Can Kombucha Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?: Storage Tips, Shelf Life

Can Kombucha Go Bad If It Gets Warm?: Cleaning is the time when you have to find different food products in your fridge that you didn’t know were there. Like a kombucha bottle sitting in the refrigerator from a long back and reaching the best by date. Can kombucha go bad?

If you have bought a bottle of kombucha and used half of it and kept the remaining in the fridge, then you may get a question what is the shelf life of kombucha? Here you can get useful information such as how to tell if kombucha is bad, tips to store kombucha, and can you freeze kombucha.

can kombucha go bad

Can Kombucha Go Bad? How To Tell If Kombucha Is Bad?

Yes, kombucha goes bad after a specific time. Kombucha is a fermented product so it has acidity which doesn’t spoil it easily. If you do not store it properly, then kombucha spoil.

We all know that kombucha is a sweet drink that is served cold due to its health benefits. The taste of the kombucha drink is sweet.

Over the period, few qualities of the drink change and in some cases, you might want to discard it or use it for other purposes. The signs of spoilage of kombucha drink are given here.

If you can see any mold forming near the cap or inside the bottle, throw the liquid outside. Any floaties and strands are living cultures in the bottle and their presence is perfectly normal. Check the smell and taste of the beverage, if you feel any bad odor or weird taste, then don’t consume it.

Can Kombucha Go Bad

How To Store Kombucha?

Every unopened or opened kombucha bottle should be stored safely to extend its lifespan. Just follow the storage instructions provided on the bottle label by the manufacturers. As it is different for various unopened bottles.

Every unopened or opened kombucha bottle should be stored safely to extend its lifespan. Just follow the storage instructions provided on the bottle label by the manufacturers. As it is different for various unopened bottles.

Few of them suggest storing the unopened kombucha bottles at room temperature in the pantry. While others prefer to store it in the fridge. If you leave the kombucha in the pantry for 2 or more days, it will not turn vinegary immediately, but the quality may last.

It is best to place the opened kombucha bottles in the refrigerator. The low temperature keeps the fermentation in check so it doesn’t turn acidic too fastly. While storing it is mandatory to tightly seal the bottle so that the liquid will not escape.

It is not recommended to store the kombucha bottles in the freezer. As it will kill living creatures in the drink.

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How Long Does Kombucha Last?

Kombucha beverage stays good for a couple of months based on the brand you are using. Most bottles retain flavor for a few weeks after the expiration date. Basically, kombucha will last for up to 6 months. The expiry date on the bottle label denotes how long can kombucha be unrefrigerated. The fermentation process is ongoing in kombucha just like yogurt. So, it should be refrigerated once opened.

Sometimes, you can find kombucha fresh at room temperature, but you have to store it in the fridge. The refrigerator will retain the flavor for several months after the best-by date. Finally, opened kombucha will last for 1 week, unopened kombucha lasts about 2 to 3 months, and homemade kombucha will last for 1 to 3 months in the fridge.

Commercially-bottled kombucha (unopened) Date on the label + 2 – 3 months
Commercially-bottled kombucha (opened) 1 week
Homemade kombucha 1 -3 months

shelf life of kombucha

Can You Freeze Kombucha?

No, you can’t freeze kombucha. But you are allowed to refrigerate the kombucha bottles. Low temperatures will kill the living creatures and destroy the drink’s consistency and make it unusable.

Interesting Facts About Kombucha

The surprising facts about Kombucha are provided here:

  • Kombucha is easy to make.
  • Humans have been drinking Kombucha for over 2,000 years.
  • It contains 0.5% of its volume in alcohol
  • Kombucha can be a healthy alternative to soft drinks.
  • You can eat your kombucha.
  • Kombucha contains probiotics that can support gut health.
  • An average serving of kombucha usually only has a total of 30 calories.
  • Its sodium and protein content is virtually nonexistent.

FAQs on Does Kombucha Go Bad

1. What happens if you drink bad kombucha?

Kombucha is safe to drink even after the expiration date. But the bad kombucha drink can cause health issues like stomach problems, vomiting, and so on.

2. How long does kombucha last in the fridge?

The opened kombucha will last for 1 week in the fridge. And unopened store-bought kombucha will last for 2 to 3 months in the refrigerator.

3. Does kombucha go bad if it gets warm?

By leaving the kombucha bottle at room temperature, the fermentation process goes on continuously and makes your drink too sour.

4. Can you get food poisoning from kombucha?

Kombucha has been reported cause some side effects like yeast infections, yellow skin, stomach problems, nausea, allergic reaction, vomiting and death.

In a Nutshell

We believe that the info shared here regarding Can KOmbucha Go Bad has been beneficial to you. Follow the simple measures presented here to increase the shelf life of the drink. For any other queries do let us know via comment box and we will resolve them at the earliest.

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