15+ Avocado Toast Recipes That You Should Not Miss – Try Best Avocado Toast Breakfast Ideas To Adore

Avocado Toast Recipes: If you hadn’t already known, most food recipes that are easy to make are quite trendy in the world of social media. Now, the most common breakfast deal breaker has become the avocado toast recipe. Every day there are one or more recipes that are conventionally way better than the other.

To be more apparent, one might think all avocado toasts taste similar and even look like simple, regular toast. But a good avocado toast goes way beyond just toasting bread and making a fruity spread. Here, we are listing some of the best avocado toast recipes we found from recent trends.

Avocado Toast Recipes

Top 10 Avocado Toast Recipes To Try

Avocado is great for your morning diet as it contains lots of antioxidants. Avocado toasts are good in taste and can be extremely filling. Written below are some great avocado toast recipes that will spice up your breakfast routine. They are quick to make, delicious, and healthy for your gut and mind. You just have a look at them and try one the next morning to surprise your people and make them feel full all day.

  1. Avocado Sandwich With Tomatoes
  2. Avocado Toast For Weekdays
  3. Crispy Pancetta Crumbles With Avocado Toast
  4. Avocado Toast With A Egg
  5. Avocado Toast with Balsamic Vinegar
  6. Blue Cheese & Asparagus Avocado Toast
  7. Vegan Avocado Toast
  8. Caprese Avocado Toast
  9. Mango & Powdered Chili Avocado Toast
  10. Roasted Garlic Avocado Toast

Avocado Sandwich With Tomatoes

If you haven’t already understood, this avocado sandwich is just a small recipe with hardly three ingredients. Essentially, you will only need bread, one whole avocado, and six slices of tomato. Additionally, you could also add some toppings like chilly flakes, cheese, or sauce, that is totally up to you.

Tomatoes are essentially good for getting vitamins and antioxidants, hence a wholesome addition to your breakfast. Overall, the nutritional benefit of this recipe is pretty high, and is a good balance of proteins and carbs. So, if you’re someone who’s health conscious, then this recipe will work fine for you.

Avocado Toast For Weekdays

For most working adults, preparing meals during weekdays is like a disaster or a headache of sorts. It is impossible to do 9 to 5 and still have enough energy to plant out all three meals throughout the day. But we are here to solve that problem and the weekday avocado recipe does just that.

During the summers, one might like light breakfasts and the avocado toasts fit into that category. All you have to do is toast both sides of the bread and spread the avocado paste on top of it. You can add some toppings on top of it for a burst of taste, like chili flakes, oregano, truffle salt, etc.

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Crispy Pancetta Crumbles With Avocado Toast

Heard of a gourmet recipe and the deliciousness of avocado mixed together? Well, this avocado toast recipe calls for a fancy breakfast with sprinkles of crumbled crispy pancetta and a poached egg on top of the toast to bring out a flowy yolk for the crisp bread. Before you get intimidated, you should try the recipe out to add anything to your liking.

The ingredients included are high in protein and antioxidants, hence great for pre-workout meals. You can also enjoy it as a quick snack or an easy lunch for your daily work life. The entire recipe will hardly take you fifteen minutes, mostly sizzling the pancetta on the pan over medium heat and toasting each side of the bread.

Avocado Toast With A Egg

In the lifestyle of today’s generation, wanting a good meal with a good amount of protein content is pretty essential. Especially if you work out or hit the gym regularly, you might want that kind of nutritional food. This is why avocado toasts with eggs makes up for that protein-packed healthy breakfast with a few steps only.

The ingredients needed for this avocado toast are also minimum because you will only require three things. First, toast your bread and mash the avocado flash with any sort of seasoning you like. Following that, you can either fry the egg or poach the egg if you want and put it on top.

Avocado Toast with Balsamic Vinegar

Before you start to think about how balsamic vinegar and avocado could ever be a good idea, you have to read this. Balsamic glaze over avocado taste can increase the input of fatty acids in your body as that is a good input of healthy stuff. Moreover, it is going to taste much more different and unique from regular avocado toast.

The recipe for this balsamic glazed avocado toast is also pretty simple because you will have to follow pretty much the same thing you follow with plain avocado toast. The only addition here is that while the bread is toasted you will glaze some of the balsamic vinegar on one side and then add your avocado. Probably the simplest recipe that we put out in this article till now.

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Blue Cheese & Asparagus Avocado Toast

If something good came out of the quarantine was this amazing recipe of blue cheese and asparagus avocado toast. While most of us don’t prefer blue cheese daily, this recipe sure does wonders in changing the thought. A perfect balance of fiber, protein, and healthy fats is what makes this avocado toast a great meal pack for our body.

Remember to toast the slices of bread in butter along with some fresh asparagus so that it can soften. After that, mash an avocado and spread it over the bread like a jam spread. Then place the seared asparagus horizontally on the bread along with a sprinkle of blue cheese.

Vegan Avocado Toast

The idea of vegan avocado sounds strangely refreshing because you can already imagine the number of herbs one can add to it. For this recipe, you will require some honey and herbs of your choice and just add them to the mashed avocado paste. We recommend eating this on days you will literally because this toast is so lightweight.

Caprese Avocado Toast

Of course, we wouldn’t want to stick to one kind of simple recipe that is basic. The Caprese version of avocado toast is much fancier than the ones you will make regularly. However, the Caprese toast is going to take some time to prepare since there will be more ingredients.

You might never want to go back to pizza once you taste a Caprese avocado toast. The addition of mozzarella and other toppings just makes the toast taste like heaven.

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Mango & Powdered Chili Avocado Toast

One of the evergreen summer seasonal fruits is mango and adding it to your toast just makes it so much better. The tanginess of the toast will be great after you add some paprika to the toast. This toast recipe is good for an evening snack when you want to enjoy some tangy food while watching your favorite show or movie.

Roasted Garlic Avocado Toast

As a society, the way we highly appreciate garlic bread only gives up more rights to accept roasted garlic avocado toast. The recipe of this toast only calls for whole roasted garlic and everything will be as it is. Forget going to Domino’s every day to eat garlic bread and make some roasted garlic avocado toast instead.

Make sure you toast only one side of the bread and add the roasted garlic paste on the other side. Then add a few slices of avocado and everything is done.

List Of Other Tasty Avocado Toast Recipes

We got you some of the greatest and trending avocado toast recipes. Most of the recipes are definitely going to fit your taste. Just in case you want more, here is a list of additional recipes of avocado toast for breakfast:

  •  Avocado Toast With Nachos
  •  Avocado Toast With Olive Oil & Ricotta Cheese
  •  Peppery Avocado Toast
  •  Avocado Toast With Orange Basil
  •  Peach Avocado Toast With Whipped Feta
  •  Bacon Avocado Toast With Bacon

How to Make the Best Avocado Toast?

Avocados blend perfectly with different flavors. However, if you do not want to put much effort and still eat the best avocado toast, you can simply rub a spread of garlic on the sliced bread. Once you put the avocado on the bread do not forget to top it with a pinch of sea salt.

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Bonus Tips on Avocado Toast

Let’s discuss some suggestions for improving the flavor of your avocado toast dish.

  • Herbs can be an excellent choice to make avocado toast. Therefore, you can use leafy herbs like cilantro or even parsley.
  • Your recipe for avocado toast would benefit much if you add eggs to it. Depending on what your preference is, you can use them either scrambled or poached.
  • For an excellent flavor, you can also choose to spread raw garlic on toast and add avocado on top.
  • Avocado toast can be enhanced with hot sauces, pickled onions, and jalapenos.

FAQs On Tasty Avocado Toast Recipe Ideas

1. Is it healthy to eat Avocado Toast? 

Avocados are exceptionally healthy and filling as they contain healthy fats and antioxidants. Once grouped with high-fiber bread, the combination becomes a lot more wholesome and filled with nutrients. Hence, avocado is a healthy and easy option for all types of meals.

2. Which bread is best for making Avocado Toast? 

If you want the most out of your sandwich or toast, you can go for whole-grain bread with high fiber. One might get flour bread as it is cheaper, but the fiber in brown bread is good for our gut health. Hence, brown bread with high fiber is the best kind of bread for avocado toast.

3. Is butter toast a better option than Avocado Toast? 

Whether you want butter toast or avocado toast solely depends on your choice of taste. Some days, you might prefer to eat butter toast and some days you might not want it. However, if we see the nutritional value, avocado toast definitely takes the win.

In A Nutshell

Avocado toast recipes are some of the best kinds of toast that you will find in a world full of plain breakfast recipes. Not only do these fruits add extra nutrition to the toast but make the food more wholesome and delicious. So, in case you have nothing interesting to make in the morning or for snacks, you can pick out any of the recipes mentioned above.

There are thousands of recipes one can come up with for avocados and toasted bread, and this article only has a pinch of that. Also, if this article interests you then you might want to see more. If you want great recipes, visit the canfoodgobad.com website and get the best of great ingredients.

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