best for pancake batters. Also, do not use brown sugar or artificial sweeteners instead.
  • Salt and baking soda: Baking soda is needed for the signature Copycat fluffy pancake of Cracker Barrel. And, likewise, the salt is usually as per preference.
  • Eggs: Eggs have a lot of roles to play in making the best pancakes. Starting from baking to texture, you need to have two to three eggs for the batter.

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How To Make Cracker Barrel Pancakes?

Since there is no sign of Cracker Barrel opening stores on a global level, we might as well need a homemade recipe. Well, there is an easy one and you just have to get the following steps done.

  • Heat a griddle for the pancakes to 350 degrees. Melt a stick of butter with the paper removed from the griddle for greasing the flat surface.
  • In a larger dish, combine the eggs and buttermilk. Flour, baking soda, salt, and sugar should be added. Just blend by whisking.
  • Drop 1/2 cup of batter into the buttery area after rubbing the butter in a circle on the griddle. Use a sizable ice cream scoop. With the back of the ice cream scoop, immediately level the batter as soon as it touches the griddle and shape it into a circular.
  • When the second bubble pops, the pancakes should be turned over. On the majority of griddles, this will take roughly two minutes. The second side of the pancake should be cooked until it is no longer doughy.
  • The griddle needs to be rebutter every time you add fresh batter to it.
  • Fresh off the griddle, pancakes should be served immediately. They may lose their crunchiness When the second bubble pops, the pancakes should be turned over. On the majority of griddles, this will take roughly two minutes. The second side of the pancake should be cooked until it is no longer doughy.

Recipe Tips For Making Cracker Barrel Pancakes

Cracker Barrel pancakes have too many flavors in their official store menu. However, we only specified the Copycat Buttermilk pancake and its easy homemade recipe. Let us also see some tips that make this pancake better.

You can replace buttermilk

In case you don’t have buttermilk, you can still make it at home. What you can do is get some milk and add some vinegar to it. You will find a new batch of buttermilk which look like the store-bought ones. And there you will have your buttermilk ready to be used in the batter.

Blend your ingredients

All the basic ingredients in a pancake have to be in a smooth batter. Don’t just whisk it in a bowl and keep it. Make sure all the ingredients are well mixed into the thick batter and have a fine consistency.

Use a good griddle

The signature Cracker Barrel pancake cannot be perfect unless you have a good griddle. Not only that but before you make the pancake, you have to check whether the griddle surface is hot or not. This allows the batter to easily sit on the surface and bake itself into a delicious pancake.

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How To Make Your Cracker Barrel Pancakes Soft & Fluffy?

Everybody loves a fine breakfast that consists of fluffy pancakes and lots of delicious toppings. But, it might become a struggle to master that soft texture even in the easiest recipes. However, we will tell you, pancakes only need basic steps to get that fluff and soft texture that melts in your mouth.

Firstly, make sure you mix the egg whites and yolk separately and then add to the batter. Following that, use your baking soda in proportion so that you can get the best pancake bake. And, more importantly, keep your griddle surface hot so that the pancake batter sticks properly.

Topping To Try With Cracker Barrel Pancakes?

The buttermilk Cracker Barrel pancake is served with delicious toppings in the store. So, as our goal is to achieve the best homemade version of these pancakes, we should try different toppings too. Let’s see what topping goes best with these pancakes.

Jam: Apparently, jam is one of the best toppings with these buttermilk pancakes. Mostly strawberry and blueberry flavors taste super delicious with the Cracker Barrel pancakes.

Chocolate chips: Chocolate chips go great with fluffy pancakes as toppings. A good tip would be to melt the choco chips so that it gets a tad bit runny on the top. The taste compliments the mildly sweet pancakes so well.

Butter: Butter is a more underrated pancake topping that we don’t talk about enough. The salty taste of butter is rather refreshing on sweet pancakes. Hence, it creates a good contrast of flavors on the same dish.

Fruits: Fruits like strawberries and blueberries are best for these buttermilk pancakes as toppings. The tangy flavors of both buttermilk and fruits make the pancakes taste like an absolute treat.

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How To Freeze Cracker Barrel Pancakes?

Storing these homemade Cracker Barrel pancakes is quite easy as pancakes do store well. Either you could refrigerate them well for a few days or freeze them for a few months. Luckily, the freezing process is pretty easy in the case of these Cracker Barrel pancakes.

To freeze, you will require some Ziploc bags or airtight containers. Also, remember to wrap up each pancake in parchment paper to keep it from sticking to each other. Then, you can pretty much freeze these homemade Cracker Barrel pancakes for over two months or so.

FAQs Regarding Tasty Copycat Cracker Barrel Pancakes Recipe

1. What type of pancakes does Cracker Barrel serve? 

Cracker Barrel serves the best kind of pancakes with a Southern touch to it. Pretty much all of Cracker Barrel’s menu is southern-themed, which is why they serve some of the most exotic food combos. These pancakes are delicious and hence, really popular of their kind.

2. Are the pancakes from Cracker Barrel Tasty? 

Yes, Cracker Barrel pancakes are super delicious and it comes in a lot of flavors. There are a number of options and toppings you can pick according to your taste. Even the homemade recipe ideas have a certain nostalgic flavor to them.

3. Are pancakes a healthy breakfast? 

Depending on how the pancakes are made, they can be healthy for breakfast. If you use replacements like wheat flour or stevia syrup for the batter, it is much healthier than the regular ones. However, you can always enjoy a traditional pancake breakfast once in a while.

Key Takeaways

This was everything we could break down in a Homemade Cracker Barrel Pancake Recipe. All in all, both the restaurant and homemade versions are similar and taste alike. However, you could always make more experiments. If this pancake has taken your liking, then we erasure you will love our website. Visit our site and see more breakfast ideas and articles every other day.

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