Can Wine Go Bad? – A Guide On Ways To Tell If Good Wine Has Gone Bad

Can Wine Go Bad?: If you ever feel a leftover bottle is still safe to consume or not you are not alone in this. Food and beverages will not last forever and this applies to Wine as well. Hope you got the answer to the question Can Wine Go Bad by now?

However, if it is a quality wine and stored properly with the cork intact Wine will last for years without losing its quality. This article will help you have a quick walk-through of How Long Does Wine Last, Signs to tell if Wine is Bad, Can You Freeze Wine, etc. to know about the Wine in better.

Can Wine Go Bad

Does Wine Expire?

Wine does expire and it depends on the quality you are having. In the case of quality wine, the taste will be the same for hundreds of years if stored properly. However, in the case of cheap ones, it’s not going to be the same and they should be consumed within a few years. White, Red, and sparkling wine can degrade quickly as they are of cheap quality. After opening the bottle wine will go bad at a faster rate.

How Long Does Wine Last?

It is said that Wine lasts indefinitely but this is far beyond the fact. If the bottle of wine is of great quality and kept unopened it can stay in the pantry or kitchen counter for years and stays perfectly fine. If it is a low-quality wine it will not stay that long and spoils at a faster rate.

Thus, needs to be consumed within a year or two. The better the quality of wine the larger the wine will age. Wine aging is a process that will affect the taste of the wine. This is the reason some of the wines will be extremely costly.

If you want to store an unopened bottle of wine make sure to keep the bottle in a lying position. By doing so, the cork will be moistened all the time and will not develop any holes in the cork. If the cork deteriorates and lets air inside the faster the wine will deteriorate.

Type Pantry Fridge
Wine (closed) Best-by + 1 – 3 months
Red, white, rose wine (opened) 3 – 7 days
Sparkling wine (opened) 2 – 3 days
Fortified wine (opened) 1 month

How Long Does Wine Last

How to Store Wine?

Storing wine is not rocket science. Store an unopened bottle of wine in a cool and dry place away from sources of sunlight. If you wish to store the wine for a long time keep them on the side as the cork will stay moist and will not dry out.

Dried-out cork will let the air inside and affect the quality of the wine. If you are planning for a short time you can keep the wine bottle upright. Once you open the bottle make sure to keep the leftovers in the Fridge sealing it tightly. If you can’t put back the cork wrap it with aluminum foil and keep a rubber band.

Transfer the wine to a smaller container to slow down the oxidation process. If you have an opened bottle that you won’t finish within a few days you can freeze the leftovers. To freeze the leftovers go by the ice cube tray method.

Can Wine Go Bad

How To Tell If Wine Is Bad?

Here are some of the signs by which you can tell if your Wine is Bad or not. If you have an unopened bottle see if everything is alright or not. If the bottle is not leaky and the cork seems intact open the bottle and see inside. If wine develops off smell, the taste became plain or acidic let it go.

Examine the looks, smell, and taste of wine to decide if it has gone bad. If the wine has developed any discoloration or off odor it is clearly a sign that it has gone bad. If the flavor is okay but not great it’s up to you whether to toss it out or not. You can use it in dishes that contain wine.

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What happens If You Drink Bad Wine?

Expired or Old wine will not make you sick. It’s just that it will leave a bad taste in your mouth and people who are having allergies can avoid drinking old wine as it might cause you discomfort. Those who are sensitive to expired wine should avoid drinking expired wine as it can lead to abdominal cramps, headaches, or even breakouts in hives in rare cases.

Can You Freeze Wine?

Freezing wine is not recommended as freezing will reduce the quality of the wine. If you have accidentally done the freezing of a wine bottle see the taste and if you feel it is okay go ahead with it in cooking. Some wines can retain their flavor and still be used even after being frozen.

Wine when frozen will not lose alcohol content but instead loses its depth and aroma. This happens especially with red wine. Store your wine at room temperature if you plan to use it in the next few hours. To have a crisp and cool drink you can store it in the refrigerator. Refrigerating is also not mandatory and it’s your individual choice to have it or not.

FAQs on Does Wine Expire

1. Can I get sick from old wine?

In rare cases drinking old wine will make you sick.

2. How do you know if a wine has gone bad?

You can know if the wine has gone bad or not by seeing the signs of spoilage like the taste, odor, and color. If you see any discolorations, off smell, or terrific taste it is a sign that wine has gone bad.

3. Does unopened wine expire?

Wine has indefinite shelf life provided you store it properly. However, if not stored properly unopened wine can go bad too.

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