15+ Malted Milk Recipes For Dessert Lovers – Check The Collection Of Recipes Using Malted Milk Balls

Malted Milk Recipes: Are you a dessert lover & don’t care about calories and fat food? Then this guide on malted milk powder recipes would be your favorite ones to count. If you are excited to know what it is and how to prepare a dish with malted milk then this article is the best one for you all.

Without wasting a single minute we would like to go through with the mouthwatering and lip-smacking malted milk recipe ideas that blow your mind with malt flavors like sweet, acidic, nutty, toasty, or roasted grain sugar.

Malted Milk Recipes

What Is Malted Milk Made Of?

Malted milk is a liquid type of food that is made with a malt powder made up of some cereals such as mainly barley, wheat, oats, rice, etc. When this powder is mixed with milk then it is known as malted milk. You can use this malted milk to prepare yummy dessert recipes which we have explained in this guide.

Here Is The 7 Amazing Collection Of Malted Milk Recipes List

Malted milk was initially in the 19th century marketed as a nutritional food and is known most commonly for its taste. In the 20th century, this malted milk powder is leaving its yummiest taste impression across the world in many varieties of dishes like malted milk icecreams, milkshakes, drinks, desserts, biscuits, candies, etc. Below is a list of trendy and old-fashioned malted milk recipe ideas that you can add to your meal list.

  1. Vanilla Malted Milk Cake
  2. Brown Butter Shortbread Cookies
  3. Jamie Oliver’s Malt Custard and Jam Tart
  4. Easy Malted Waffles
  5. Homemade Chipwiches
  6. Malted Chocolate Ganache Tart
  7. Malted Milk Blondies with Malted Milk Frosting

Vanilla Malted Milk Cake

When you love subtle flavors in your dessert and want to make it with minimal ingredients then this version of malted milk cake with vanilla is the best option. From kids to grandparents, Vanilla ice cream or vanilla-flavored baked or normal desserts would be the go-to food as it holds the rich & best taste. When we replace malted milk instead of milk in the cake, it adds power to the flavor.

The cherry on the cake can happen when you skip the whole milk and add coconut milk to your recipe, it gives super moisture to the malted milk cake. At last, super unique vanilla malted milk tastes great and fresh, when you leave it for a day then the flavors will enhance more and blows your mind with incredible flavor.

Brown Butter Shortbread Cookies

For extraordinary flavor to your cookies, adding malted milk powder is the safest and smartest way. To enhance the flavors of brown butter shortbread cookies, malted milk is the super ingredient. It gives a moist, tender, and chewy texture to your cookies. The texture will remain constant for weeks when they get stored in an airtight container so you can even prepare in bulk amount at a time.

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Jamie Oliver’s Malt Custard and Jam Tart

This malted milk dessert recipe is not a normal dessert its a mouthwatering and a way to see heaven in imagination. We seriously suggest you all make this sweet slice of buttery-flavored pastry with malted milk. Adding a few main items like double cream, raspberry jam and many other are such a cherry on top feeling. Hence, try the malt custard and jam tart recipe by checking out the process in our next guides.

Easy Malted Waffles

If you are looking for the quickest and yummiest waffle recipe for your next evening cravings then this malted waffle is the only better option. As it can be prepared very deliciously in less time compared with other varieties of waffles.

The texture of these malted waffles is the same as normal waffles such as soft fluffy and crusty. Malted Milk Waffles is a very versatile recipe as it can be served with different fillings and toppings like chocolate, Nutella, berries, cream, etc.

Homemade Chipwiches

Craving Original Ice cream sandwiches but not going to happen then this homemade chipwiches with malted milk powder recipe would make your day with the same taste and texture. By adding malted milk powder, your cookies part turns tastier after freezing.

Contained ingredients like brown sugar and nutmeg will enhance the aroma and maintain the cookie’s tasty and soft texture at frozen temperatures. Have this recipe when it’s frozen for better texture and taste. Overall, it cut down the craving for ice cream sandwiches and stamps the unique flavor which comes with malted milk.

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Malted Chocolate Ganache Tart

Are you looking for a healthy version of tart with malt flavor? This Malted Chocolate Ganache Tart is the perfect recipe as it is simple to make without any baking. It is a great snack food in your summer holidays. The malt flavor will out come from the cookie which has edible oatmeal. Yes, that’s the main useful point for all healthy lifestyle foodies.

This oatmeal cookie dough crust has a nutty flavor of malt and earthiness of oats thus works great. The last part is making a rich and hot chocolate ganache for all chocolate lovers. Ta-da! Malted chocolate ganache tart is ready to fill your stomach with healthy & tasty food.

Malted Milk Blondies with Malted Milk Frosting

Do you want to have chocolate chip cookies without chocolate? Blondies are the one to try as they are sweet, buttery, and classic chocolatey in taste. To level up the taste of classic blondies, add malted milk powder for a nutty and toasty flavor. The frosting with malted milk is even better and delicious.

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List of Super Delicious Malted Milk Balls Recipe Ideas

One of the tastiest candies among all others in America is Malted Milk Balls. Now, these malt balls have gone crazy over the world so we have come up with the best and easy recipes with malted milk balls. The following malt balls recipe names will amaze and attract you to prepare in no time for better enjoyment:

  • Malted Milk Balls Cookies with chocolate chips
  • Malted milk ball rice krispie treats
  • Chocolate Malted Milk Balls
  • Malted milk ball bunny brittle
  • Malted Milk Bark
  • Whoppers Malted milk ball blondies
  • Malted milk ball chocolate pie
  • Malt ball Fudge
  • Malted milk ball cake

Best Collection of Recipes Using Malted Milk Biscuits

Malted Milk Biscuits are sweet and crumbly in nature. They taste super delicious with a cup of chia or tea. Hence, we suggest everyone bake biscuits with malted barley once in a while irrespective of calories count. The recipes that you can try with the help of malted milk biscuits are as follows:

  • Malted Milk Biscuits Cake
  • Malted Milk Biscuit Halwa
  • No Bake Malted Milk Biscuit Cake
  • Pudding with malted biscuits
  • Malted Milk Biscuits Rocky Road

List of Carnation Malted Milk Powder Recipes

Guys who love to include malted milk in their desserts can also try out these malted milk recipes carnation. As they are so yummy and easy to make in your busy schedule. So make sure to prepare any of the carnation-malted recipes and live the moment in a sweet mood. Here are a few dishes’ names made with malt.

  • Proper Malted Milk Biscuits
  • Daddy’s Malted Milkshake/ Chocolate Malted Milkshake
  • Custard Filled Bread with Malted butter
  • Malted Milk Chocolate Cocoa Mix
  • Malted Vanilla Milkshake

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FAQs On Malted Milk Powder, Baking Recipes For All Age Groups

1. Is malted milk tasty?

The flavor of roasted, toasty, earthy, lightly sweet & bready with a bit of creaminess from milk blows the taste buds when it goes in the correct type of dishes.

2. What can you use malted milk for?

You can use this versatile malted milk in various ways as mentioned below:

  • Make malted milk whipped cream by adding some powder into the cream and use it as a topping on pies or sundaes.
  • For delicate, more profound sweetness in your hot chocolate or coffee, add a tsp of malted milk and give it a nice stir before enjoying.
  • Use the malt powder in creme anglaise and enjoy it with cakes, muffins, puddings, or fruit desserts.
  • If you love to have popcorn with sweet/savory flavor, add a pinch of malted milk and toss it well with popcorn.

3. What flavors go with malted milk?

Some sweet-flavored ingredients like vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, etc. can pair well with malt flavor.

4. What is the disadvantage of malt and milk?

Malted milk is high in fat, sugar, and calorie so it is not suggestable for dietary persons especially who are on their way to losing weight.


We must admit that the above variety of dishes with malted milk definitely wins brownie points. Also, hoping that our guide on malted milk recipes helped you so much to prepare unique and tasty food for your loved ones. For more such flavored, traditional, or modern recipes for your breakfast or any other meals do visit our website @canfoodgobad.com or bookmark it

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