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How To Store Cantaloupe: All of us have been through the phase of keeping extra food in the fridge. However, if you are wondering if it is safe to do so in the case of Cantaloupe don’t worry as we have covered everything in this quick guide.

You will everything right from How to Store Cantaloupe, How to Tell if a Cantaloupe is Ripe or not, and the freezing process. Without any further delay let’s get started to know about this wonder melon in no time.

How To Store Cantaloupe

How to Store Cantaloupe – Ways To Preserve Cantaloupe

They are numerous ways in which you can store the cantaloupe. Of all of them, we have mentioned the most feasible ones for you to preserve the cantaloupe fruit fresh for a long time. The storage method varies depending on whether it is a complete cantaloupe, a sliced one, or a cubed cantaloupe. Have a look at how to store each one of them in the below modules. They are as such

Storing a Whole Cantaloupe: If you leave the whole cantaloupe on the counter in a cool and dry place it can stay up to 2 days. However, if you keep the whole cantaloupe after ripening in the fridge the shelf life can be up to 5 days. In order to speed up the ripening process keep the whole cantaloupe in a brown paper bag to trap the ethylene gas at the same time speed up the ripening process.

Storing Cantaloupe Slices: You can simply keep the cut cantaloupe slices in the fridge. However, make sure not to remove the seeds as they can extend the shelf life. Keep the slices in plastic bags, this way the slices can last for up to three days.

Storing Cubed Cantaloupe: Diced Cantaloupe will stay for about 1 or 2 days when kept in an airtight container. In order to make a cube firstly remove the cantaloupe skin and cut the orange part into pieces. Add a little amount of lemon to the cut pieces so that they stay fresh. Add paper towels to the airtight container and keep the cubes in a single layer on the paper towel. Make sure to leave a certain amount of space to prevent moisture from entering it.

How To Tell If Cantaloupe is Ripe?

Usually, Cantaloupes are harvested when they are unripe so that it is easy to transport and at the same time grocery stores have time to sell them. You need to know if the Cantaloupe is ripe or not and here are some of the signs to look for. They are along the lines

  • The flower end is slightly soft compared to the rest of the melon.
  • The skin visible between the netting will turn from green to yellow.
  • You will have a strong and sweet aroma.

If none of these signs are prevalent then the fruit is probably not ripe and needs time to ripe.

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Should You Refrigerate Cantaloupe?

Based on how long you want the Cantaloupe to last keep it either at room temperature or in the fridge. If you are about to finish the cantaloupe within a few days you can leave it on the counter. If you are not sure whether to use it within the next few days better keep it in the fridge.

It’s all within your needs and storage time you should refrigerate or not. If you are about to keep it in the fridge better keep it in a resealable plastic bag so that it won’t pick any smells.

How To Store Cantaloupe

Can You Freeze Cantaloupe?

Yes, you can freeze Cantaloupe. It Freezes okay but after defrosting it can’t be used in your fruit salads or so as it will not have the same crunchiness and turns soft. However, you can still use it in baked goods and smoothies. For more details on the freezing process check out our article Can You Freeze Cantaloupe.

How To Freeze Cantaloupe?

Freezing Cantaloupe can be a great option to extend its shelf life. By doing so, you can halt the ripening process, and here is the step-by-step process on how to freeze cantaloupe.

  • Wash and Scrub: The very first step you need to do before freezing is to wash and get rid of harmful bacteria that can cause illness. To do so all you have to do is simply keep the fruit under running water and add a small amount of soap as well. Use a vegetable brush for scrubbing and get rid of dirt and bacteria from the fruit.
  • Cut the Fruit into Slices or Cubes: The next step is to cut the cantaloupe into slices or cubes depending on how you are going to use it. Add a little amount of sugar on top of the fruit to preserve the freshness as well as the sweetness of the fruit.
  • Freeze for a Few Hours: Before keeping the fruit in the freezer flash freeze it for a few hours. To do so simply keep the melon pieces on a cookie sheet or tray for 1-2 hours.
  • Freeze it in a Bag or Container: After that keep the flash-frozen cantaloupe in an air-tight container or freezer bag and mention the date on the label. Try to add smaller portions you need so that you don’t have to end up wasting large portions.
  • Defrost It: You can have the Cantaloupe directly as well. You can even defrost them at room temperature to add it to your dishes like ice cream, smoothies, and sorbets.

FAQs on Storage & Preserving Cantaloupe

1. How do you make cantaloupe last longer?

To make Cantaloupe last longer you can keep it in the freezer.

2. Do you wash cantaloupe before cutting it?

yes, you should wash the cantaloupe before cutting it to get rid of harmful bacteria as well as prevent food-borne illness.

3. Can cantaloupe be kept at room temperature?

Yes, you can keep the cantaloupe at room temperature if you are about to finish it soon.

Wrapping Up

Hope the information prevailing here with regard to How to Store Cantaloupe has enlightened you in some or the other way. If you need any assistance with storage practices and preserving methods feel free to write us through the comment section and we will guide you as early as possible. To know more about How Long Does Cantaloupe Last bookmark our site.

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