15+ Nutmeg Recipes Indian with Surprising Touch of Warm and Sweet Flavour

Nutmeg Recipes: Nutmeg is an exceptional spice that is popular due to its sweet, warm, and little spicy flavors. This spice is used for both savory and sweet dishes. If you want to add a special touch to your dessert recipes or some savory dishes, a pinch of nutmeg will definitely add a significant kick to them.

There are spices that overpower other spices in a dish; however, with nutmeg, you can be sure of balance. This spice accompanies other spices really well in a dish. In this article, we will highlight some of the amazing nutmeg recipe ideas for your ease of cooking.

So, scroll below to check on the variety of breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipes where you can deliberately use nutmeg to add an extra touch of flavor.

Nutmeg Recipes

10 Best Sweet & Savory Nutmeg Recipes To Try For Breakfast or Brunch

Nutmeg can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. Therefore, we will be splitting up the section into two different parts for nutmeg-infused recipes. We hope these recipes with nutmeg will make you shock with their amazing taste and texture.

Nutmeg Dessert Recipes For Toddlers

First of all, let us check on the sweet nutmeg recipes that can get much love from your babies as a snack. Try one after the other in their summer and winter holidays.

Nutmeg Sweet Pudding

If you are tired of the taste of regular pudding made with milk, fruits, cornstarch, and sugar, then add nutmeg to it to bring out a different touch to it. The nutmeg can be used in case you do not have vanilla essence at hand.

The nutmeg helps in binding all the other ingredients in the pudding recipe really well. Get the aromatic richness of the nutmeg in your pudding and serve it on special occasions. Try out adding nutmeg to sweet puddings and you will experience a new taste of warmness.

Nutmeg Bread

Are you bored of having the same plain flavor bread for your breakfast? If yes, we are here for a twisting recipe that can altogether change the taste of your regular bread. Bread with nutmeg addition enhances brain function due to its antioxidant properties in it.

Moreover, the addition of nutmeg to the bread changes the warmness of the natural sweetness of the bread. When you make bread with your own hands, you can control the portion of nutmeg you need in the dough. This is a boon as compared to nutmeg-added bread you buy from the market.

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Apple Pie with Nutmeg-pinch

Apple pie recipe with nutmeg is one of the most chosen recipes by individuals. This recipe is as similar to regular apple pie. However, the addition of ground nutmeg in the pie changes the complete taste of the recipe and makes it different from regular apple pies.

Take some fresh apples and make your favorite filling and when you are done with the baking, add a pinch of nutmeg on top and serve hot. There can be nothing more delicious than a hot piece of apple pie served with nutmeg on top of the crust. Both apples and nutmeg are great for health benefits.

Nutmeg and Nuts Cake

Instead of baking the same nut cake recipes for all special occasions, you can make customized nutmeg cakes. Simply adding nutmeg to the cake will enhance the taste. After adding all the regular cake ingredients, you can add a good spoonful of nutmeg powder to the batter before baking.

Mix it well so that every piece of your cake smells aromatic and tastes warm due to the nutmeg addition. Enjoy the deliciousness of the nuts and nutmeg-added cake anytime.

Nutmeg-touch Hot Chocolate

On a winter day, a cup of hot chocolate while enjoying the ripples of rain is all you want on a lazy day. We have a special tip for you to make your hot chocolate taste better. Add a quarter-spoon of nutmeg spice to your hot chocolate and mix it well.

Now, you can try out this special recipe. The bitterness of chocolate will be balanced well with the warmth and sweetness of the nutmeg. Once you try out having nutmeg hot chocolate, we are sure you are never gonna have regular hot chocolate.

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Nutmeg Savoury Recipe Ideas

If you wanted to use nutmeg in spicy dishes then the list of a few savory recipes with nutmeg spice is explained below. Have a look at them:

Nutmeg and Chicken Soup

Nutmeg can also be used in savory dishes. It goes well with meat and other spices used in a recipe. Here, we will talk about the usage of nutmeg in chicken soup. Just a pinch of ground nutmeg in the chicken soup is enough to bind the flavors of other spices in the soup. Have this during winter and you will love the warmness of nutmeg in the soup.

The addition of nutmeg in the chicken soup is also helpful in curing health problems like cold and fever. It stimulates the blood flow in the body and helps in fighting viruses. You can use the ground nutmeg as garnish as well as choose to add it to the soup while it’s cooking.

Nutmeg-added Stews

Just like sweet dishes, nutmeg is known for adding extra flavors to savory dishes. You can add nutmeg to any regular stew that you are preparing. It will combine and hold all other ingredients that you have used in the stew.

Simply make sure that the portion of nutmeg added to the stew is of reasonable quality because adding more will impact the flavors of other ingredients in the stew.

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Pasta with Nutmeg

Are you looking out for a different flavor in your pasta recipe? Yes, adding a pinch of nutmeg will end your search. The creamy sauce of pasta really goes well with the addition of nutmeg. You can prepare your pasta recipes with the regular ingredients you want and then choose to add your ground nutmeg spice.

Pastas are made of refined flour and can hamper your diet when taken in large portions. However, to balance the diet, add nutmeg, which contains nutritional as well as relieving properties.

Nutmeg-added Savoury Pies

Nutmeg goes well with any sort of savory pie you cook. This nutmeg adds warmth to the crust of the pie when you add it as garnish. The addition of nutmeg in the pie filling is also remarkable for taste.

The fragrance of the nutmeg in the pie enhances the taste and texture. For savory nutmeg pies, you can either choose to have chicken in the filling or vegetables. Nutmeg being a versatile ingredient will enhance the taste of both.

Nutmeg-added Ribs

We all love to have ribs that are covered in spices and soft in texture. The addition of nutmeg in the spice mixture for ribs to barbeque helps in making the process more effective.

The warmth of nutmeg helps in making the meat around the ribs cook well and also binds the spices on the top layer well making the ribs juicy. The sweetness of the nutmeg compliments the smokiness and spiciness of the other sauces in the BBQ process.

List of Other Nutmeg Recipes That Enhances Taste In Indian Food

Apart from the above-listed recipes that you can prepare from nutmeg, both sweet and savory, you can also take note of the recipes listed below. If you want us to provide you with the detailed recipes of the list below, please feel free to comment below.

  • Nutmeg Muffins
  • Nutmeg Banana Cake
  • Coconut Curry with Nutmeg
  • Nutmeg Chocolate Cookies
  • Nutmeg Yogurt Bowl
  • Strawberry Shake with Nutmeg
  • Nutmeg Cinnamon Rolls

Tips to Use Nutmeg Spice in Indian Recipes

Now, let us understand some of the remarkable tips for the usage of nutmeg in recipes. The fragrance and warmth of nutmeg can at times overpower other spices if you add more. So, let us take note of how to use nutmeg properly to get balanced flavors.

The use of fresh nutmeg is the best choice to make for its addition to recipes. The fragrance and taste of the fresh nutmeg are enhanced. Now that you will be using fresh nutmeg make sure that you add a very little portion in the recipes. It is because the fragrance of fresh nutmeg is elevated and you need not use much of the nutmeg.

Use nutmeg, especially with baking recipes because the warmth of nutmeg really goes well with sweet items. It also makes the baking items flaky and tender from the inside.

When you store nutmeg for further usage, make sure you are using freezer-friendly packages. The airtight containers are best for storing the ground nutmeg because they do not allow extra air to pass through.

Advantages of Using Nutmeg in Recipes

Nutmeg comes with numerous health benefits, which will be described below. Take a look.

  • First of all, the warmth and sweetness of nutmeg add all together a new dimension to the flavors of a dish. It brings out the depth of flavors of a dish by complementing all other spices and ingredients.
  • You can be carefree about digestion once you use nutmeg powder for recipes because it is scientifically proven that nutmeg helps in making a good digestion process.
  • The versatility is the key component of nutmeg because it accompanies both sweet and savory dishes that are unique of its kind.
  • The aromatic touch of nutmeg is helpful in relieving stress.
  • Ground nutmeg can be stored for a maximum of 4 to 6 months in an airtight container, and if you keep it as a whole and want to store it, it will last for 2 years which is a long time.
  • These benefits are part of the reasons why people choose to use nutmeg as a popular spice for recipes.

FAQs on Healthy Nutmeg Recipes For Breakfast or Any Meal

1. Is it possible to replace nutmeg with cinnamon?

Both nutmeg and cinnamon have warmth in their flavors. However, these spices cannot be substituted because the amount of cinnamon you use in a recipe differs in terms of nutmeg. Moreover, the ratio of fragrance and flavors also differs.

2. What foods taste good with nutmeg?

Nutmeg has a little sweet taste and it goes great with some foods like curries, pasta, sauces, stewed or baked fruits, veggies, custards, and eggnog.

3. Can you use nutmeg for drinks?

Most popularly, nutmeg is used for drinks like coffee and tea which adds warmness. The warmth and sweet flavor of nutmeg help in reducing the sugar content in tea and coffee.

Final Words

This nutmeg recipes article defines all the aspects of nutmeg usage. Through this article, you can easily prepare some different taste and texture recipes adding a distinct touch to your regular recipes. You can try out above listed breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner recipes with nutmeg easily.

In case you think there is any other recipe that needs to be added to the list, feel free to send your suggestions to us. To know How Long Does Nutmeg Last? Bookmark our official website.

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