15+ Tasty Indian Egg Recipes That Are Extremely Filling In Any Meal

Indian Egg Recipes: If you are a person of culture and love trying foods from every corner of the world, you will agree that India has one of the best cuisines out there. The variety in Indian food is quite immaculate and different from South Asian cuisine making it one of the most loved foods. But what’s more important is that the dullest ingredients can become the star of many Indian recipes.

Eggs, for example, are sometimes used for baking or eating cleanly for breakfast. However, when it comes to using eggs in Indian dishes, the blend of spices and herbs goes to a whole different level. Having said that, we are going to introduce you to some of the best Indian egg recipes that are simple to make and serve.

Indian Egg Recipes

Top 10 Indian Egg Recipes You Should Not Miss

Eggs are almost a staple in Indian meals. One of the best things about eggs is that it blends well with a range of recipes. So, Open up your notes and take down the list of some of the best egg recipes that Indian people love. Also, remember that these recipes are versatile enough to fit into any meals you have in a day.

  1. Egg Kurma
  2. Egg Biryani
  3. Egg Paratha
  4. Masala Maggi With Egg
  5. Egg Curry
  6. Egg Bonda
  7. Eggy Curry In Shahi’s Style
  8. Egg Dosa
  9. Egg Sandwich With Dip
  10. Stuffed Egg

Egg Kurma

Nothing beats a hot and spicy serving of Egg Kurma with some rice. Practically, you can eat more than just rice with it like chapati, paratha, and even pulao if you would like. The Egg Kurma is originally derived from the recipes of South Indian tadkas and it is pretty obvious when you see it.

The Egg Kurma comes in a curry consistency and that is why it is a blend of a lot of spices and herbs that come along. Well, if you do not enjoy the hint of spice in your food, then you are missing out on some of the most fantastic cuisines on Earth. And of course, the Egg Kurma does fall on the spicier sides but nothing a person cannot handle.

Egg Biryani

If you have never tried a steaming plate of Biryani, you need to try this rice dish as soon as you find it in a good restaurant. Try it from a restaurant because mastering the art of making Biryani doesn’t come from the first time when you cook it. Hence, if you want to try the easiest one first, make the Egg Biryani for a good lunch.

Indians do enjoy egg Biryani but it doesn’t go as far as the love people have for various types of meat used in the Biryani. However, egg biryani does taste spectacular when you’re just learning how to make biryani in the best way. Plus, egg biryani also needs less preparation than meat ones so you can save some time.

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Egg Paratha

Egg paratha is a popular breakfast item in many parts of the world. It is essentially a flatbread made with whole wheat flour, which is then filled with a scrambled egg mixture and cooked on a griddle.

Eggs are an excellent source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, and also contain healthy fats. When combined with the whole wheat flour in the paratha, they make for a filling and nutritious meal.

However, it is important to use healthy cooking oils like olive oil or coconut oil and to consume the paratha in moderation. Overall, if made with whole wheat flour, eggs, and healthy cooking oils, egg paratha can be a nutritious and satisfying breakfast option

Masala Maggi With Egg

Maggie can be considered the national noodles of India knowing the fact that every Indian household has at least 2 to 3 packs lying around the kitchen every day. The 2-minute instant noodle is a sensation in itself and is the ultimate snack people love.

However, the deliciousness crosses a new height when mixed with eggs. If you have eaten egg with instant ramen noodles, the concept applied in masala Maggi is the same. You can use scrambled, fried, or even boiled eggs after you’re done cooking the noodles nicely. You are more than welcome to eat this Maggi at any time of the day whether it’s lunch or midnight cravings.

Egg Curry

Indian egg curry introduces your taste buds to an explosion of new spices and tastes. Egg curries are very delicious and you can experiment with what ingredients you would like to infuse in the gravy. However, the most important thing is to fry the skin of the hard-boiled eggs to get some crispiness.

Egg curry is especially eaten during lunch or dinner, served either with rice or my sort of flatbread. Because it doesn’t take much to prepare the curry, you are left with some extra time to cook the aid dishes or make the chapatis to your liking. However, make sure you use the right spices to get the best out of the curry.

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Egg Bonda

The egg bonda is a favorite snack, especially loved by the people of South India. This egg pakoda originates from Tamil Nadu, where it is also called by the name of Muttai Bonda. This dish is very addictive and goes amazing with any sort of chutney or a cup of milk tea on the side.

Looking at the nutritional value of egg bonda, you might think it is especially unhealthy as it is heavily deep-fried. However, the only part that gets deep-fried is the thick coating of the bonda, keeping the egg skin of the hard-boiled eggs mostly untouched. Hence, a little bit of fried food on the weekends won’t punch your gut that badly if you just eat moderately.

Eggy Curry In Shahi’s Style

We already discussed egg curry, but this one right here is the one with a shahi tadka. Shahi also means “royal”, which elaborates why shahi curries look and taste so much more appealing than a regular curry dish. The shahi egg curry follows a simple rule of cooking a thick gravy with aromatics, herbs, and spices that makes the curry so flavorful.

For shahi egg curry, you will require a lot of cashews and cream to get that smooth texture that goes great with parathas. Additionally, you can also add some cardamom and curry leaves to accentuate the aroma of the curry while it cooks. Just do not go on to use any lime as it curds the cream.

Egg Dosa

If you are into South Indian cuisine, then you must love all sorts of dosas served all over the country. There’s cheese dosa, masala dosa, paneer dosa, and the list goes on and on. However, have you ever tried fresh dosas with egg filling?

If you haven’t tried egg disa at all, then it’s your queue to make it in the safety of your kitchen. Just make a batter using rice flour and place it over a flat pan and flatten it out. Then put a potato mixture along with some soft scrambled eggs and wrap the ends like a wrap. There you will have your hot egg dosa made in a matter of a few minutes.

Egg Sandwich With Dip

In India, people are obsessed with egg toast and it’s pretty much considered an egg sandwich at this point. You don’t need too much with this recipe because it only calls for an egg or two, two slices of bread, and a dipping sauce of choice. Just pour a tablespoon of oil into a flat pan, add two beaten eggs, and the slices of bread, and fold the other bread on top.

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Stuffed Egg

Stuffed eggs are more on the fancier side of Indian egg dishes with more preparation but nothing too difficult. You just eat a bunch of hard-boiled eggs with their yolks made into a creamy texture like cake frosting. Hence, the stuffed egg recipe is fancy but it is not that difficult to prepare it.

Apart from the eggs, make sure you use a clean frosting tube to pipe the creamy yolk precisely without failing the presentation. Or, if you order from a restaurant, then make sure to sprinkle some chili flakes on top for more flavor. And you’re pretty much ready to devout the tasty stuffed eggs without breaking a sweat.

List Of Other Indian Egg Recipes

Listed above were some of the most talked about Indian egg dishes enjoyed by common folks. However, the list never really ends because here are a few more recipes to fill your stomach. Look up the perfect instructions.

  • Egg Manchurian
  • Dim-er Kalia or Bengali-Style Egg Curry
  • Egg Makhani
  • Masala Omelette
  • Egg Curry in Goan Style
  • Egg Roll
  • Nargisi Kofta

FAQ On Mouth Watering Indian Egg Recipes You Must Try

1. Is egg a staple in Indian Cooking?

India is a country where people will get the most out of regular ingredients used in the kitchen. Eggs are one of those powerful foods that people enjoy eating in various ways.

2. How to digest eggs easily?

The best way to digest an egg starts with how you eat it. In case you are eating boiled eggs, make sure you cut into quarters and halves and crew each piece slowly. That way it is easier to digest the food.

3. How to cook eggs most healthily?

Hard-boiled eggs with a green salad are one of the healthiest egg recipes out there. Other than that, you can use scrambled eggs with sandwiches too.

4. What herbs taste best with eggs?

Tarragon and basil are the best-tasting herbs when put on eggs. You also use seasonings like chili flakes and pepper to enhance the taste.

In A Nutshell

Indian egg recipes stay superior to all other egg recipes in the world, given the ingredients used. These egg recipes are tasty, filling, and wholesome all together. However, the best recipes don’t end here. If you liked this article, we are sure you’ll love it more from us. Visit canfoodgobad.com to see more.

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