Jiffy Cornbread Pancakes: How To Make Jiffy Cornbread Pancakes With Perfect Storage

Jiffy Cornbread Pancakes: In the monsoon, most of the people who are living without their parents always crave something hot and fluffy to eat, right? While studying or working, something very delicious and hot can refresh your mood and make you ready to work again with full focus. Isn’t it a very delightful idea, which brings a smile to your face?

You’ll be amazed by the thing which we’re going to brief today! Let’s get started with the acknowledging and tasty to read and eat article about everyone’s favorite “Jiffy Cornbread Pancakes”. These pancakes are outstanding for a quick and simple treat any time of the day as they have a somewhat sweet and corny flavor, we’ll be also providing you with the ideas of toppings that make this recipe looks luxurious and tastes delicious! Keep reading and have fun…..

Jiffy Cornbread Pancakes

How To Prepare Healthy Jiffy Cornbread Pancakes?

As we’ve got some clues on “Jiffy Cornbread Pancakes” along with some of the special parameters but, the question may arise on how to do so. Here we’ll be explaining every minute briefing on the preparation of jiffy cornbread pancakes along with the required info needed to understand.

Ingredients Needed To Make Jiffy Cornbread Pancakes

Below we’re demonstrating a brief guide on the making of hot, fluffy, and soft jiffy cornbread pancakes with ingredients as well as instruction to prepare it, have a quick tour on the same:

  • Fully ripe mashed bananas as a sweetener
  • All-purpose flour around 1 quarter
  • Refined sugar is around three quarters
  • Baking soda half teaspoon
  • 3 whole eggs
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • Unsalted butter around half cup
  • Grounded cinnamon one teaspoon
  • Salt as per requirement
  • 1 cup of nuts, like pecans or walnuts
  • Vanilla extract is optional

Step By Step Process To Make the Best Jiffy Cornbread Pancakes

We hope you’ve got an insight into the various ingredients required to prepare the perfect jiffy cornbread. Further, it’s time to get familiar with the step-by-step procedure for making fluffy and tasty pancakes, follow me:

  • In a medium bowl, mix the all-purpose flour mix, egg, milk, vegetable oil, baking powder, and baking soda along with the ingredients listed above, and carry on mixing until it’s mixed well.
  • Keep the nonstick skillet or griddle pan over medium to high heat. Add a required amount of butter or cooking spray to the skillet.
  • Slowly add a 1/4 cup of pancake batter, pour the utmost three to four pancakes, and let it cool with proper flipping till all of them become golden brown.
  • Serve the fluffy and soft that is warmed with your favorite toppings, such as butter, maple syrup, or honey, and enjoy your delicious Jiffy cornbread pancakes for breakfast.

Tips To Follow For Making the Best Jiffy Cornbread Pancakes

To make anything extremely perfect, there are always some magical tips that intensify the preparation tactics as well as make the recipe more interesting and tastier. Similarly, Jiffy cornbread pancake preparation also needs such magical tips to take its taste beyond yummy!!. The following suggestion if obeyed properly will help you prepare the best and perfect jiffy Cornbread Pancakes, have a look at these magical tips:

  • Overmixing the batter of jiffy cornbread pancakes makes it denser and tougher after cooking, hence we highly suggest only mixing it till the bubbles are lil bit vanished!!
  • For a savory taste, you can also sprinkle some grated parsley or chives. It’ll look great as well as taste better!
  • In order to make jiffy cornbread pancakes crispier and crunchier we recommend you use a waffle iron which will improve its crisp quality better than a regular pan.
  • If you’re on a weight loss diet then we don’t recommend you add high-calorie ingredients such as refined sugar, butter, cheese, etc. All you can do is replace them with natural sweeteners or with healthy rice bran oil.

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How To Preserve Jiffy Cornbread Pancakes?

Preserving it is one of the important things to take care of. You should know how to store any food or drink. If you store anything wrong, the food will go to waste.

Jiffy cornbread pancakes can be stored by doing the following:

  • To initiate the preservation of these delicious jiffy cornbread pancakes, it’s very crucial to keep them on the countertop or in the pantry to adjust their warmth with the environment and ensure that the pancakes are thoroughly cooled.
  • When you’re planning to consume jiffy cornbread pancakes in the upcoming 3-4 days then you can simply wrap each pancake with cling film and align them all in the tray with proper arrangement.
  • Don’t forget to coat the layer of wax paper between each pancake, to avoid them from sticking. Just transfer all the pancakes to the zip lock bag, seal it, and refrigerate the bag for 3-4 days.
  • For those who don’t know when to use or want to preserve these pancakes for an unexpected guest, you may try freezing them and extending their shelf life easily.
  • Here, all you need to do is arrange all the jiffy cornbread pancakes on the tray with a similar wax coating between each pancake after cooling off for further deep information keep reading this blog post.

How To Freeze Jiffy Cornbread Pancakes?

To preserve jiffy cornbread pancakes for a longer period, you generally directly freeze them. But there are some principles and steps to follow to freeze the jiffy cornbread pancakes.

  • Once the Jiffy cornbread pancakes are cooked golden brown and ready to preserve, keep them for some time by which they’ll adjust their warmth with the surroundings and cool completely.
  • It’s time to go after the process of flash freezing, keep the tray in the freezer, and don’t withdraw the tray from the freezer until the jiffy cornbread pancakes are completely cooled and firm.
  • In the next step, go after the same procedure to wrap the pancakes which are mentioned while refrigerating. Ensure that pancakes do not stick together.
  • Use freezer-safe airtight containers or freezing bags and keep your partially frozen jiffy cornbread pancakes in the container or bag.
  • The usage of a vacuum sealer will assist in the sealing of a container or freezing bag, which will prevent air exposure and freezer burn.
  • In the end, set the lowest temperature of the freezer and keep the container for 3-4 months without observing any notable change.

Best Topping Ideas For Jiffy Cornbread Pancakes

Jiffy cornbread pancakes are a wonderful and convenient breakfast choice, and you can add any kind of topping to make them even more delicious. Here are just a few concepts on the same:

Honey and butter: To minimize the calorie content in the pancakes, you can use honey as a sweetening agent as well as toppings to make it more sweet and taste delicious! To bring the soft and tasty flavor to these Jiffy Cornbread Pancakes, drizzle some melted butter to make it interesting and yummy!

Cheese and bacon: Bacon and cheese both add a protein-rich component to these pancakes, hence it can also be topped with mozzarella, cheddar, and various kinds of cheese and fresh fried bacon.

Blueberries: In hot summer, everyone seeks something juicy and tangy in most of the recipes and Jiffy Cornbread pancakes the topping of frozen blueberries can add a delicious blast of tanginess which is highly recommended by us!

Heavy cream: Heavy cream on any kind of pancake makes it a hundred times better to taste and adds a creamy texture to these Jiffy Cornbread pancakes as well!

Choco Chips: Mini choco chips are all it takes to intensify the chocolate blast in these jiffy cornbread pancakes, it tastes, even more, yummier with the toppings of chocolate chips!!

Dry Fruits and Nutmeg: Senior person in our family always explain to us the benefits of dry fruit and nutmeg, so for them adding the grated or the mini pieces of dry fruits such as Pistachio, cashews, and almonds can give an extremely great twist to these Jiffy Cornbread Pancakes.

FAQs on “Jiffy Cornbread Pancake”

1. How to defrost frozen Jiffy cornbread pancakes?

Whenever you’re ready to serve the jiffy cornbread, you can’t just serve the frozen one. Thawing plays an important role in the quality of frozen jiffy cornbread after reheating, hence keeping the unwrapped container or freezing bag in the refrigerator after withdrawing from the freezer for the whole night to thaw completely.

2. Can we carry these jiffy cornbread pancakes on a trip?

Yes, Jiffy cornbread pancakes can be carried by proper wrapping with aluminum foil or cling film. It’s mandatory to use an air-tight container if you’re going for a long traveling trip.

3. Can you use a Cast-iron skillet instead of using a non-skillet pan for cooking jiffy cornbread pancakes?

Yes, a Cast-iron skillet can be used effectively if there’s no availability of a non-skillet or griddle pan in your kitchen, it won’t show any kind of textural changes.

Key Takeaways

On reading the blog post thoroughly, we expected that we were able to add some value to your requirement without using strenuous language. Some of you may have queries regarding the recipe and its preservation, but we’re not leaving you with doubt in your mind. In case you got any questions or concerns on “Jiffy Cornbread Pancakes” feel free to comment below this article and we’ll reach out to you super soon with the reply to your comment.

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