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Can Alcohol Go Bad in Heat?: If you have alcohol bottles stocked in your pantry and find some of them are opened, then the first question that comes to your mind is does alcohol expire? The simple answer is to check the label on the bottle to know the best-by date.

When you observe dust inside the liquor cabinet, then you might wonder “does alcohol go bad?”. Here we will provide information about how long alcohol last, the shelf life of alcohol, and others.

can alcohol go bad

Can Alcohol Go Bad After Being Opened?

Yes, without proper storage, alcohol goes bad easily. Once alcohol is opened and exposed to air, then it will start to degrade quality. As ethanol evaporates, the alcohol content can decline, and thus flavor and taste of the liquor change.

Few distilled spirits like (vodka, rum, tequila, whisky, etc) will not go bad in a sealed and unopened bottle. When alcohol contents are not exposed to oxygen, then it will stay good for years or even decades. The shelf life of distilled spirits is infinite at proper storage conditions.

Liqueurs and cardinals will go bad after some time. The liqueur’s shelf life depends on its characteristics. When it comes to the beers, they have a different shelf life. Vintage beer bottles will last for a longer period and have high alcohol content. Mainstream, bottled or canned beer doesn’t spoil in the traditional sense.

How Long Does Alcohol Last?

Sugar-based liqueurs will last for a minimum of one year. If you store it properly, then its life span can extend to years. Some of the high-proof liqueurs will stay good for decades.

The shelf life of whisky depends on its storage precautions. The unopened whisky will never spoil, while half-filled whisky goes bad after 2 years and quarter-filled whisky will last for 3 to 4 months.

In the same way, most unopened liquors have an indefinite shelf life and opened bottles will maintain quality for 6 to 12 months. When sweet and cream alcohol bottles stay for about 6 to 8 months.

Conditions Shelf Life
Most the Unopened Alcohol Infinite
Most of the Opened Alcohol 6 to 12 months
Sweet & Cream Opened Alcohols 6 to 18 months

Alcohol shelf life

Tips To Store Alcohol

Whether you have opened or unopened alcohol bottles that you want to retain quality for months or years, then follow the storage precautions mentioned here. It will help to preserve the aroma, flavor, and color of your alcohol for a longer time.

To store unopened alcohol bottles safely, you need to keep them in the pantry or fridge. When you place the bottles in the pantry, make sure that the bottles don’t have direct sunlight, or air exposure, and keep them cool. You can also place the alcohol bottles in the refrigerator to maintain their quality.

Once the alcoholic bottles are opened, place them in the fridge to increase the shelf life. It should be properly sealed after usage. But before storing in the fridge, check the instructions to store on the bottle because all brands don’t allow to refrigerate.

Signs To Tell If Alcohol is Bad

Here are the different signs to tell that alcohol has gone rancid. If you observe any unpleasant smell or a different color in the opened alcohol bottle, then it has spoiled. Other signs of alcohol spoilage are curdling crystallizing sugar, and mold.

If you are okay will all these, then taste a little amount of alcohol. When you notice any bad taste, then throw it out as it has gone bad.

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Can Alcohol Go Bad

Facts About Alcohol

The interesting facts about Alcohol are given here:

  • The alcohol in alcoholic beverages like wine, beer, and others is originally ethanol or ethyl alcohol, Drinking this alcohol doesn’t cause any serious damage to your body.
  • Moderate alcohol consumption could help protect against heart diseases.
  • Alcohol can lower blood sugar levels.
  • It affects men and women differently.
  • Over a period, alcohol can spoil because of light and air exposure.

FAQs on Does Alcohol Expire

1. Does expired alcohol get you drunk?

Actually, the alcohol content in the expired alcohol is very less when compared to the fresh bottle. It should be consumed within 6 to 8 months after opening for the peak taste.

2. What happens if you drink old alcohol?

If you drink old alcohol then the alcohol content in it will be decreased. But it is recommended to drink spirits that are being opened for 6 months not more than that.

3. How long can you keep alcohol before it goes bad?

An unopened liquor has an indefinite shelf life. Opened bottles will last for one to two years before it goes bad.

4. What types of alcohol go bad?

The different types of alcohol that go rancid are distilled spirits, vintage beers, liqueurs and cordials and many more.

Key Takeaways

Can alcohol go bad? As you know the answer depends on the brands you consume. Few unopened alcohols will last for an indefinite period and opened bottles stay for 2 to 3 years. Hoping that the data find here about alcohol storing tips, and signs of spoilage are helpful for you. Know about other drinks like Does Liquor Go Bad or any other at our site.

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