Krusteaz Waffles – Elevating Breakfast with Irresistible Flavors

Krusteaz Waffles: All the mothers out there are always worried about what to prepare when their child comes back from school and asking for something very yummy and sweet. Well, you always end up making the common recipe for your child and they just eat it for their namesake without any excitement or interest.

But, how to deal with this problem? Don’t worry, we’re here always to assist you with your problem and try to find a solution to that. Guess, What we’re gonna present today?

Waffles, the favorite recipe of every child not only fulfill his cravings but also raise excitement and interest while eating such delightful and scrumptious waffles, let’s try something unique “Krusteaz Waffles” which are very crunchy and sweet along with their specialties.

Krusteaz Waffles

How To Prepare Krusteaz Waffles?

You might have got a question about, How to prepare these exciting Krusteaz Waffles? Let’s have a glimpse of the required procedure to get amazing feedback from your kid and make him feel very energetic and happy!

Ingredients That You Need To Make Krusteaz Waffles

Below are the ingredients that are needed to make the Krusteaz waffles easily.

  • Krusteaz Waffle Mix: 2 cups
  • 1 and ½ cups of cold water
  • ½ cup of milk
  • ⅓  cup vegetable oil
  • Waffle maker
  • Mixing bowl
  • Whisk or fork

Preparation Process of Krusteaz Waffles Recipe

As promised we’re not leaving you alone here with just the ingredients. Let’s move out to the directions to prepare Krusteaz Waffles. So hang on tight and read this step-by-step procedure to make this dish:

  • Keep the Waffle iron for heating in advance so that you won’t waste much time heating it while you pour the mixture.
  • As far as the batter is concerned, it’s highly suggested to use a medium bowl and stirrer for combining the batter of Krusteaz Waffles mixture. Take Krusteaz Waffles mix, cold water, half a cup of milk, vegetable oil, or butter for extra smoothness.
  • Prepare the mixture of all the above-mentioned ingredients and end up making a great and well-risen batter of krusteaz waffles.
  • Keep it for a few minutes so that, it’ll not get so thick after cooking it on the waffle iron. Furthermore, pour the batter one by one into each waffle grid about ⅔ of each so that it doesn’t overflow after cooking.
  • After filling all the waffle grids, cover the lid and keep it cooking for around 5 minutes, although it totally depends on the type of waffle iron but ideally, it’ll take 4-5 minutes.
  • After that, align the baking sheet on the tray and carefully withdraw each waffle from the Waffle maker once they start looking golden and crispy along with the sizzling twist.
  • Hurray, you’re done with the preparation of such delectable and indulgent Krusteaz Waffles within just a time of 10 minutes from the beginning to the end.

Pros and Cons of Krusteaz Waffles

Generally, while analyzing any food recipe it’s always the right step to understand both sides of the food item. Hence, on account of that we’re here to give you a glimpse of both pros and cons related to these Krusteaz Waffles, then you can decide whether it’s a perfect option or not!!


Ease: While you are running out of time,  Krusteaz waffles can act as a one-stop solution to something which will take just a few minutes to prepare and serve it quickly with a great taste. You can easily toast or alternatively microwave them, and you’ll be able to have a delicious and hot breakfast in hand.

Variety: Everyone loves to try a variety of flavors in their snack, breakfast, or in brunch. Similarly, Krusteaz provides numerous options for selecting waffle flavors, including blueberry, chocolate chip, Belgian style, and many more. It’s not a big deal to roam around for the flavors.

Affordability: Despite the taste of waffles, everyone wants the affordable price of Krusteaz waffles, so that anyone can throw a small treat to their colleagues.

Versatility: You have multiple ways to consume these krusteaz waffles such as for breakfast, brunch, evening snacks, etc. On the other hand, these waffles can also be used as a base for cheese sandwiches, some kinds of pizzas, and many more. Hence, it’s highly suggested to prepare these krusteaz waffles in advance.


Nutritional value: Due to the addition of sweet ingredients which are considered high-calorie things to consume. Krusteaz waffles cannot be consumed as a healthy one, as they are high in calories, sugar, and carbs. We don’t really recommend this to eat in a weight loss diet, but you may try it as a cheat meal for sure!

Preservatives: Similar to the many packed food and beverages, Krusteaz Waffles mix also contains preservative elements to prolong their shelf life but they’re added in a small value which doesn’t make much difference, but for those who strictly don’t consume it, we don’t recommend them these waffle mix.

How To Preserve Krusteaz Waffles?

Once your kid starts loving these delectable Krusteaz Waffles, you need to prepare it every time they demand it but guess we’re here to give you a one-stop solution to this, but how? To prepare these Waffles ahead of time, yes you heard that right. Let’s go through the techniques used for the conservation of your kid’s favorite Krusteaz Waffles, follow the steps which are mentioned below:

  • Usually, it’s not advisable to directly keep these waffles for preservation, you’ll need to allow the krusteaz waffles to adjust their warmth at room temperature before storing them as it’ll keep them from becoming mushy.
  • Although Krusteaz Waffles can be stored in packed air-preventing containers for 2 days at room temperature only for keeping it for about half of the week, there’s no better option than placing the container in the refrigerator.
  • In the case of preserving these delectable Krusteaz Waffles for more than a month’s duration, then there’s a systematic technique of freezing them and keeping them secure within observing any chances of going stale.
  • Continue reading to understand that technique as well which is mentioned in the next part of this blog post which will surely give relief to your problem.

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How To Freeze Krusteaz Waffles?

As we’ve told you earlier that for longer-term storage, we’ve some techniques to freeze these Krusteaz Waffles with very simple logic and better benefits, we’ll make sure that you won’t notice any significant changes in the Krusteaz Waffles even after freezing it for 2-3 months, all you’ve to do is read out this part carefully….

Here’s the brief outline to freeze Krusteaz waffles in an efficient way using the steps which are mentioned as follows:

  • Similar to the preservation techniques, it’s vital to let the Krusteaz Waffles cool at room temperature completely to avoid minimal changes on the top.
  • Arrange all the Krusteaz Waffles on the parchment paper by keeping a proper gap between each other, to avoid sticking while freezing.
  • For making these waffles firm, there’s one super special technique which is to flash freeze the Krusteaz Waffles in the freezer, as it’ll decrease the chances of going stale even after a longer period.
  • Just after the flash freezing, wrap individual pieces of Krusteaz Waffles in cling film or aluminum foil to avoid exposure to the unhygienic air around the freezer.
  • Use ziplock freezer-safe bags for extra secure protection, eliminate the access air using a straw or hands, and seal it.
  • Once everything is done, allocate the safest place with no movement in the freezer and keep it for almost 2 months.

Best Topping Ideas For Krusteaz Waffles

For an interesting look at the Krusteaz Waffles, it’s very crucial to look upon some imaginative ideas to make these waffles look good and taste very good. There are countless topping ideas for Krusteaz waffles, but here are the top six pleasing and yummy options to try :

Fresh fruit: Every child hates eating fruits and tries to avoid them, but we’re here to give an amazing option which is to add the zest of these fruits on the top of Krusteaz Waffles to make it look exciting and yummy!

Whipped cream: Creamy layer of whipped cream bring water to the mouth and similarly your kid will love to have this creamy first bite to make his afternoon very special and will ask for more without any excuses.

Maple Syrup: How about making these Krusteaz Waffles sweeter? Without using sugar granules you can spread the layer of maple syrup over these special and surprising Krusteaz Waffles.

Peanut Butter and Jelly: Similarly, fruit jelly can also act as an idea to serve the nutritional values of fruits in the form of jellies, add your kid’s favorite jelly along with the crunchy and buttery peanut butter to make his mood extra great!

Ice Cream:  Ice Cream in summer is mainly loved by all, but adding a dollop of vanilla, butterscotch, and pista ice cream to these Krusteaz Waffles will elevate the cold taste with a very enchanting flavor.

Bacon and Eggs: For a nonvegetarian lover, adding the fried smoked bacon with the pairing of fluffy eggs can elevate the texture of such waffles and make them very nice to serve!

Tips To Follow For Making  Waffles

In the process of making anything very perfect and errorless it’s very important to consider some leads on the same, similarly here’s the secret for you too. We’re going to brief you about the top three tips to prepare perfect and beyond delicious Krusteaz Waffles, have a look at them in the below-outlined points.

  • Add the fat-based milk and butter for an extra creamy texture to these waffles which will make them so yummy and creamy, prefer adding vanilla extract for the blast of vanilla flavor in the Krusteaz Waffles.
  • Don’t be hurried while toasting the Krusteaz Waffles and let them toast for a proper time as it’ll keep them crisper. Don’t remove the slot very often as it’ll allow the unhygienic air to enter the toaster.
  • Kids love Chocolate and these Krusteaz Waffles are specially for those kids, so don’t miss out on adding cocoa powder along with some mini chocolate chips for an extra crunchy finish in them.
  • Fruit syrups can make these Krusteaz Waffles very nutritious and delicious as well, kids avoid eating fruits so you can easily add those syrups on these amazing Krusteaz Waffles.

FAQs on Krusteaz Waffles

1. Can you use a pancake mix for making Krusteaz Waffles?

Yes, Krusteaz Waffles can be prepared using the pancake mix as it has almost similar content of ingredients, difference is in the amount of ingredients as pancakes need a thick texture whereas waffles need a crunchy and light texture.

2. Are Krusteaz Waffles considered junk meals?

Most probably yes, Krusteaz Waffle mix has a lot of white flour and buttery addition, also we add numerous high-calorie components which results in making these waffles a junk meal yet you can have them occasionally to avoid your health hazards.

3. Which is vegan waffle mix available on e-commerce platforms?

As per our findings, the eggless Belgian Waffles original has a very amazing review which makes a vegan and wholesome option to enjoy along with the delicious taste.

In a Nutshell

Hopefully, we’ve covered every related question and point about the ” Krusteaz Waffles” which we’ve decided as a wholesome option to bring a blush to your kid’s face. For those who are looking for some more waffles using a variety of brands mix, don’t miss out to have a quick sneak on our website. We’ll be waiting for you to get the privilege of more such explanatory blog posts like Healthy Pancakes.

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