18 Breakfast Wraps Recipes That Must Be Tried Once In Life

Breakfast Wraps: Whenever we think of creative yet easy-to-make breakfast options, breakfast burritos or wraps pop into our heads. Why? Because they allow us to alter and customize the recipes as much as we want while we incorporate healthy and yummy stuff into their filling. Moreover, you can experiment with several types of tortillas such as wheat-based ones or simply corn ones. However, there is a very high chance that you will feel bogged down by the complexity of the recipes of some of these breakfast wraps.

That’s why, in this article, we will tell you about some fun and scrumptious breakfast wrap recipes that you can try this season.

Breakfast Wraps Recipes

Yummy 18 Breakfast Wraps Recipes

Now that you have gathered all the basic ingredients that one might need for preparing a yummy breakfast wrap, it is time that you take inspiration from a few recipes and come up with something new on your own. To help you out there, we have listed a couple of fun breakfast wrap recipes:

Scrambled Egg and Bacon Wrap

If you are looking for a perfect breakfast wrap, then this scrambled egg and bacon wrap is what you need. As the name suggests, just grab a flour tortilla that has been cooked crisply and add scrambled eggs and crispy bacon to it.

Moreover, you can top it up with shredded cheddar cheese, green leaves, and sauces of your choice. Enjoy it warm so that the cheese melts well.

Spinach and Feta Wrap

Looking for a vegetarian breakfast wrap? No worries, we got you covered. This spinach and feta wrap is perfect as it is rich in antioxidants and calcium due to the presence of spinach and cheese respectively.

For a healthier twist, you can switch the flour tortilla with a wheat tortilla as it will obtain a high amount of fiber. You may also add your favorite veggies such as potatoes, and mixed greens, along with sauces and onions.

Breakfast Burrito

Here comes the most infamous breakfast wrap, also known as the breakfast burrito. It comprises scrambled eggs and chorizo sausages that fulfill your protein needs for a day, followed by fiber-rich black beans and chopped avocados. You may also garnish this filling with some salsa sauce along with spicy condiments.

Veggie Breakfast Wrap

If you are looking for more vegan options, then a veggie breakfast wrap can serve that purpose. Although you may add any veggie of your choice, we recommend that you inculcate sweet potatoes, be it roasted or fried, baked mushrooms, and some peppers, onions, and scrambled eggs.

To make this veggie wrap, even more, healthier, you may use spinach-based tortillas rather than flour ones.

Turkey Sausage and Cheese Wrap

This is another type of sausage and cheese breakfast wrap, known as turkey sausage and cheddar cheese wrap. As the name suggests, source these ingredients and add scrambled eggs, crunchy onions, and sauces. Lastly, wrap all this mixture in a flour tortilla that has been air fried preferably.

Greek Yogurt and Fruit Wrap

If you are looking for a more fruity twist to your typical breakfast wrap, then you may try this Greek yogurt and fruit wrap. As the name suggests, you must fill in freshly chopped fruits like strawberries and bananas in a spoonful of Greek yogurt. For a more crunchy taste, you can add granola to the whole wheat tortilla wraps.

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Wrap

If you would rather try a wrap for lunch, then you can substitute veggies for meat in the filling. That’s why this bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast wrap can be a good pick. Just mix minced meat along with scrambled eggs and some shredded cheddar cheese. Now wrap up this filling in a flour tortilla.

Chicken and Avocado Wrap

For all those gym people who would love to grab a quick yet healthy snack, this chicken and avocado wrap is a decent choice. All you need is some grilled chicken breast along with squashed avocado, freshly chopped spinach leaves, and some shredded cheddar cheese. Try going for a whole wheat tortilla only.

Peanut Butter and Banana Wrap

Here comes another energy-rich breakfast wrap for gym goers who are always looking for ways to munch on healthy stuff. Just grab a cup of sliced bananas, add a tbsp of peanut butter and wrap this up in a whole wheat tortilla for 100% health benefits.

Breakfast Quesadilla

Is it possible that we talk about wraps and burritos but not mention quesadillas? Obviously, no. Surprisingly, you can also prepare breakfast quesadillas by adding scrambled eggs, black beans, mixed veggies, and some spinach leaves.

Top up this mixture with shredded cheddar cheese and then grill this mixture between two flour tortillas until it turns crispy.

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Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Wrap

Want to try a seafood version of typical breakfast wraps? We got you covered. You must try this smoked salmon and cream cheese wrap that includes smoked salmon, some cream cheese, a cup of sliced cucumbers, and some condiments that can be wrapped in a flour tortilla.

Make sure that your salmon is fresh as stale one can contain a few worms.

Ham and Cheese Wrap

Similar to sausage and chicken-based breakfast wraps, you can also try preparing the burrito filling with minced ham along with some grated cheddar cheese. Feel free to add soy sauce and some exotic condiments such as oregano and chili flakes. This filling can be served in warm whole wheat tortillas.

Breakfast Taco

Now comes the time for the traditional breakfast wrap. This burrito can be prepared by batching together scrambled eggs, some diced tomatoes, sliced avocados, and some cilantro. Make sure that you wrap up this mixture in corn tortillas only.

Breakfast BLT Wrap

This breakfast BLT wrap only requires crispy bacon, freshly chopped lettuce, and some sliced tomatoes. Moreover, you may also add scrambled eggs to the burrito filling and place the whole mixture in a flour tortilla. Just make sure that you heat the wrap only to an optimum amount so that the lettuce doesn’t burn up.

Ranchero Breakfast Wrap

If you are looking for a perfect snack to serve to your guests at this upcoming party, then a Ranchero breakfast wrap can be a good option. All you need are some scrambled eggs along with black beans, mixed greens, salsa sauce, and a cup of sliced jalapenos.

When the mixture is baked and cooked well, just place it in flour tortillas and serve warm.

Tofu and Veggie Wrap

If you are looking for a vegetarian substitute for meat-based breakfast wraps so that you can fulfill your daily protein requirements, then you must try this tofu and veggie wrap. On one hand, tofu is rich in protein while veggies are a major source of antioxidants and fiber.

Just saute some tofu and roast some veggies along with freshly chopped spinach leaves. Now, wrap all this mixture in a whole wheat tortilla.

Nutella and Banana Wrap

This breakfast wrap contains as much energy as a whole meal, thereby making it a favorite snack for pre-workout sessions. Just cover your whole wheat tortilla in Nutella, add some slices of banana, and top up with chopped hazelnuts and almonds. It will be a perfect breakfast wrap to increase your dry fruit intake, and that too with yummy Nutella flavor.

Breakfast Pizza Wrap

What if we told you that you can combine your pizza with a healthy breakfast wrap and come up with something totally different yet yummy? Well, we are not kidding as breakfast pizza wrap is exactly what you need.

Just batch together some scrambled eggs, minced bacon, diced tomatoes, and shredded mozzarella cheese. Now wrap this tasty mixture in flour tortillas and bake until it becomes crispy.

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FAQs on Breakfast Wraps

1. What are breakfast wraps made of?

Generally speaking, breakfast wraps are made up of flour-based tortillas along with a yummy mixture of veggies, sauces, condiments, and some type of minced meat. Also, you may alter the recipes as per your choice as they are super flexible.

2. What is a breakfast wrap called?

A breakfast wrap is also called a breakfast burrito because it is basically a roll of tortilla that contains your desired filling. This filling can be made by mixing minced meat, chopped veggies, sauces, condiments, etc. It is a healthy snack that is a must-try.

3. Is wrap a bread?

Technically, yes! The wrap is indeed bread as it contains flour-based tortillas that are used to hold the burrito filling. Although you can try any type of wrap, we recommend you try wheat-based ones only as they are healthier.

Final Thoughts

Breakfast wraps aka burritos are the much-loved foods that are prepared both in households and big fast food chains alike. Not only can you customize their recipes as per your taste, but also make them healthier so that you feel full after a meal. For health purposes, we suggest that you use wheat-based tortillas along with baked veggies for all your breakfast wraps.

Even scrambled eggs and sausages are good choices. Now what are you waiting for? Try out these recipes and let us know whether you liked them or not! Also, keep checking out the website for more such fun and interesting articles like Breakfast Tacos and about your favorite food items.

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