10+ Best Simple Sweet & Quick AIP Breakfast Ideas To Start Your Morning Healthy

AIP Breakfast Ideas: AIP stands for Autoimmune Protocol diet in which a person is only allowed to have whole foods and eliminate dairy, grains, soy, etc. This diet plan is pretty complex given that it cuts out so much from a regular food platter like eggs, milk, nuts, etc. However, there are lots of options you can try in the meanwhile and see if the diet turns out to be good for you.

One must remember that while following an AIP diet, one has to avoid using processed items the most. The goal here is to protect your body from getting prone to a huge number of autoimmune diseases. Here, we will mention some awesome AIP Breakfast meals that will help you get through the tough diet.

AIP Breakfast Ideas

Top 10 Easy AIP Breakfast Ideas That Are Both Healthy And Tasty

Switching to an AIP diet is a great way to stay healthy all your life. If you do not want to suffer from chronic inflammation or joint pains, this is the best way to start. Written below are some of the most talked-about breakfast recipes people consume while following an AIP diet.

These foods can help in preventing autoimmune reactions and improve your overall health. Read the following ideas on AIP Diet Breakfast Recipes:

  1. Avocado Toast With Sweet Potato & Cilantro Mayonnaise
  2. Healing Porridge AIP Breakfast
  3. Bacon & Kale With Hashed Sweet Potato
  4. Apple Chicken Sausage
  5. Coconut Porridge With Pumpkin Spice
  6. Banana Pancakes Breakfast
  7. Sweet Potato Bowl AIP Breakfast
  8. Beef Sausage For Breakfast
  9. AIP Granola Breakfast
  10. Sausage in American Style

Avocado Toast With Sweet Potato & Cilantro Mayonnaise

It can be extremely difficult to replace your breakfast with something other than toast or anything with bread. Well, let’s not cry about toast and bring in a more crispy version of leafy avocado toast. This recipe is just as great as your regular avocado toast but with a more crisp flavor.

There are a few things that you will require such as sweet potato and eggless mayonnaise. If you want to be a little fancier then you can add a few slices of onions, a sprinkle of cilantro, turmeric, ginger, and sea salt. This is purely a baking recipe, so you’ll need the oven and preheat for a few minutes and enjoy the crispy sweet potato avocado toast. Also, you can check other avocado toast recipes by this link.

Healing Porridge AIP Breakfast

One thing about AIP is that it works great on inflammation and cools your body enough to work properly. Hence, if you have some gut issues and inflammation there are great recipes to boost up your body again. And that is exactly this healing porridge for breakfast that cures your immune system.

You must be curious that how can one make porridge without using any sort of seeds. Well, while making this AIP porridge, you can use seeds if your stomach can tolerate the sudden intake if you’re already on an AIP diet. However, to replace the seeds, you can use grated coconut and ginger according to your taste.

Bacon & Kale With Hashed Sweet Potato

Bacon can simply make any breakfast ten times more interesting and appealing just in case you’re tired of all the veggies. Moreover, an important thing about breakfast is infusing the most nutrients possible into the meal. For that, we are going to use some fresh kale leaves for fiber, bacon for protein, and sweet potato for anti-oxidants.

Since you can’t use processed oil, the leftover grease from the pan can help saute the sweet potato and kale for a bit. As long as you can use the right amount of seasonings in the sauteed dish, your AIP breakfast is good to go. You can also use this recipe for a pre-workout salad by adding some more veggies too.

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Apple Chicken Sausage

Apple chicken sausage might sound like an odd combination of food when put in a literal sense. But, as we have mentioned earlier, the varied range of breakfast items induced in an AIP diet goes beyond the ordinary taste of everyday food. We can assure you that this homemade apple sausage will make you forget store-bought sausage.

Seasoning is the best part of these app sausages with a subtle sweetness of apple in the tender meat. You want to make sure to use healthy fat when searing the sausages and serving them for breakfast. It depends on your presence and what oil you would like for the sausages.

Coconut Porridge With Pumpkin Spice

In busy mornings, you might get a rushed craving for sweets or dessert without any proper account of the reason. Since we are following AIP, we can’t exactly jump into eating a gallon of sweetened tea or coffee, or even dessert for that fact. Hence, we will choose the easy and healthy option for this particular time and see how a coconut porridge goes.

Pumpkin spice flavor is a favorite among a lot of people and the addition of coconut only makes things a lot better. Just a reminder, that this porridge will not have the same texture or taste as that of a regular porridge made out of oats. Coconut flakes are a lot more soft and smooth than oats but we are tricky avoiding any seeds in this porridge.

Banana Pancakes Breakfast

One of the most favorite things to eat for breakfast is some good and got pancakes with a drizzle of maple syrup to top it off. However, in AIP diets we will try to avoid nuts, dairy, and eggs at all costs. Hence, the banana pancake is here to save the day by not depriving you of some classic pancakes in the morning.

Also, we have got to keep this gluten-free, so you need to avoid all-purpose flour at all times. Instead, go for cassava flour, and do not worry, the texture will turn out fluffy and soft. All in all, an AIP diet doesn’t limit your options at all.

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Sweet Potato Bowl AIP Breakfast

A filling bowl of a certain fruity smoothie boosts our body for an entire day of work, hectic schedules, etc. However, the trick here is to add zero dairy and regular sugar for taste and preference. Well, you will be blown from the sweet potato bowl recipe if you want a filling breakfast.

In case you are having awful gut health for the day, this sweet potato bowl helps to improve your digestion very well. In addition to that, you can add a slice of banana and blueberries to improve taste and add protein.

Beef Sausage For Breakfast

Sausages are great options for AIP breakfast as it is very simple to store them in the refrigerator or freezer. Even with paleo beef sausages, you can make a lot of them and store them for a few upcoming breakfasts. The best part is that it doesn’t even take much to make the recipe and garnish it well.

You can use a bunch of herbs and spices to add to the taste of a rather bland sausage. However, you can add whatever spices that fit your preference and make it up to your choice of garnishes. Hence, do not slip on this rather easy breakfast while you’re still at it.

AIP Granola Breakfast

Granola is probably the most effective and easier way to stick to an easy AIP breakfast because it is so available. In addition to that, you can add so many toppings and ingredients that fit your taste and liking. Hence, you might as well just go for this gluten-free granola bowl or bar.

You also get an open way to get more out of the granola bowl by adding unseeded raisins, berries, etc. The good thing is you can consume natural sugar and not add extra calories by eliminating regular sugar. Hence, if you don’t find a good AIP breakfast idea, you can always consume some granola.

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Sausage in American Style

The additional sausage recipes mentioned here are pretty apt for the American way. You can still use your preferred choice of protein and get an even taste from it. Just do not forget that you can’t use any refined fat to sear these meat chunks.

List Of Other Quick Autoimmune Protocol AIP Breakfasts To Try

While we have listed most of the AIP-friendly breakfast ideas in the past passages, here are some extra Autoimmune Protocol breakfast ideas you can try out. You can look up these simple recipes.

  • Raisin Bran Cereal For Breakfast
  • Pumpkin Waffles For Breakfast
  • Tropical Turmeric Smoothie
  • Casserole With Kale & Beef
  • Creamy Green & Peach Smoothie
  • Creamy Pork Soup AIP Breakfast
  • Eggless Bowl of Smoked Salmon

FAQs On Delicious AIP Diet Breakfast Ideas | Autoimmune Protocol Breakfast Recipes

1. Do you need to follow an AIP diet forever?

It is not a necessity to follow AIP diets by any means. However, if you’re someone who suffers from immunity sensitivity from time to time, then it is a great option. However, there are still other ways to boost your immune system.

2. How to understand if an AIP diet is working? 

If your AIP diet is working, you suffer from less bloating and gas. Additionally, you will find changes in your bowel movements for good and generate less acid reflux.

3. Is it possible to cheat days when following the AIP diet? 

AIP cheat days are better termed as AIP treats. It is understandable to have AIP treats every once in a while. However, with practice, your body might react to some food differently.

4. What happens when you break the AIP diet?

In the long term, one’s body could start reacting differently to certain foods like milk, eggs, oil, etc. However, there isn’t any significant drawback once you break an AIP diet.

In A Nutshell

AIP diets are a complex but refreshing way to regenerate your health and immune system. Hence, our AIP breakfast ideas should be of great help if you’re following an AIP diet. While we are at a conclusion, don’t forget to check out more articles like Autoimmune Protocol Diet Breakfast Recipe Ideas from this website and bookmark it for the latest updates on healthy food recipes.

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