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Can Sherry Go Bad: Sherry is the world best known fortified wine, and it is probably the most widely misunderstood. So, the question “Can sherry go bad” is the most common one among all wine lovers. So, this article is for all those wine lovers.

Because many of these people have a few unopened bottles of wine sitting in the pantry or the kitchen cabinet. As you have unopened bottles of wine, you may get all these questions, like can sherry go bad, how long does it last, and how to store it.

To answer all these questions, we have provided this article, and this article explains tips to store, how long sherry lasts, spoilage signs, and many more. If you are interested in any of these topics, about sherry. Start Reading Now!!

Can Sherry Go Bad

What is Sherry?

Sherry is a bold wine that originated in Spain. It is a dry and naturally sweet wine that is fortified. It also has higher alcohol content compared to other wines. It is one of the finest and most versatile aged wines that range from sweet to creamy. It is aged due to the solera method. It means the bottle of sherry contains a mix of younger and older wines.

Can Sherry Go Bad? How Long Does Sherry Last?

Yes, sherry can go bad, but it will not go bad quickly. Sherry wine typically comes with a best-by-date like all other wines. This best-by date is not an expiry date but it is an indication of how long the alcohol will remain at its peak quality. Once the sherry wine is opened, the chemical composition of the sherry begins to change pretty rapidly. Here we will see the shelf life of the sherry wine in the table below.

Types Pantry Fridge
Sherry(Unopened ) 1 year  Not Safe
Sherry(Opened ) Not Safe  3 months

Shelf life of sherry

Can Sherry Go Bad

How To Store Sherry? Do You Have To Refrigerate Sherry After Opening?

Sherry wine should be stored well like all other wines. The question of how long this sherry lasts depends on how you store the sherry. So, check out these tips to store your sherry wine properly to last long.

As we have many varieties of sherry wine, some of them are pretty unstable. Luckily most bottles have some guidance tips to follow. or use the internet to know them.

  • Store the bottles that are unopened in a cool, dry, and dark place that is away from heat elements.
  • Make sure the bottle stands upright to minimize the liquid exposure area.
  • Once the bottle is opened, place it in the refrigerator.
  • And after every use of the bottle make sure to seal the bottle with a cork tightly.

After opening the sherry keeping it in the refrigerator is compulsory, otherwise, it will go bad. If you like to keep the opened bottle of sherry at room temperature, you need to complete it in a week or two.

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How Long Does Sherry Last in the Fridge?

Once a bottle of sherry is opened, it should be kept in the refrigerator, but how it will last in the fridge completely depends on the type of sherry wine you use, let us look into all types of wine that last in the fridge.

The fino/ manzanilla wines are light and dry, so on average, they can last up to 3 days in the fridge after opening. As we have the flour yeast, it will spoil easily. Amontillado/medium sherry wines will last longer than ‘fino’ wines.

As it has the hybrid aging process it will last for 2-3 weeks. Oloroso/Pedro Ximenez sherry wine will last for 1-2 months as this oloroso sherry wine will not use yeast.

Can You Freeze Sherry?

Yes, you can place the sherry in the freezer. Here, we should know that alcohol will not get frozen like water as it needs lower temperatures. The higher the alcohol content you have in your drink, the lower the temperature it needs.

As we have a high alcohol content in sherry compared with other wines, we can freeze the sherry by setting the temperature to 0°F or -18°C.

If you are using sherry for cooking you can freeze the sherry in an ice cube tray to freeze it in small portions. Anyways, if you want sherry to drink later, freezing it now is not the best option.

Interesting Facts About Sherry

As sherry is a fortified wine with high alcohol content, we have to know many facts about sherry. Let us look into them.

  • Sherry is the most popular cocktail in America.
  • Sherry is a highly customizable cocktail.
  • It is a fortified wine, like port, meaning distilled grape spirit is added to it.
  • We have 7 different styles of sherry-like manzanilla, fino, Palo cortado, oloroso, pedro ximenez, cream, amontillado.

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FAQs on Does Sherry Go Bad

1. How long does sherry last in the freezer?

If you keep the sherry in the freezer by keeping it in a container with minimal oxygen, it will last up to 3 years or indefinite.

2. How do you thaw sherry wine?

You do not need to thaw sherry wines for drinking as alcohol will not freeze like water. If you are using the sherry for cooking you can place the sherry in the ice cube trays and place those ice cubes into freezer bags. Whenever you need them you can thaw them quickly.

3. Can you get sick if we drink expired sherry?

No, alcohol will not go bad like other foods, so it remains safe to drink even after expiry. But if you keep it for so long, the taste and quality begin to change. Even though there is no risk of drinking it.

Key Upshots

We as a team think that the information we have provided regarding “Can Sherry Go Bad” is useful and sheds some light on you. Obtaining the tips that we have given on how to store sherry will help you to keep sherry for a long time without a change in quality and taste.

Still, if you feel that you need any other information that needs to be added to this article, you can comment to us in the comment section. For more interesting updates, check out our website.

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