15 Best Baked Egg Recipes For Breakfast & Brunch – How To Bake Eggs For Breakfast?

Baked Egg Recipes: Prepping up your morning brunch or a pre-workout breakfast? Well, eggs stand out to be the best of the lot to give you that immediate bounce of protein in the morning that you need to fuel up the rest of the day’s activities.

Hence, Baked egg recipes are one of the most delicious and healthy food options that people of any age can try. Baked egg recipes are not only easy to make but also easier to store and enjoy some other time too. You can bake your eggs and prepare your recipes in a variety of ways starting from simple to special ones served with a bounty of toppings.

This article is going to cover the 10 most amazing drool-worthy baked egg recipe options along with some other alternatives to rejuvenate your taste buds as well. Come, without wasting any more time let’s jump straight into today’s article. Bon Appetit!

Baked Egg Recipes

Top 10 Best Baked Eggs Recipes To Try Out

Now, as mentioned at the start of the article, let us share with you the top 10 amazing baked egg recipes that you can try out for yourself for breakfast, brunch, or even as an evening snack or dinner, alone or with friends around.

Baked Heuvos Rancheros

As the name suggests, this is a very famous Mexican baked egg recipe that uses fried eggs served over pieces of bread or tortillas, garnished with sauce or cheese. This recipe calls for baking eggs, and tortilla chips along with cheese in a seasoned tomato sauce in individual dishes adding some pepper jacks to get a spicy kick to the recipe. Alternatively, this can recipe can also be cooked with black beans and salsa.


Flamiche is yet another very famous French dish that is halfway between pizza and quiche. In this recipe, cream quiche is mixed with cheese and baked eggs that make a tasty topping added with delicious buttery leeks.


Shakshuka is another version of baked egg recipes which is a fancier way of telling eggs in the purgatory sauce. In this dish, little egg yolks are surrounded with fiery tomato sauce and it tastes phenomenal enough to satisfy the biggest appetite. The best-recommended way is to keep your sauce on the spicier side and avoid adding salt to your eggs while baking them.

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Paula Deen Breakfast Casserole

This recipe is a great breakfast option that combines the staples: sausage, cheese, and baked eggs. This recipe might be a bit time-consuming to prep, but once it is ready the night before, you can stick it in the oven the next day, when you plan to consume it.

This recipe takes half an hour to prepare and instantly boosts your taste buds from the very first bite. Instead of sausages, you can also try using smoked chicken or steak.

Zaatar Eggs With Lemon Yoghurt

Zaatar eggs are a very delicious and easy-to-make breakfast or lunch option which takes the least amount of ingredients to give you a boost of flavor. In this recipe, baked eggs are simmered in a delicious zaatar mixture and topped with lemony yogurt and fresh herbs. You can try out this dish with crusty pieces of bread or tortilla chips for a real treat.

Baked Egg Nachos

Baked egg nachos give you a crunchy, cheesy, and rich taste whenever served with your favorite drink. This recipe combines tortilla chips and is overloaded with nutritious ingredients like avocado, herbs, and baked eggs. Though this recipe might not be that healthy for certain people because it uses slightly more oil, treating yourself once a month or two with this dish would not be a sin.

Breakfast Egg Muffins

Muffins are everybody’s favorite and this recipe is definitely a must-try. This recipe is not that age-old plain egg muffin, instead, these are fluffy hearty baked egg muffins served with plenty of herbs and seasoning. This recipe is not only vegan-friendly but also can be added to sausage or bacon to your breakfast to add that extra boost of protein to your post-workout regimen.

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Enchilada Baked Eggs

This recipe is a go-to Mexican dish that serves best, both for breakfast and dinner. This recipe combines salsa, refried beans, and cheese along with the key ingredient Enchiladas.

Once your mixture is ready you need to add a baked egg on top and run it through to mix it up with the savory mixture. Try this recipe with some extra shredded chicken and sliced avocado in hot sauce to give an extra boost of protein, iron, and flavor.

Vegetarian Baked Egg Recipes

The best vegan baked egg recipe is a rich tomato and egg gratin recipe which is not only an excellent appetizer but is also an amazing casserole for dinner. This recipe is creamy and cheesy, tossed with rich tomato cubes and egg gratin, and served as an amazing buttery vegan meal. The rich bechamel sauce in which it is tossed later on is drool-worthy.

Other Amazing Baked Egg Breakfast Recipes

Apart from the recipes mentioned above, it is good to know some other baked egg recipe options to try out on one fine Sunday morning when you are in a good mood and have guests at home. Let’s see what the mouth-watering recipes are now:

Keto Baked Egg Recipes

Keto recipes call for low carb-fat and high protein-fiber. Hence, keto-baked egg recipes are going to serve best to all the fitness freaks out there. This recipe calls for combining cooked ground beef, pork, turkey, or even smoked chicken along with crushed tomatoes, baked eggs, and shredded cheese. Keep the salt content less as per the Keto rules.

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Creamy Baked Egg Recipes

This recipe includes baked eggs savored with creamy spinach, chorizo, and shredded cheese and looks amazing, perfect for your Instagram Food Goals. Scrummy eggs are tossed in cast iron skillets and finally mixed up with the chorizo spinach mixture in a big pot with cheese shredded on top as a final ingredient.

You can also try out the creamy parmesan baked egg recipe made with baked eggs, butter, salt, cheese, and pepper added with heavy cream.

Baked Scrambled Egg Recipes

A skillet-baked egg tossed with country potatoes and bacon is the best recipe that you can use with scrambled eggs. This dish combines tenderly fried potatoes with crispy edges along with salty shredded bacon.

Once your skillet is warm enough in the oven, add the scrambled eggs to the fried potatoes and bacon and get a well-balanced dish ready in about 30 minutes.

Italian Baked Egg Recipes

To get the authentic Italian baked egg recipe, you can try out toasting some mozzarella over a crusty baguette along with turkey sausage, sauteed onion, and garlic. This will be an amazing base when tossed in tomato sauce and fresh oregano. Once simmered, crack up your eggs over the sauce and bake until everything is set.

Baked Spinach and Egg Recipe

Spinach is considered to be a great source of fiber and iron, whereas eggs are a hub of protein. Hence this combination is extremely healthy. This recipe calls for baked eggs jazzed up with baked spinach, garlic, red pepper flakes, and tomatoes in lots of cheese to boost up with an amazing tangy taste.

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Baked Beans and Egg Recipe

The smoky beans and baked egg recipe is best for lazy cooks and requires chopped tomatoes, onions, and sliced red pepper tossed in 2 tbsp of smoked papparica and 1 tbsp of tomato ketchup.

Once the mixture is ready, add chopped garlic cloves, crushed tomatoes, and finally the hero ingredient, pinto beans. A handful of coriander leaves at the end is going to be blissful.

FAQs on Best Baked Egg Recipes For Breakfast

1. Can you bake eggs instead of boiling them?

Yes, you can bake eggs instead of boiling them, by preheating your oven to 325 degrees F first and then putting whole unopened eggs in each individual cup and baking for 30 minutes.

2. How to bake an egg in a pan?

To bake an egg in a pan, preheat it to 375 degrees F, crack the eggs open on a tray, mix the egg yolks with the whites, gently pour it into the pan and bake for 15 minutes.

3. Can you bake eggs in foil?

Yes, bake eggs in foil if possible. Just tear tin foil into cubes, grease them with ghee or butter, crack eggs into them, and place them into a preheated oven.

4. How do you know when an egg bake is done?

To know whether your baked egg is ready or not, try putting a fork or a knife close to the center of your egg and egg whether it is coming out clean or stained.

5. How long can baked eggs last?

Hard-baked eggs whether in their shell or peeled can stay up to 1 week after cooking in the fridge. If frozen properly you can make them last for up to a year.

6. Is it safe to reheat baked eggs?

Leftover frozen baked eggs are absolutely safe to reheat provided they were cooked through and stored properly to avoid bacteria and food bourne health issues.

Bottom Line

To satisfy both your health and taste buds, baked egg recipes are never going to disappoint you with their tones of dish options starting from simple to fancier ones. In this article, we have covered the most famous ones of the lot that are loved worldwide by vegans as well as food junkies.

We hope you found this article helpful to treat yourself and your family to incredible recipes every day. We end this article here and promise to meet you soon with another interesting book of recipes.

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