Can Vermouth Go Bad? – 5 Signs To Know Vermouth Has Gone Bad or Not

Can Vermouth Go Bad?: Have you bought Vermouth to make some Cocktails and didn’t open it for a long time? Wondering if it goes bad or if is it fine to use it for preparing your Cocktails. We have got them all covered in this guide right from Can Vermouth Go Bad, Signs that Vermouth Has Gone Bad, Tips & Tricks on How to Store Vermouth, Shelf Life of Vermouth, Can Old Vermouth Make You Sick, etc. If you looking for all these queries then this article is for you.

Can Vermouth Go Bad

Can Vermouth Go Bad?

As Vermouth is an alcoholic product it has a long shelf life. Alcohol present in Vermouth gives comes with a self-preserving property thus keeping it for a long time. As it is high in alcohol it is resistant to bacterial and mold growth. This doesn’t mean the shelf life is indefinite.

The product turns flavorless and loses its aroma with time. You need to store it under ideal conditions to maintain its shelf life. Seal the bottle properly after every use so as to keep the flavors. Remember sweet vermouth stays for a long time in comparison with dry vermouth.

Can Vermouth Go Bad

Signs that Vermouth Has Gone Bad

Signs to check why does vermouth go bad, are quite different when compared to regular products.  Differences in aroma, flavor, and taste are an indication that something went wrong with Vermouth and it’s time to discard it. A leaky bottle can cause damage to the vermouth. Thus seal it tightly after every use to extend shelf life.

Check the vermouth expiration date and then check the factors that indicate the Vermouth Degradation is as such

Microbial Spoilage: Bacteria and mold are usually attracted to moist environments. Alcohol and Aromatic Herbs existing in Vermouth will fight microbial growth. However, bacteria and mold can come in opened bottles.

Aroma Loss: While pouring the Vermouth out of its bottle you are replacing the liquid with air. Volatile aromatics leave the wine and fill the headspace thus causing less automatic and bad Vermouth.

Acidic Taste or Smell: Whenever the fermentation happens acetic acid bacteria change alcohol into Vinegar leading to an Acidic Taste or Smell.

Fridge: Although Opened Vermouth can stay up long in a Refrigerator it can slow down the process of chemical and physical reactions. At times very cold temperatures can result in losing the flavors and quality of your Vermouth.

Oxidation: Oxygen present reacts with various volatile aromatic compounds which give flavor and degrade it.

How to Tell if Vermouth Is Bad

How to Store Vermouth?

Vermouth can be stored similarly to wine. Both Sealed and Unsealed Bottles should be kept in the Pantry at Room Temperature. Vermouth is sensitive to humidity, light, and heat so keep it in a cool and dry place away from direct sources of heat.

The bottles that are close to the expiration date if stored in a refrigerator can increase the shelf life. Usually, chilled temperatures slow down the process of damage. However, keep the lid tightly sealed to maintain flavor without losing it.

On keeping it at room temperature a sealed bottle of vermouth can be kept for about a year. If opened Vermouth stays up to 6 months as it doesn’t age as wines. So try to consume it as early as possible to retain optimal flavors.

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How Long Does Vermouth Last? – Vermouth Shelf Life

Best quality vermouths stay up to 3 to 4 years without opening. If you have the best date the manufacturer specifies on the bottle then you better go by it. That doesn’t mean the wine will go bad after that. The quality of the wine will degrade and lose its flavors.

An opened Vermouth stays up to 1-2 months. Dry and Sweet Vermouths still have a difference i.e. for dry Vermouth it is 1 month and for sweet vermouth, it is 2 months. There is a difference between opened and non-opened vermouth in terms of shelf life.

Look into the below table to know how long does vermouth last once opened, how long does dry vermouth last, how long does vermouth last in the fridge, and many more.

How Long does Vermouth Last

Pantry Fridge
Vermouth unopened 3 – 4 years
Vermouth opened (dry) 1 month
Vermouth opened (sweet) 2 months

Can You Drink Old Vermouth? – Can Old Wine Make You Sick

Drinking Old Vermouth will not make you sick. However, you might notice an unpleasant odor and a change in flavor. Thus, we advise you not to have the Vermouth that’s been sitting in the pantry for years. Don’t mix it with your cocktails or so as you will not have the best quality.

FAQs on Does Vermouth Go Bad | Vermouth Expiration Date

1. Can Old Vermouth make you Sick?

Drinking Old Vermouth will not make you fall sick. It’s just that it is unpleasant and gives you an undesirable flavor.

2. How can you tell if Vermouth has gone bad? 

You can check for various signs to decide if your Vermouth has gone bad or not. They are as follows

  • Acidic Taste or Smell
  • Aroma Loss
  • Microbial Spoilage
  • Turned Dull

3. Does Vermouth need to be Refrigerated?

No, it is not mandatory to keep the Vermouth in Refrigerator. However, the quality will decrease rapidly if you don’t chill it in the Refrigerator.

4. How to tell if sweet vermouth is bad? 

If you want to know does vermouth spoils or not, check the taste of the sweet vermouth, and if it tastes better than normal, you can throw it away.

5. Does dry vermouth go bad?

Yes, vermouth goes bad if you do not store it properly or if you keep it for a very long time.




 How long is Vermouth good for?

If you have opened the vermouth, it will good for up to 3 months if you keep itin the refrigerator.

Key Takeaways | Can Dry Vermouth Go Bad

Hope you have learned the needed info with regards to Can Vermouth Go Bad. We advise you to store it properly at room temperature and keep the bottle sealed tightly to avoid any spoilage for making your Cocktails. Once you open the Vermouth it starts losing its flavors and quality so consume it as early as possible. For more such similar kinds of inquiries related to Food and Beverages bookmark our site.

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