How Long Do Bananas Last? – From Ripeness to Rot: Understanding the Lifespan of Bananas

How Long Do Bananas Last: Most of us like bananas for their rich nutritional value. However, we can’t deny the fact that it spoils quickly compared to most other fruits. We know how difficult it can be to figure out If Bananas are Good to Eat as the Internet is flooded all over with misleading content.

If you are wondering about How Long Bananas Last and Tips for Storing Bananas Fresh for a long time then this article is for you. We have included everything regarding Signs to Tell if Bananas are Bad, Can You Freeze Bananas, and Can You Get Sick from Old Bananas all in this place.

Without any further delay let’s dive into the article and learn all about Storage Practices, Shelf Life & Expiration Dates, etc.

Shelf Life of Bananas

Do Bananas Go Bad?

Yes, Bananas Go Bad quite easily. Compared to any other fruits lemons and oranges bananas go bad quite easily. Bananas spoil when they change their color to black. Several factors influence how long Bananas stay fresh like how long you have stored them. Storage methods also influence the spoilage of Bananas. Green Bananas will stay up long time compared to Yellow Bananas.

How to Store Bananas?

Check the different methods for storing bananas and the ways by which you can extend the shelf life of Bananas. Be it ripe, green, or overripe the storage techniques that suit all of them are given below. They are as follows

Keep on the Counter at Room Temperature: You can keep the green, unripe bananas on the counter at room temperature as it offers a perfect environment to ripen. Keep them in a bowl or hang them on a banana trunk. Make sure to keep Bananas away from hard floors so that they don’t develop bruises.

Store the Bananas Among the Ethylene Producing Fruits: The storage techniques you use can influence the ripening process of your Bananas. If you keep them with ethylene-producing fruits like cabbage, avocado, apples, and potatoes the ripening process will speed up. Instead of buying different fruits to ripen your Bananas better-cut slices of avocados and place them in between Bananas.

Keep them in the Refrigerator: Bananas overripe without our notice if kept outside at room temperatures. If you want to use them for about 7 days or so consider putting them in the Fridge. The temperature inside the Fridge will stop the process of ripening anymore. However, Green Bananas shouldn’t be kept in the Fridge as they wouldn’t ripen at all.

How Long Do Bananas Last?

Unripe Bananas will stay up 2-5 days on the counter. In the case of a Ripe Fruit, the quality will remain fresh for around 3-4 days at room temperature and 7-10 days if stored in the Fridge. However, these timings are only rough estimates. It all depends on factors like how ripe the fruit is and where it is stored. Factors that affect the shelf life of Bananas are listed below

  • Quality of Fruit: Bananas that have bruises on them will not stay that fresh compared to the ones that don’t have.
  • Temperature: In the case of higher temperatures Bananas will ripen faster and spoil easily compared to winters.
  •  How long are Bananas Stored Before you Bought them: Storage conditions too matter in the longevity of the fruit. You can easily identify whether the Banana is fresh or not at the time of buying by seeing the color and dark spots on it.
Condition Pantry Fridge
Banana (green or unripe) 2 – 7 days, until ripe
Banana (ripe) 2 – 3 days 7 – 10 days
Banana (cut or peeled) 3 – 4 days

How Long Do Bananas Last

How Long Do Bananas Last

How to Tell if a Banana is Bad?

If you are not sure whether to eat a Banana or not if it is kept on the counter for a few days then this section is for you. In the below sections we have explained the Common Signs of Spoilage of Bananas. They are along the lines

  • Not Stored in the Fridge and Turned Brown or Black: If your Bananas turned brown or black and were not kept in the fridge for some time you better use them in any of your recipes like Overnight Oats, Banana Bread.
  • Too many Black Spots or Started to Rot Inside: You can cut the small pieces where it is black and if it is too much of the flesh is brown better get rid of it.
  • Stored in the Fridge for 5 days after Peeling: Leftover Bananas will not stay forever and you better throw them away although they look okay on the outside as it is safe than sorry.
  • Unpleasant Sour Smell: Sour Smell is a sign that Bananas are spoiled and you shouldn’t eat them. Based on an individual’s preference some people enjoy overripe bananas too.
  • Extremely Soft to Touch: Feel the touch of a Banana and if you feel it is too soft beneath the skin it is an indication that the Banana has spoiled.

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Can You Refrigerate Bananas?

Yes, you can keep the Yellow Bananas in the Refrigerator to extend their shelf life. Placing them in a refrigerator will probably help them to stay fresh for a few more days. Make sure to keep an eye on them so that they don’t end up spoiling in the backside. We advise you not to keep the Green Bananas in the Refrigerator as they will not develop their full flavor if you halt the ripening process. These bananas will start turning black if done so.

Why Do Bananas Turn Brown?

Bananas emit ethylene gas constantly and they are always in a state to ripen. If you buy them in a green color you can store them at room temperature till the time they turn yellow. After turning yellow it is better o store them in the Refrigerator to halt the ripening process further.

However, it is not the same in the case of green bananas they will still turn black no matter if you keep them in the Fridge. Better leave them on the counter and eat them when they are ready. If you ever bring bananas in bulk keep the yellow ones in the Fridge to extend the life for around 2-3 days more. If the yellow skin turns brown better freeze them.

Can you get Sick from Eating Old Bananas?

Yes, you can get sick from eating expired or old bananas. You might get foodborne illnesses by eating too rotten bananas. Thus, we advise you not to use old bananas in your baking. Better don’t consume what you feel is damaged than end up in hospital with ignorance. It is pretty simple to identify a spoilt banana as its skin starts splitting, and oozing on the sides. Although the risk of consuming rotten bananas is low it is better to stay away than to get ill.

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FAQs on Does Banana Go Bad

1. Is it OK to eat a brown banana?

As long as your Banana isn’t moldy, or overly soft after removing the peel when you touch it it is safe to eat a Brown Banana.

2. How can you tell if an Overripe Banana is Bad?

If the Overripe Banana produces any sour smell and feels extremely soft to touch then it is an indication that the Banana is Bad.

3. Is a Banana Bad if it is Mushy?

If you feel the Banana is Mushy it is a sign that they are overripe.

4. When should you not eat a Banana?

You shouldn’t eat a Banana if it is overripe and has brown spots on it.

Final Thoughts

We believe the information shared regarding How Long Do Bananas Last has helped you in some or another way.  In case of any other queries do write us via comment section and our team is ready to help with the possible solution. Make sure to follow the tips in storage practices to extend the shelf life of your bananas and prevent them from getting rotten too easily. You might be interested in How to Store Mangoes as well. Stay tuned to our site to avail info of various fruits-related information in no time.

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