Does Gin Go Bad? – Can Gin Spoil?: Unveiling Its Shelf Life

Can Gin Go Bad?:  Gin is a kind of spirit but doesn’t feel like one. There are many questions about this alcoholic drink due to the fruity flavors and the floral infusions that it comes with.

Have you had an opened bottle of Gin that has been sitting in your Cabinet for a long time? You might have got these questions in your mind Is it Safe to Use Gin that is Left Out, Can Gin Go Bad, How Long does Gin Last, etc?

We all know that Hard Liquors have a long shelf life but are unsure if they have the same shelf when kept open. Don’t bother any more as this article is for you and answers all your questions in no time.

Read on to know if it’s needed to store Gin in a Refrigerator upon opening, its shelf life, spoilage signs, and a lot more in detail.

Can Gin Go Bad

Can Gin Go Bad?

Yes, Gin can Go Bad with time. Gin has a long shelf life as it is made of high alcohol content like its friend rum and tequila but that doesn’t mean the taste and flavors remain the same. Before you start using Gin and Tonic just make sure it has gone bad or not so that you can get an idea if it is good to use or not. As Gin is made of fruits and flavors it comes in various colors.

All the colors are naturally organic and they fade away over time. If your favorite Gin has turned its color it’s natural and you don’t have to worry much. It is the reason most of manufacturers advise customers to use it in a year or two as they know gin buyers usually prefer their drink colorful.

Can Gin Go Bad

How to Store Gin?

Storing Gin is much similar to the storage of spirits. Follow the below tips to store your Gin for an indefinite period easily. They are explained below

Store in a Dark or Cool Place: Keeping in a dark and cool place is all you need. It’s the best option to store your Gin so keep it in your Kitchen Pantry or Cabinet.

Keep in a Fridge: You can preserve your Gin in a Refrigerator too however there are not many benefits. You can do so if you are chilling it for the evening party so that the ice cubes don’t melt too fast.

Stable Temperatures: Try to keep Gin Bottle in a Stable and Subtle Environment where the temperature stays even. Temperatures, heat, and direct sunlight show an adverse effect on the quality of the alcohol in the bottle no matter whether you keep it open or unopen.

Shift to Smaller Bottles: If you take a too long time to finish a bottle it’s better you switch from a larger bottle to a smaller one so that the oxidation process slows down. The oxygen in a smaller bottle is less when compared to the one that is there in a large bottle.

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How to Tell if Gin has Gone Bad?

Go through the below signs that tell if Gin has Gone Bad. They are along the lines

Strange Smell:  Before drinking some Gin pour it into a glass for quality purposes. If you get a strange smell it is better to get rid of it.

Change in Flavor: If the drink passes your smell test you can have a quick taste to check on its flavors and drinkability. If it tastes fine then you can sip the gin or if it’s degraded completely then you can avoid it. If it’s not great but better you can mix it with some tonic water to make the most of it.

Floating Particles: If you don’t find any of the above and don’t remember how long has it been after you bought it then see if there are any floating particles. Keep in mind that Gin needs to be smooth and clear always.

How to Tell if Gin has Gone Bad

How Long Does Gin Last?

Gin stays for years and its shelf life is indefinite. As long as your Gin is unopened it stays up for years. If you don’t compromise on the quality of the seal the alcohol tastes perfectly fine. Like with any other liquors it is best to use Gin within a year. The longer you open the bottle the taste will become worse and you need to discard it.

How Long Does Gin Last

Gin (Unopened or Opened) Will stay fine indefinitely

FAQs on Does Gin Expire

1. Should gin be refrigerated?

No, it’s not mandatory to refrigerate the gin. If you want to maintain the quality of the spirit better keep it in the fridge.

2. How long does gin last once opened?

Gin has an indefinite period and stays fine if closed tightly in a container.

3. Does gin go with Coke?

Gin and Coke is an easy cocktail to make and tastes better.

Key Takeaways

We believe the information shed with regards to Can Gin Go Bad has been beneficial to you. Storing it in the above-listed ways you can store Gin for a long time and retain its freshness and flavors. Use the guidelines over here and decide if your Gin has Gone Bad or not and use it wisely. Bookmark our site for more details on Can Kahlua Go Bad and Can Sake Go Bad etc to resolve them immediately.

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