Can Brown Rice Go Bad? – How Long Does Brown Rice Last? – Shelf Life & Storage Tips

Can Brown Rice Go Bad?: Brown rice is a healthy alternative to normal white rice. These days as everyone became health conscious most of us are using brown rice. But many of us think that, like white rice, brown rice also has an indefinite shelf life. So, we do not get the questions like, can brown rice go bad? Will it have a shelf life?. If you do not store the brown rice properly, the rice can go bad, and we have the shelf life for brown rice.

Brown rice is less processed rice compared to white rice so it will retain more nutrients. That is the major benefit of the diet that is why everyone prefers to eat it. If you want to know the answers to all the questions that are raised in your mind, right now. Check out the complete information that we have provided in the article about brown rice. Start reading the article!!

Can Brown Rice Go Bad

Can Brown Rice Go Bad?

Yes, brown rice can go bad after completion of its shelf life as it has an oil content in the bran that has been polished in the white rice. Look at the table to know the shelf life of both cooked and uncooked brown rice.

Brown Rice Fridge Pantry Freezer
Uncooked “Best by” + 6 months “Best by” + 3 months “Best by” + 12 months
Cooked 4 – 6 days Not Recommended 4 – 6 months

Brown rice is having less shelf life because it does not go for milling and polishing. Over time the oil starts to rancidify and cause the rice to taste sour.

Shelf Life of Brown Rice

Signs of Spoilage

Knowing whether your brown rice has gone bad can be so simple. Brown rice mostly goes bad with improper storage. Here we are going to provide some of the symptoms to check whether the rice has gone bad or not. Look into the ways that are given below.

Microbial Growth

If you see any signs like mold or other bacterial growth on either uncooked or cooked rice, just throw them away. Mostly, uncooked rice will get mold or bacteria when the rice absorbs the moisture that comes from outside. Whereas cooked rice get mold if it is left for too long.

Change in Texture

This sign mostly you can see for cooked rice. If you keep it for too long it will become hard and dry depending on the coarseness, and also it will go bad and start to get slimy and slippery.

Can Brown Rice Go Bad

Sour Smell

This sign will be seen in uncooked and cooked rice. Because if you store the rice for too long, that rice will get rancid which gives you a sour odor. If you find any unpleasant odor from cooked and uncooked rice, then throw it away as it is spoiled.

Insect Activity

Most of us will see pantry bugs, in the uncooked rice, especially when the rice is not stored properly. If you see any insects in the rice you can add egg clusters in the rice. But if you see many bugs in and out it is better to throw the rice.

Signs of Spoilage

Tips For Storing Brown Rice

Proper storage of rice and grains allows you to keep a long-term food supply and it retains its quality. Here we will see some ways to store the rice properly to use it for a long time.

Purchase Less Amount

As you already know that brown rice will not last long, buying the smaller packets can be fresh and you can avoid rancid, insects, and bacteria. And also we know that buying large size of bags can get cheaper compared to small packets, but we don’t know how long they have been there.

Use Air Tight Container for Storing

To keep the brown rice fresh use an air-tight container, so that oil will not meet with oxygen which is the main cause to go brown rice rancid. So, as soon as you bring the brown rice from the shop, unpack it and fill it in the air-tight container.

Store it in a Freezer

As if we bring the small packets of rice you can easily store them in the freezer. Storing them in the freezer will definitely increase the shelf life of the brown rice by up to two years. And it also prevents the growth of insects and mold. Cooked brown rice also can be stored in a tightly sealed container for up to six months.

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FAQs on Does Brown Rice Go Bad?

1. Is there any risk if we consume expired brown rice?

If you eat accidentally, for one-time rice which has gone rancid, there will be no issues with your health. But if you do it continuously that can have a negative effect on your health. You may get food poisoning which often leads to vomiting and diarrhea.

2. Does brown rice have a smell?

Yes, but fresh rice will have a different smell, whereas spoiled rice will have a different unpleasant smell.

3. Is brown rice supposed to be chewy?

Yes, perfectly cooked brown rice will result in plump, chewy little grains with loads of flavor and great texture.

Key Takeaways

Hope that the information that was given above on can brown rice go bad? is useful for you. Start storing your brown rice safely and increase the shelf life by using the methods that we have given. If you like to know about any other rice, oils, or sauces that can go bad and how to store reach out to us in the comment section below. We will try to add it to our website. Keep in touch with us by bookmarking our site and learn more useful information.

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