How Long Do Lemons Last – Tips To Store Lemons Properly

How Long Do Lemons Last: Lemons are nutrient-rich and we can use them to make a refreshing drinks, and many delightful desserts and dishes. And these lemons have many health benefits that will surely improve your health. If you like having this fruit every moment and purchased more lemons than you can handle, you need to know whether lemons go bad or not. In this article, you can quell all your lemony worries. And this article covers exactly about do lemons go bad, how long lemons last, how to tell that lemons have gone wrong, and many more.

How long do lemons last

Do Lemons Go Bad?

Yes, lemons can go bad as lemons are perishable. Lemon is fresh and juicy as it contains 89% of water and which means that sometimes you think that the lemon is fine, but it is actually rotten inside. Lemons will have a shelf life of 1-2 weeks in the pantry or kitchen and also it is purely based on the temperature. If you forget to use lemons, they will become dry as the water becomes firm and chewy and also you can’t able to squeeze any juice out of them. The shelf life of the lemons is totally based on the way you store it.

How Long Do Lemons Last?

You can prolong the shelf life of the lemons significantly by storing them properly. If you buy high-quality fruit, you can easily store in the pantry, fridge, or freezer depending on your plans. And compared with whole lemons cut or zest lemons won’t last more than 3-4 days in the pantry but you can store them in the fridge for upto 2 months. Consume anything best before the date printed on the label.

Lemons Pantry Fridge Freezer
Whole 2 to 4 weeks Up to 2 months 1 to 4 months
Cut Not Recommended 2 to 4 days 4 months
Fresh lemon juice Not Recommended 2 to 4 days 5 months
Squeezed, fresh lemonade Not Recommended 7 days 5 months
Lemon juice in a resealable bottle Not Recommended Up to 6 months Not Recommended
Unopened bottled lemon juice Not Recommended 12 to 18 months Not Recommended
Opened bottled lemon juice Not Recommended 2 months Not Recommended

Shelf life of lemons

Signs To Tell If Lemons Have Gone Bad

Lemons do go bad but without any indications. Lemons have a short shelf life when stored inappropriately. Always check the fruit when it stays for a long in your home. We will look into some of the signs to know that lemons have gone bad.

Mold Growth: Lemons will get moldy when you cut them up, you can recognize that mold when the surface of the lemon is dark green or dusty then it is a sign that the fruit is unhealthy to use it for any purpose.

Smell and Taste: If your lemon doesn’t have a zesty aroma, and smells foul fermented odor then it is a sign that the lemon has spoiled. As soon as it loses its specific citric taste and aroma, you should throw it away.

Color and Heavily Bruised: Bright and smooth yellow skin is proof that your lemon is still edible. But lemon rind typically has all sorts of imperfections, and still, that is okay. Brighter and brown spots are always bad signs.

Texture: Once your lemons go bad, the texture of the lemon will become soft, moist, and squishy with slimy skin. Another option is to lose water and become small, wrinkled, shriveled, and firm.

Bacteria Infestation: In lemon as we have citric acid which works as a natural preservative that protects it from bacteria. And also they will begin multiplying over time and eventually spoil the juice.

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Tips To Store Lemons

Like all other veggies, to store lemons for the longest, you start by choosing the best ones possible. Always ensure that to buy the best quality lemons to keep them fresh and healthy as long as possible. Then, store them appropriately far away from apples, apricots, and bananas that produce ethylene, which will cause fruits and veggies to spoil.

Store them in the Pantry

Always keep in mind that,  cold and dry pantries are a proper place for storing these citruses when you plan to use lemons within a few weeks.

Store them on a Countertop

By storing them on the countertop, lemons can be fresh for only about 7 to 10 days. After that, you will get stuck to getting juiceless, and tough-rind lemons. When you face this situation, better to place them inside a cabinet that is a bit colder and dryer.

Store them in the Refrigerator

When you have a bunch of lemons, we always try to keep them in the fridge to store them longer. And lemons will last in the fridge for a month. If you would to store the lemon which is cut in the fridge, just wrap them tightly because the chilly air will dry out the cut fruit.

Interesting Facts About Lemons

Here we are going to provide you with interesting facts about lemons.

  • Lemons are rich in vitamin C.
  • Lemon trees are the one that produces fruit all year round.
  • These lemon trees can produce upto 600lbs of lemons every year.
  • The most common types of lemons are the Meyer, eureka, and Lisbon lemons.

FAQs on Can Lemons Go Bad

1. When should you throw out lemons?

You should throw lemons when they are moldy or rotten lemons. And you can store whole lemons last for upto 1 to 2 weeks at room temperature. and you can store them for upto 6 weeks in the fridge.

2. How long does cut a lemon last in the fridge?

You can store the cut lemon in the fridge for three to four days in the fridge. And you just store them in a food-safe plastic container. By storing them in the fridge you can cut lemons in the crisper for maximum freshness.

3. Can you get sick from an old lemon?

By eating an old lemon, if it is moldy you can just consume a small amount. And there will be no significant health risks involved. And if you eat bad lemons, it definitely makes you sick.

4. What is the best way to store fresh lemons?

Lemons are the best way to store fresh lemons in the fridge, and you need to store them in the fridge in the crisper drawer or on the shelf, by that fresh lemons will keep for two weeks or more.

Key Upshots

Hope that the information, that we have shared on how long lemons last s useful and beneficial for you. As lemon is an excellent fruit, by storing it properly with some tips and tricks it will store well. When you think of storing them, buy healthy fruits and store them appropriately in a cold, dry place. For more interesting articles, like can oranges go badhow long do apples last and manymore, you can check out our other food articles, and many more.

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