Can Soda Go Bad If Opened? – A Guide to Determining If Soda Can Expire? – Is It Safe to Drink Expired Soda?

Can Soda Go Bad If It Gets Hot? Can You Drink Expired Soda?: Love soft drinks? If you have over stock of soda bottles, then the first thing that comes into your mind is can soda go bad?

You may also ask yourself how long soda lasts if not refrigerated, what the signs of spoilage are, and whether is it okay to consume expired soda or storage precautions. Read this complete page to obtain the answers to all your questions.

can soda go bad

Can Soda Go Bad? How To Tell If Soft Drinks Are Bad?

No, soda doesn’t go bad. Soda is a non-perishable drink that will last for many days. These soft drinks lose their flavor and fizz if not stored safely for a longer time. Carbonated drinks don’t have an expiry date but have best-by date on the label which means you need to finish the glass before the date.

You can drink the soda after the best-by date but the quality will change over time. The following are the 4 tips to tell if soda has spoiled.


If your old soda smells perfect and does not find any color change, then take a sip to check its quality and freshness. If it is not used for a longer time, then it can lose its crispy taste. If you get any different or bad taste, then your soda loses its quality.


When you open a fresh soda bottle, it will make a “tss” sound which indicates the drink’s freshness. So, if your bottle doesn’t produce a “tss” sound, then your drink has gone flat. It is safe to drink without fizz and bubbles less soda, but you can’t enjoy its taste.


Pour the soda into a transparent clean glass and observe the changes. If you notice the color change, then discard the drink.

Condition of the Bottle

It is better to destroy carbonated drinks if the bottle can show signs of leaking, rusting, or denting.

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How To Store Soda?

The best storage process is useful to extend the soda shelf life. By following these simple storage tips, you can prevent your drink from getting flat.

Seal It

After using your soda, seal the bottle tightly. You can seal the cans using aluminum foil to avoid flat drinks. Also, place in the fridge until the next use.

Store Away From Heat

Carbonated drinks do not go with warm or high temperatures. So it is best to store the soda bottles or cans in the fridge. High temperatures can lead to gas escape and leaving soda flat. The chilled soda has a better amount of gas dissolved in the liquid, thus helping to retain fizz. It is better to store soda either in a cool and dry pantry or in the fridge.

Pour into Small Bottles

Once the soda can is opened, it is advised to transfer the fluid into the smaller bottles and seal them tightly. Majorly it reduces the amount of gas leaving the fluid. Put those smaller bottles in the refrigerator to retain their quality and fizzy for a longer period.

Squeeze It

Squeeze the soda bottle while you are putting on the cap. The process of reducing the volume of space in the opened bottle can slow down the gas escape from the bottle. Thus, the fizz will stay for more time.

Place it Upside Down

Keep your opened soda bottle perkier for longer by storing it upside down in the fridge. When you open the bottle cap, gas rushes to the top so that you can hear tss sound.

How Long Does Soda Last?

Every soda bottle has a best-by date on its label. The meaning of best by is that the drink should be consumed before that date to experience premium quality. But it doesn’t mean it will spoil after that date. Soft drinks and soda will last for at least a few months after the expiry date when they are unopened.

Once the bottle is opened, it is better to complete the whole as soon as possible. You can store the opened bottles in the fridge quickly. The opened soda will last for one day in the pantry and 2 to 4 days in the fridge.

Pantry Fridge
Unopened soda 6-9 months 6-9 months
Opened soda 1 day 2-4 days

soda shelf life

Interesting Facts About Soda

The surprising facts that you don’t know about soda are listed here:

  • Soft drinks such as soda are called soft as they don’t have alcohol in them.
  • The first flavored soda drinks appeared in Europe in the second half of the 17th century.
  • The process of carbonation is popular not only for drinks with specific recipes but also for enriching the flavor of ordinary water.
  • Soda can bump up bad cholesterol.
  • Coca-Cola is the largest manufacturer of carbonated soda drinks in the world.
  • Soda may increase your risk of stroke and blood pressure.
  • It may lead to diabetes.
  • It creates belly fat.

FAQs on Does Soda Go Bad After Opened?

1. Can expired soda make you sick?

No, expired soda will not make you sick. Sodas are not perishable even after the date on the label.

2. Does soda go bad if you don’t open it?

No, unopened soda doesn’t go bad. You can use the unopened soda one year after the use by date.

3. Can soda go bad if it gets hot?

Yes, soda goes bad if it gets hot. The high temperatures can cause to the gas escape from the bottle making the soda flat.

4. Can frozen soda go bad?

Yes, frozen soda goes bad. The frozen soda will not be carbonated when it thaws. It mainly loses fizzy. Under pressure, some gas will re-dissolve.

5. Is soda non perishable?

Yes, soda is nonperishable but opened soda eventually decreases the carbonation and flavor.

Key Upshots

We hope the info shared here regarding Can Soda Go Bad has shed some light on you. Make sure to follow the guidelines and storage tips explained above in order to enjoy your Soda fresh for a long time.

If you have any other questions related to carbonated drink soda and its Shelf Life ask us through the comment section. Keep connected to know more info related to Can Apple Juice Go Bad and all in a matter of seconds.

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