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How Long Do Grapes Last?: Have your friend gifted you a box of fresh grapes harvested from the farm? Who wouldn’t say no to them? But worried about How Long Do Grapes Last, Storage Tips to Extend their Shelf Life.

Don’t worry we tried to answer all the questions that might come to you with regards to Grapes Storage Practices, Shelf Life, How to Tell if Grapes are Bad, and Things You Didn’t Know About Grapes, Can You Freeze Grapes, etc. here.

Grapes tend to go bad quickly if not stored properly. So make sure to follow the best practices to avoid spoilage of fruits and extend their shelf life. If you want to learn either of these continue reading the further sections to know in detail.

How Long Do Grapes Last

Do Grapes Go Bad?

Yes, grapes go bad as they are highly perishable. They will not last as long as apples, oranges, or pears. Grapes usually spoil at a faster rate as they are sensitive to moisture and heat. Thus, we advise you to buy grapes in small quantities as they will end up spoiling if not stored properly. Pick the best bunch of grapes so that they will stay for a pretty good amount of time.

How Long Do Grapes Last?

Grapes will stay around 5-10 days when kept in the Fridge and around 2-4 days when left at room temperature. Just like any other fruit the better fruits you buy the longer their shelf life.

Several factors like how long the grapes have been kept in the supermarket and how they are stored impact the Shelf Life of Grapes. Thus don’t expect the Grapes to stay long if they are settled in the supermarket for a few days.

Check the below table to see How Long Grapes Last when stored in the Pantry or Fridge.

Type Pantry/On the counter Fridge
Grapes 2 – 4 days 5 – 10 days


Grapes Shelf Life & Expiration Dates

How Long Do Grapes Last

How to Store Grapes?

You can keep the Grapes in a Ventilated Plastic Bag and then Store them in the Crisper Drawer in the Fridge. Leave them attached to the stems and don’t remove them until you serve them. Keeping the Grapes in a Perforated Plastic Bag is an optimal way of storing them.

If you don’t have such holes keep holes in the plastic bag for airflow or leave the top open. Veggie Drawer in the Fridge is the best place to keep grapes as they like high humidity. If you don’t have a place in the fridge keep them on any of the shelves where it is colder.

Avoid cleaning the grapes until you want to serve them. Doing so, there will be no moisture which can speed up the process of spoilage. Don’t remove grapes from the stems until you serve them.

How do you Keep Grapes Fresh Longer?

To keep your Grapes fresh for a Long time all you have to do is store them properly and buy the best ones available. If you are a newbie make sure you buy the ripe grapes. They are not going to ripen or get better after they are harvested.

So better pick the ones that are of peak quality while you buy them. Check the stem of the fruit and the fruit as well to decide if your Grapes are Fresh or not. They are along the lines

  • Plump and Firm to Touch: Make sure your grapes are plump and firm when you touch them. Usually, Shriveled, bruised, and soft grapes will spoil quickly.
  • Have a Full and Rich Color: While picking the grapes make sure you pick the ones that are rich in color. Brownish or discolored fruits are a sign that they have started to spoil.
  • Firmly Attached to Green Stems: While selecting grapes choose the ones that are attached to green stems. Dry and Brown/Black Stems usually indicate that the Grapes will begin to drop off easily.

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How to Tell if Grapes Are Bad?

See some of the common signs by which you can tell if Grapes are Bad or not. If you notice any of the listed changes better throw them out than end up with any food-borne illness. They are as follows

  • Soft, Shriveled, or Oozing Water: If you observe any of these signs the Grapes are Probably old ones and are not good in terms of quality.
  • Brown Discolored and Moldy: Slight Discolorations are okay but if they turn brown or moldy get rid of them.
  • Off Smell or Look in any Different Way: If you sense any off smell or seem different than the regular ones throw them out.

Can You Keep Grapes in the Freezer?

Yes, you can freeze Grapes in the Freezer. Freezing Grapes is extremely simple and quick. If you want to Freeze Grapes firstly remove the stems or even buy seedless grapes.

Before freezing make sure to wash them and dry them before you put them back in the freezer. Frozen Grapes will taste better and can be used as an exceptionally great summer treat.

Do Grapes need to be Refrigerated?

Well, it depends on how long you want the Grapes to stay. If you want the Grapes to stay for a long time without spoiling Refrigeration can be a great option to do so. Grapes left in the Pantry/Counter will stay around 2-4 days without spoiling whereas Refrigerated Grapes will stay fresh for up to 2-3 weeks.

Things You Didn’t Know About Grapes

Grapes are an amazing fruit no matter whether you eat them raw or use them in wine production. If you wanna know some of the interesting facts about grapes check out the below modules. They are as such

  • Grapes are a kind of Berries.
  • Grapes usually come in different colors such as black, green, red, yellow, purple, etc.
  • To make one glass of wine almost 75 grapes are needed.
  • There are around 16000 varieties of grapes worldwide.
  • Researchers believe that Grapes have been around for almost 65 Million Years.
  • One Cup of Grapes gives you almost 100 Calories.
  • By consuming 100 calories of Grapes you can get almost more than a quarter recommended values of vitamin K and Vitamin C.
  • The raisins we use come from Dried Grapes.
  • The slower the grape ripens the richer the flavor will be.

FAQs on Do Grapes Go Bad

1. Do grapes spoil easily?

Yes, Grapes go bad easily as they are highly perishable and don’t stay as long as apples, pears, and oranges.

2. How long can grapes last in the Fridge?

Grapes will last around 5-10 days in the Fridge.

3. Do Grapes cause belly fat?

Grapes can be easily broken down into sugars by our body thus leading to a rise in insulin levels. These insulin levels will result in weight gain, fat storage, and obesity, etc.

Key Takeaways

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