How Long Do Apples Last in The Fridge? – Expert tips For Keeping Them Crisp

How Long Do Apples Last?: Apples are healthy and delightful fruit that anyone can have. There is a famous saying ” An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”. It is a quite popular fruit for the numerous health benefits it offers. Are you buying some apples at your nearby store and wondering how long do apples last, or how to store apples to retain them fresh for a long them this article is for you.

We have given proper guidance if you searching for ways on whether you can store them in the Fridge or on the Countertop this is the best place to go. Go through the pros and cons of each storage technique and opt for the ones that are great for you. You can even learn about the ways to tell if apples are bad or not, and the risk of consuming expired apples in the later sections.

Shelf Life of Apples

Do Apples Go Bad?

Yes, Apples do go bad based on the species they are and how they are stored. They begin to rot after a certain amount of time if not stored properly. They decline in quality for Numerous reasons like mold growing, fungi, or even worms inside. Undesirable changes may be noticed in apples if not stored properly.

Apples will spoil on their own due to the ethylene gas they produce for ripening. The more the apples get exposed they start degrading in quality over time. Thus, one apple spoiling will speed up the process and rottens all other apples around it.

How Long Do Apples Last?

Fresh Apples will stay up to 1- 2 weeks if left in the Pnatry. However, after this time they might develop wrinkles or turn mushy. When stored in the Fridge Apples may stay as long as 6 weeks and sometimes up to 2 months. In the case of cut apples, the quality will stay about 3 to 5 days. All these are only rough estimates and the apples shelf life depends on several factors like the conditions in which it is stored, and how long it is been kept in storage before you bought them.

Type Pantry Fridge
Fresh apples 1 – 2 weeks 4 – 6 weeks
Cut apples 3 – 5 days

How Long Do Apples Last

How Long Do Apples Last

How to Store Apples?

When it comes to storing Apples there are two options to do either store them in the Fridge or at Room Temperature. Both of them are valid options based on the circumstances. If you wanna finish the Apples in a week or so store them in the Pantry at Room Temperatures. Make sure they are stored in a cool and dry place away from sources of heat.

The colder the spot the better is for apples as they tend to ripe less fast compared to the ones stored at room temperatures. When it comes to long-term storage fridge can be a great way to go. Keep them in the drawer or so away from the odors. If you have too many apples look for a cooler place where they can be stored. To store cut apples better shift them to an air-tight container and then keep them in the Fridge. If you leave the apples outside they will turn brown due to the oxidation process. You can prevent them from turning brown by keeping them in water added with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice per one cup of water.

If none of these options work for you you can opt for canned applesauce. It lasts longer than regular apples and can be great for making your cakes or chocolate pies.

How to Tell if an Apple is Bad?

Below are some of the common signs that indicate if your Apple is Safe to Eat or not. They are listed for your knowledge and see these signs of spoilage in your apples if you have any doubts.

  • Expiration Date: Whenever you buy apples from a supermarket you will always have a label mentioning the expiration date. After the expiration date throws the package away.
  • Appearance: In terms of appearance there are some clear signs that indicate your Apple has gone bad or not. Wrinkled Skin, Bruising, Holes, and Brown Flecks indicate the apples are of low quality and you should discard them.
  • Color: Before eating an apple firstly inspect the color and in case of any discolored spots throw the fruit away. If the area that is affected is small cut the smaller portion of it and consume the rest.
  • Texture:  Rotten Apple is much softer compared to healthy fruit. If the skin is wrinkled and the texture becomes grainy better get rid of it.
  • Holes Caused by Insects or Worms: If you find an apple with a hole cross check if there are any worms or insects. Such apples are inedible and aren’t fresh to consume.
  • Mold: If mold starts growing on the surface the whole apple becomes inedible to eat.

Can You Freeze Apples?

Yes, you can Freeze Apples. However, the taste and texture will change when you freeze apples. Once your apples are thawed they will taste entirely different. They will stay still good to make a pie even after freezing. As there are plenty of ways in which you can store Apples better avoid freezing as the texture of frozen apples won’t be as crispy as fresh apples.

Risk of Consuming Expired Apples

if the most significant part of the apples is spoiled you better avoid using them in your cakes or pies. In the case of inadequately stored apples, you often see mold growing at the bottom. These fungi will result in respiratory issues and often cause allergies in people with weaker immune systems. If your apples got affected by Penicillium expansum which releases mycotoxin you might experience symptoms like nausea, and bleeding ulcers.

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Interesting Facts about Apple

Below we have compiled some of the fun facts that you didn’t know about Apple. They are along the lines

  • Apple Trees can live around 100 years.
  • Apples are full of fiber and you will feel full on fewer calories thus helping in weight loss management.
  • Its Juice is one of the most prominent juices taken with breakfast in the United States.
  • They help you improve mental alertness, and memory as they are rich in boron.
  • Freshly Pressed Apple Juice will turn brown in color when comes in contact with air due to the process of oxidation.
  • They come in different sizes slightly bigger than a cherry to the ones as small as a Grapefruit.
  • Eating Apples on a regular basis will reduce the risk of cancer.

FAQs on What is the Apple Shelf Life

1. Do apples last longer in the fridge or on the counter?

Apples last longer in the fridge compared to the ones that are kept on the counter.

2. What happens if I eat a Rotten Apple?

If you eat a Rotten Apple you might experience symptoms like Nausea, Vomiting, Gas, and Diarrhea.

3. Can apples grow mold inside?

Yes, Apples can develop mold inside due to the fungus mycelium present in the apple fruit seed cavity.

4. Is it good to eat the skin of an apple?

Yes, it is good to eat the skin of an apple as they are packed full of nutrients compared to an apple peeled off in the skin.


We wish the info shared on our page with regards to how long are apples good for has been helpful to the possible extent. If you have any other questions related to storage practices, shelf life, and expiration dates do write us via comment box and we will reach out. Bookmark our site to have the latest updates on How Long Do Bananas Last and Can Avocado Go Bad, etc.

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