Can Bourbon Go Bad & Expire? – How to Tell if Bourbon has Gone Bad?

Can Bourbon Go Bad?: Bourbon is an alcoholic kind and it’s difficult to finish it in one go. If you are someone who drinks Bourbon Occasionally then the bottle you bought might be sitting in your cabinet for a long time. It’s quite reasonable to think Can Bourbon Go Bad, How to Tell if Bourbon has Gone Bad, How Long Does Bourbon Last, etc. If you would like to know more about storage, and shelf life continue to read our article further.

Can Bourbon Go Bad

Can Bourbon Go Bad?

Yes, Bourbon can go bad for numerous reasons. If you leave the bottle unsealed and a bunch of contaminants gets inside there are chances of spoilage. Just like Whiskey or Distilled Spirits Bourbon does spoil. You will get off odor and sudden change in taste and it’s an indication to discard it.

Bourbon doesn’t go that bad easily as a whole. Alcohol Content present in the Bourbon prevents microorganisms from entering and keeps the liquid safe. But if you find any bad odor by any chance discard it for sure just like you do it with any other food.

Can Bourbon Go Bad

How Long Does Bourbon Last?

Bourbon has a pretty much indefinite shelf life. If you find a bottle of Bourbon that is not touched for years don’t worry it has the taste same as it is was the day you brought it. However, it’s not the same as an Opened Bourbon and depends on the conditions in which it was stored, how much liquid is present, and how long its been in Open Condition.

The moment you open the bottle the alcohol starts reacting with the air and some of the volatile compounds are released. Alcohol evaporates at a faster rate compared to regular water and loses its strength eventually. Another thing is that oxygen present will alter the taste of spirits so better take care of it. The more the quantity of Bourbon in the Bottle the better the quality will be. If there is a little quantity in the Bottle of Bourbon the taste can be quite disappointing.

Bourbon Shelf Life

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Bourbon (Unopened or opened) Keeps fine indefinitely

How to Store Bourbon?

Storing in the Bourbon is pretty much simple and you can follow the tips mentioned below.

Keep it away from Direct Sunlight: Constant exposure to sunlight will release the radicals and chemicals from the Bourbon thus fading away its color and taste. Keeping the Bourbon in a dark and cool place will help retain the taste and flavors of the spirit.

Store it in the Upright Position: Keep the unopened Bourbon in the Upright Position to have a maximum shelf life. Usually, Hard Liquors such as Bourbon contain high amounts of alcohol content and corks don’t have the capacity to withstand them in constant contact.

Keep Bourbon in Smaller Bottles: The oxidation process occurs in a bottle that has less amount of bourbon. Half bottle contains more air compared to a full one and leads to chemical changes which affect the flavor.

How to Store Bourbon

How to Tell if Bourbon is Bad?

Bourbon doesn’t go bad usually as it is a Hard Liquor. As it comes with alcohol content bacteria that enter into it will get killed. Now the question is how bad can it go with time. After you open the bourbon bottle alcohol will begin to evaporate over time. On adding oxygen the flavors will lose slowly. However, consuming declined quality Bourbon will not be harmful but at the same time, it’s better to discard it for quality purposes. If you notice something wrong with it get rid of it bearing the expenses than falling sick.

Dull Taste: Keeping Bourbon under certain conditions will result in flavor change. However, you will notice a difference in taste from the regular sweetness.

Color Fade: The longer the age of the bottle after which it is bought you will witness a difference in color. You can identify a cloudy appearance in the bottle.

Mold Formation: If you find any mold in Bourbon throw it right away. This happens in rare cases and if you find any such change discard it. In the case of a half-empty bottle, the alcohol evaporates faster and a contaminated cork can quicken the process of mold formation.

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Bourbon Facts that You Didn’t Know About

Below is the list of some of the fun facts related to Bourbon that you didn’t realize.

  • Bourbon is everyone’s favorite when it comes to cooking and baking.
  • Although most Bourbon comes from Kentucky it’s not necessary that everything is made there.
  • You can pair it perfectly with brown sugar, pecans, chocolate, vanilla, mint, pears, apples, peaches, ham, and pork.
  • It’s an important ingredient in dishes like Crown Roast of Pork with Fennel-Apple Stuffing & Cider-Bourbon Sauce, Bourbon Balls, and Eggnog Crème Anglaise.
  • Bourbon need not always come from Kentucky.

FAQs on Does Bourbon Expire

1. Can you get Sick from Old Bourbon?

No, you will not get sick from Old Bourbon. It’s just that there will be a difference in taste and flavors considering factors like how long it’s been stored, under what conditions, etc.

2. Does Bourbon age in the Bottle?

No, Bourbon will not age when stored in a Bottle and it has an indefinite shelf in kept unopened.

3. Why does bourbon get cloudy?

Whenever the alcohol content in bourbon evaporates Bourbon goes bad and becomes a cloudy sludge and becomes undrinkable.

Key Takeaways

If you believe the information shared with regards to Can Bourbon Go Bad is helpful to you. You can keep the bourbon bottle away from sunlight in a dark and cool place to retain its shelf life. Before using Bourbon that is stored for a long time give it a quick taste or sense the smell. Bookmark our site for more updates on Food Related Content in a matter of seconds. You might be interested in our other articles on Can Sake Go Bad as well.

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