Mouth-Watering & Crispy Banana Waffles Recipe – Tips on How To Make Banana Waffles?

Banana Waffles: Banana waffles are one of the most popular breakfast recipes that every individual loves to prepare and enjoy. You can give a healthy start to your day with some amazing banana waffles. Banana waffles are healthy because they will keep your tummy full for a longer time along with providing you with a good source of energy.

In this article, we will highlight some of the significant pointers related to banana waffles. Along with it, you can check out the complete process for making banana waffles at home.

Banana Waffles

Everything You Need To Know About Making Banana Waffles?

Making banana waffles isn’t rocket science. If you are already accustomed to making regular plain waffles for breakfast, making banana waffles is simple and easy as well. Making banana waffles will hardly take 30 minutes and you will be ready with some amazing waffles to enjoy in the morning.

The best kind of banana that you can use for making waffles is ripened bananas. Most of the time, we can observe that our bananas are ripe because you have bought a few extras for the week. So, by the end of the week, you can use these bananas to make delicious waffles.

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List of Ingredients for Making Banana Waffles?

The list for preparing banana waffles does not include any extraordinary items. The list is similar to a regular waffles recipe. However, the prime component of banana waffles is the banana.

To make a banana waffle for your toddler or for your guests to serve as a sweet dish, the ingredients you need are listed below:

  • Ripped Bananas are the best
  • Cup of Whole Wheat Flour (If you wish to use refined flour, that will also do)
  • Baking Powder
  • Salt
  • Milk (As per your requirement)
  • Sugar (You can substitute with honey and maple syrup)
  • Eggs
  • Cooking Oil (Refined)
  • Ground Cinnamon
  • Nuts (optional)

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Procedure to Prepare Banana Waffles

Now that you are well aware of the list of ingredients that you need to prepare banana waffles, check out the complete process as well. You need to make sure that the steps below are followed properly in order to get the best outputs.

  • The first step towards preparing banana waffles is to preheat the waffle maker.
  • You need to go through the manual that comes along with the waffle maker. In case you know things well, you can preheat the maker.
  • Now, take the bananas and make sure that they are ripened well. The count of bananas completely depends on the number of heads you are making waffles for.
  • Mash the ripened bananas well before mixing them with other ingredients.
  • Now, in a different glass bowl, add eggs, vegetable oil, baking powder, a pinch of salt, sugar, and cinnamon, and mix them well for a whole.
  • Slowly add the flour in three portions and stir well.
  • Add the milk to bring a proper consistency to the batter.
  • Now, add the bananas, and you can also put some nuts in them for an extra touch.
  • Spray a little amount of vegetable oil on the marker, or you can also choose to spray some melted butter to enhance the taste.
  • But, if you are diet conscious, then you can choose to use olive oil.
  • Put the batter in the maker and cover, and roll it well for some minutes.
  • Your banana waffle is ready to serve with maple syrup or ice cream on top. Hot and sweet banana waffles as your mood booster.

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Tips & Tricks To Make Banana Waffles

Even though the complete process and ingredients for making banana waffles are described above in the article, you still need to know some of the tips that can help you make perfect banana waffles. Check out the below points:

Use ripe bananas: Make sure you use ripe bananas for making banana waffles. The ripened bananas are easy to mash and help other ingredients in the recipe to bind together. The ripened bananas come with natural sugar content which helps you to reduce the level of sugar added to your waffles.

Do not overmix: While mixing the ingredients in the batter, do it gently. Rather than mixing the mashed bananas completely in the batter, simply give it a stir. The air bubbles in the batter will help the waffles to be fluffy and tender from the inside. Overmixing the batter for banana waffles will make the waffles thick and hard after cooking.

Keep the batter to rest for a while: After making the batter and mixing all the ingredients gently, keep it aside for a few minutes to rest. It will help the waffles to be crisp from the outside and fluffy from the inside. However, make sure you keep it in the fridge for resting because that will prevent the batter from causing any bacterial growth.

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Advantages of Using Bananas in Waffles

Let us check out some of the significant benefits of having banana waffles below:

  • Bananas are full of nutritional values like minerals, vitamins, and potassium.
  • When you have bananas in the morning for breakfast you are making sure that you are filling yourself with nutritional values.
  • Also, it gives instant energy and makes your stomach full the whole day.
  • By using ripened bananas, people who are weak can gain and maintain their weight.

FAQs on Banana Waffles for Baby

1. What shall you consider a banana waffle—dessert or snack?

Banana waffles could be considered both a snack as well a dessert. You can have this recipe for breakfast, you can also have it during evening tea or coffee, and post-dinner as dessert. This recipe is versatile.

2. How to make tender banana waffles that are crispy from the outside? 

You need to be sure that the banana waffles are not cooked for a long time. This tip will help you to maintain the texture you want. Moreover, the batter of the banana waffle should not be mixed completely.

3. Is it possible to freeze banana waffles?

Yes, it is possible to freeze them. For freezing banana waffles you can keep them cool down for a while after cooking. Once the cooling process is done, you need an airtight freezer-friendly bag for storing. You can enjoy frozen banana waffles for three months.

Key Takeaways

This article hence proves to be a complete guide for you if you want to have banana waffles. Banana waffles are healthy as compared to regular plain waffles you eat as a snack or for breakfast.

The article highlights the significance of having banana waffles and also the complete process of preparing banana waffles. If you need to know about other recipes like Banana Breakfast Recipes, bookmark our official website.

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