How Long Do Strawberries Last? – How to Store Strawberries So They Won’t Spoil Quickly?

How Long Do Strawberries Last in the Fridge/Freezer? and How To Keep Them Fresh details are provided here. Guys who are in love with strawberries fill their fridge with a couple of clamshells of strawberries. Are you the one who wondered how long strawberries last & how to make strawberries last longer?

This guide is the best source to get clarity. Also, you are going to know what are the tips and storing methods, how to choose the perfect quality strawberries, and signs of spoilage from the below modules. Let’s dive in.

shelf life of strawberries

How Long Do Strawberries Last?

The shelf life of strawberries is so short than other fruits. They can stay long between 5 and 7 days in the crisper drawer in the fridge and if it is stored on the kitchen counter it lasts for a day or two days. Also, remember to discard any spoiled ones from the purchased clamshells before storing them.

If you need them to long last then freeze them at the preferred temperature. If you had cut strawberries then store them in the fridge and eat them within 3 to 4 days. Need your strawberries to stay fresh for full 5 to 7 days then choose the correct strawberries while purchasing from supermarkets or framers. Here are the tips to buy fresh strawberries:

  • A bright green cap and rich red color strawberries should be picked.
  • Do check if any strawberry is getting mold growth or crushed in the container then avoid them.
  • Avoid white and pink colored ones too and also buy medium-sized strawberries to enjoy the authentic flavor of strawberries.
Strawberry Form Lifespan
Counter Refrigerator Freezer
Whole strawberries 1 to 2 days 5 to 7 days 7 to 8 months
Sliced strawberries 1 day 2 to 3 days 2 to 4 months

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How Long Do Strawberries Last

How Long Do Strawberries Last

How to Store Strawberries? | Tips To Store Strawberries for a Long Time

Storage techniques help strawberries stay last for an extra lifespan to consume and enjoy various desserts. Well, the shelf time of strawberries is very short compared with other fruits so keeping them in proper storage areas can make it even more enjoyable. There are various tricks and tips to store and handle fresh strawberries properly.

  • Evade storing strawberries on the kitchen counter.
  • Avoid cutting off the stem and leaves as they should remain fresh and moist till you use them in any of the dishes.
  • Don’t wash your strawberries until you are ready to eat.
  • Before storing them in the fridge or freezer, sort your strawberries & remove the moldy or soggy ones.
  • The easiest method is to store them in the refrigerator or freeze your strawberries.
  • The temperature that strawberries should store like 32°F to 36°F (or 0°C to 2°C), and high relative humidity. Hence, fridge storage places and conditions are the best for berries.
  • They need constant airflow so you will find most of the clamshell boxes with holes in them. Thus, use the holes-based containers or crisper bags or take plastic bags and keep holes or leave the top for some ventilation.
  • Also, you can soak or wash in a vinegar solution and dry them before refrigeration for the best storage condition.

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Can You Freeze Strawberries?

Yes, absolutely we can freeze the strawberries as some of them are sold in a frozen condition in supermarkets. So, we got the answer covered here but you may also get some questions like how to freeze them and what issues we may need to face. Here we have covered all the answers to such questions.

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The biggest drawback is the thawing process. If you thaw the frozen berries they will become so soft and a bit mushy. Also, the tastes may change after thawing but if you planning to use such strawberries in a smoothie or as muffin filling then you can continue freezing the berries. Look at the below module for a profound explanation of the process of freezing strawberries.

How to Freeze Strawberries?

The steps that you need to follow to freeze the strawberries are listed out here which takes 10 minutes to complete (also it depends on how many strawberries are included in the containers or boxes or bags. Freezing them separately using a cookie sheet or kitchen towels or freezer bags will help you more. So let’s jump into the process:

  • Prep the strawberries are the first step where you need to wash and pat dry the berries.
  • Now, pre-freeze the berries. Take a cookie sheet and place the strawberries separately in a line. This step helps to avoid clumps formation while frozen time.
  • After freezing them overnight you can take them out and transfer them into freezer bags with utmost care & follow all storage guidelines.
  • Finally, freeze the bags for a long time may be for months, and take enough amount of berries while using in any desserts or dishes.

How To Tell If A Strawberry Is Bad?

There are some common signs that can tell if a strawberry is bad or not. They are as such:

  • Mold growth or rot
  • Discoloration
  • Funky Smell
  • If berries look or feel super soft, crushed, oozing water, and bruised, discard them immediately.
  • More than 10 days stored in the fridge should also throw off.

If you find any signs of spoilage after storing your strawberries for a long time then get rid of them irrespective of all kinds of strawberries like white or pale pink or red ones.

What Happens If You Eat Bad Strawberries?

The risk of consuming bad strawberries is minimal because there is a chance of eating moldy or rotten ones. For normal people, the illness is less than those who have nausea, diarrhea, or other gastrointestinal distress. For such persons, the sickness lasts for more than two days and they need to take medical care immediately.

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Fun Facts About Strawberries

Know the history of strawberries or any health benefits? If not then check out the below points that say some interesting facts about strawberries:

  • Mainly it helps in reducing the risk of definite cancers and heart disease.
  • Strawberries are high in vitamins C, B6, K, fiber, amino acids, potassium, and folic acid.
  • Strawberries are low in calories and it includes high levels of nitrate.
  • In the spring season, the first fruit that ripens is the strawberry.
  • A count of 200 seeds includes in the average strawberry.
  • When it comes to color, they are red because of anthocyanins, mainly pelargonidin 3-glucoside.
  • Strawberries at cold temperatures are not sweeter than room-temperature strawberries.

FAQs on Can Strawberries Go Bad if Left Out or in the Freezer

1. Do strawberries go bad faster when cut?

Yes, cut strawberries go bad so faster than whole ones. So, leave the whole berry until you eat or use it in any dish.

2. How long will fresh strawberries last in the fridge?

Fresh strawberries can last in the fridge within 7 days if you follow the proper storage technique.

3. Is it Ok to cut mold off strawberries?

No, you can’t cut off mold strawberries and use the rest. According to the USDA, moldy strawberries don’t harm you sever but they may make you sick if you have any general allergies. So, it is unsafe to cut the mold and have the remaining part of the berry.

Key Takeaways

We believe the information collected here is sufficient to get awareness about how long do strawberries last in the fridge and on the counter. Also, you can find the process of storing & freezing strawberries above which helps you even better. In case you need any information about berries or other fruits just visit and get the latest & required data in no time.

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