Best Healthy Camping Breakfast Ideas – Make Ahead Camping Breakfast Ideas For Large Groups

Camping Breakfast Ideas: Every one of us loves to go camping but one thing every time we compromise is having a great meal. As we know, breakfast will be boring if you only rely on protein bars. But by looking at our camping-friendly recipes, you can just cook over a campfire as you may already have iron and aluminum foil. Breakfast is very important as we know that is the important meal of the day.

From cook-no-bake meals, you can prepare ahead of time to elaborate dishes that can be cooked directly over the campfire. Whatever type of camping you prefer whether it is multi-day backpacking or sleeping in a comfort campervan or any other, just look out for our top 10 breakfast ideas to cook easily at camping. What are you waiting for let’s dig in!!!

Camping Breakfast Ideas

Try out These Popular Camping Breakfast Ideas

When you are out camping, there are times that you dont have time to cook, and we all know that breakfast is the important meal of the day, we do not skip it. One way to facilitate this is to plan make-ahead breakfast recipes, or easy breakfasts at camping over an iron skillet. If you are in search of the recipes just have a look below as we have provided different types of recipes that you can make at campground or make ahead at home, or no-cook breakfast ideas.

Make Ahead Camping Breakfast Ideas

When you think of going camping with family or single, make ahead these quick breakfast recipes easily at home so that you can carry them camping. So you do not need to skip breakfast and even you do not need to think about breakfast too. Look into the below list of recipes to make at home easily before going camping.

Breakfast Burritos

No more eating cereals and bagels for camping? Have a hot breakfast even at camping without any risk with these breakfast burritos which will be stomach-filling along with the tasty flavor. Especially if you are going with kids we cannot manage with some bread and butter as they always need a different type of food. At that time these make-ahead burritos will save you for breakfast.

Just prepare them at home with your recipe and after completion just wrap them tightly in the foil. Double-wrap them if you want and place them in a ziplock bag and you will take a fridge or ice chest to keep them in it. When you went to camping, you may have a campfire in the morning at that time throw them into the fire, and take them out within 5 minutes then you can have these hot breakfast burritos.

Overnight Oats

It is one of the other easiest camping breakfast ideas that you can take by making it at home. And it is also a fresh, cool, and healthy idea for breakfast camping. Even though it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare it will not be a burden of cooking before night. But when you are making this follow some precautions like measuring your liquids, not forgetting about spices, nuts for toppings, and using the best oats than using instant oats.

If you mix these and soak them for six to eight hours before eating you can enjoy them for your breakfast. Always prefer to make these overnight oats in mason jars or Tupperware plastic containers.

Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches

As we all know these make-ahead freezer breakfast sandwiches are best for busy mornings but even they are very ideal for camping trips too. And also every one of us enjoys junk food and if we want to eat healthy food in camping we may not enjoy them much. So taking these sandwiches to camp will boost us to enjoy more. Even they are healthy too as we are making them at home.

Making these sandwiches is also very easy, just bake the eggs in a casserole dish and just cut them with a cookie cutter as we need to keep them in the buns. After that take the buns, keep the cheese slice as a first layer, and place ham and then add this egg pattie and then again place the ham and cheese slice on the top and cover it with the bun, That’s it! simple!!.

Once after prepping these sandwiches if we wrap and keep them in a freezer bag they keep really well. As we will have the campfire, just place them in that by wrapping it with aluminum foil and then enjoy.

Campfire Frittata

One of the best camping breakfast ideas that every love is a frittata. It will look like a mini pizza. Just load all the veggies, cheeses, herbs, and eggs in the frittata and enjoy even this dish can be made on an iron skillet at the camp without making it ahead. Even you can make this frittata in the baking dish which is metal on the camp stove. This frittata is always an easy breakfast that you can enjoy in no time.

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Camping Breakfast Ideas

Many of us will have a dream of cooking a meal at the campfire. But throughout camping, we will only have time early in the mornings as it will be fresh and peaceful mind. But we may not have the best and quickest recipes that you can cook camping. We have a list of recipes to try at your camping. Check out below!!

Mountain Man Breakfast

This is the perfect dish that you can cook on your iron skillet over the campfire in camping. And even it doesn’t need many ingredients and it doesn’t take much time to cook. Just all you need is potatoes, onions, paper, eggs, bacon, and Sausage. Just chop everything and cook the vegetables, and meat, and then add the eggs.

Bacon and Egg Breakfast

The easiest way of cooking at your camping is this bacon and eggs breakfast. Even every one of us loves to grill chicken, meat, or some vegetables. So, take bacon and eggs with you as you already have an iron skillet just fry the bacon and eggs in it. Even this recipe helps you to feed a crowd. This breakfast will definetly blow your taste buds away.

Campfire Cupcakes

If you are going camping to celebrate your birthday party then this campfire cupcakes recipe will be the easiest dessert that you can make. You can cook these cupcakes by having some fun at your barbecue and making this is also very easy, checkout out the recipe and get prepared for it!!

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No-Cook Camping Breakfast Ideas

When we suddenly plan to go camping at that time we cannot able to prepare the make-ahead breakfast ideas as we will be busy shopping or packing, and even after going camping we will have no time as we need to explore many things. For them, these no-cook camping breakfast ideas will help a lot. Look into the list of ideas below.

  • Mini-bagel with cream cheese or jelly
  • Cottage cheese & fruit
  • Hard-boiled eggs & toast
  • English Muffin with your favorite toppings
  • Yogurt, Greek Yogurt with sunflower seeds or chia seeds
  • Cereal
  • Fresh Fruit or fresh berries
  • Energy bites
  • Overnight Oats
  • Instant Oats
  • Instant Cup Noodles

Ultimate List of Camping Breakfast Ideas For Large Groups

When we went camping with the whole family then everyone may not adjust to the no-cook food like you they like to eat a traditional hearty breakfast. So as you already have a campfire and grill we are going to provide you with a list of recipes that you can cook for a large group at a time.

  • Scrambled Eggs
  • French Toast
  • Bacon
  • Breakfast Burritos
  • Breakfast Sausage
  • Hash Browns
  • Campfire Hash
  • Pancakes
  • Kielbasa

FAQs on Easy Camping Breakfast Ideas

1. What are the easy camping breakfast ideas?

Some of the easy camping breakfast ideas are:

  • Chilaquiles
  • Bacon, Egg, & Avacado Sandwich
  • Chickpea Hash with Summer Veggies
  • French Toast
  • Tofu Scramble

2. What are the best healthy breakfast ideas for camping?

The best healthy breakfast ideas for camping are:

  • Cereals with Milk.
  • Yogurt and Musli
  • Eggs
  • Avocado Toast with Poached Egg
  • Wrap with Avocado and Eggs.
  • Yogurt with Fresh Fruit and Honey.

3. What are the 3 most common types of camping?

The three common types of camping are backpacking car camping, and glamping.

Key Takeaways

Hope that the recipes we have shared on camping breakfast ideas when you decide to go camping are useful and easy for you. Try them and comment to us in the comment section below if you have any doubts. If you like it you can just share these breakfast ideas with your friends and family as it will be useful for them at their camping.

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