Can Apple Juice Go Bad in the Fridge? – Check Apple Juice Shelf Life & Spoilage Signs

Can Apple Juice Go Bad?: Are you a person who stands on the page of having fresh juices rather than drinks or alcohol? If yes, then you will buy apple juices every time while grocery shopping right!! Wondering can apple juice go bad after opening? How long does it take for apple juice to go bad? What happens if you drink fermented apple juice? For better clarification on all these questions about apple juice storage, we have done ample research and answered them in the below modules. Look at them and get clarity on each of your doubts.

Can Apple Juice Go Bad

Can Apple Juice Go Bad?

Yes, apple juice can go bad in case it is left out for too long. There are various types of apple juices available in the market like refrigerated store-bought apple juice, fresh apple juice, homemade apple juice, and unrefrigerated bottled apple juice.

If you are being careless about the left-out food items, it will surely go bad. So be careful with food items, juices, beverages, and others to maintain good shelf life. For more details on how does apple juice go bad? Scroll down the page and check out the other modules too.

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Can Apple Juice Go Bad

How Long Does Apple Juice Last? | Apple Juice Shelf Life 2022

The shelf life of apple juice varies from one type to another also it depends on how you have been stored. You can see various options to store the apple juice like a pantry cabinet or fridge or cooking floor. If you take the fresh juice type then they last for seven days in the fridge past the given date of expiry. It is very important to check the spoilage signs before enjoying any juices or drinks.

Apple juice which is pasteurized will last for a long time on your shelf. But once it has opened, store in the freezer and complete within ten days span. If you have the boxed or sealed bottle of apple juice which is stored in cool and dark places can last for 2-3 months last the stamped expiration date. Explore all types of apple juice shelf life from the below table and start storing in the right way to enhance the life of your apple juice.

Conditions Pantry Fridge
Sold Apple juice & unrefrigerated (opened) 2 – 3 weeks
Apple juice sold refrigerated (opened) 7 – 10 days
Sold Apple juice & unrefrigerated (unopened) Best by + 3 – 6 months
Apple juice sold refrigerated (unopened) Use-by + 3 – 5 days
Homemade apple juice 3 – 5 days

Apple Juice Shelf Life

Signs of Spoilage | How Can You Tell if Apple Juice is Bad?

One of the best natural sweet and refreshing drinks is apple juice which is extracted from fresh apples of various kinds. There are some evident signs so that you can tell whether the apple juice is bad or not. The following points will help you know whether the juice is close to spoilage or not:

  • Basically, the fermentation sign is the primary sign when it gets spoiled.
  • It can be known by checking the smell of the juice whether it seems like sour or wine or beer then no doubt it gets started to ferment so avoid consuming.
  • One more basic spoilage sign is color change and mold. If you find any of the indications among these just discard the juice.
  • Consume the apple juice before passing the expiry date. If the opened or unopened bottle is sitting in your fridge or shelf then should get rid of it.
  • Some apple juices contain gas inside. If the gas sound is not produced when you open the cap then it seems to be a spoilage indication.

Can Freezing Apple Juice Possible?

Yes, apple juice can freeze as it contains high sugar content. For better shelf life of apple juice, the trick to follow is to freeze the juice into ice cream molds and enjoy the evenings or at pass times. Also, these frozen apple juice cubes help you make your smoothies so delicious.

You have to freeze the juice in a big container so that it prevents it from exploding. You can store the frozen apple juice for upto a year but it should consume within a couple of days after defrosting.

FAQs on Does Apple Juice Go Bad?

1. Can drinking old apple juice make you sick?

Yes, drinking old apple juice causes stomachaches and diarrhea as per the food and drug administration report. When it comes to consuming an improperly pasteurized juice also makes you and your children sick.

2. Does unopened apple juice go bad in the fridge?

No, unopened apple juices don’t go bad in the fridge for about 1 week past the package date. But it should remain in the refrigerator continuously.

3. What happens if you drink fermented apple juice?

If the apple juice is fermented that means the cider is undergoing fermentation. It doesn’t harm you but it tastes like vinegar and is somewhat alcoholic.

Key Takeaways

Now, you can know what to do and how to store the apple juice by referring to this ultimate & informative guide on Can Apple Juice Go Bad? Send this guide to all apple juice lovers and make them enjoy their drink in a proper & healthy way. If you need other food and beverage content like can it go bad or how to store or spoilage signs or shelf life just visit our site or comment to us below.

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