Can Plant Food Go Bad & How Long Does It Last

Can Plant Food Go Bad: Have you ever wondered Can Plant Food Go Bad? Then, you have come the right way where you will learn everything about plant food such as what are the basic types of plant food, tips to follow to preserve plant food for a long time, and how to tell if plant food is safe to eat or not. Apart from this, we have also given information on whether is it okay to use an old fertilizer and how long can you keep the plant food in the further modules for a better idea.

Can Plant Food Go Bad

Does Plant Food Expire?

Yes, plant food does expire. Especially organic matter will start to deteriorate over time and loses its natural ingredients. comparatively synthetic plant food will last longer and even say indefinite shelf life provided you followed proper storage methods. Synthetic plant-based food when gets exposed to moisture in any form be it rain or sprinkler will begin to break down easily. Thus, keep them properly to prevent nutrient loss.

Types of Plant Food

There are two different types of plant food namely synthetic plant food and organic plant food. Each one of its definitions and the common differences between both are explained clearly. They are as follows

  • Synthetic Plant Food: This kind of plant food will not degrade over time. However, the chances of forming clumps are high when it gets exposed to high humidity. Synthetic Plant Food will dissolve in water at a faster rate. If clumps are formed it is difficult to measure the quantity and it can be either too much of it or too little of it. This is the major drawback of synthetic plant food as it can harm the plant since it is composed of higher concentrations.
  • Organic Plant Food: Organic matter such as bone meal, fish emulsion, and blood meal comes under this food category. this kind of food is less effective than synthetic plant food as it degrades for a long time. If the food gets exposed to moisture the process speeds up as insects might get into them and eat the food. Pests that get attracted to this kind of organic plant food include rats, mice, beetles, cats, etc.

How to Store Plant Food?

Follow the simple process over here to learn about the storage of plant food or fertilizer. They are explained clearly for your knowledge so that you can store them properly and extend their shelf life.

  • Collect Suitable Containers: First and foremost step is to choose the right containers. You can even go with Ziploc bags or airtight containers to store them for the long term. You need not shift the package to a bottle unless and until the original one has any leaks.
  • Seal or Lock the Fertilizers: If you are having liquid fertilizers stored in a bottle clean the neck of the bottle and keep the cap tightly. Make sure to keep the fertilizer bottles in an upright position and add a label mentioning the purchase date. If it is a granular fertilizer shift the dry material into the container you prefer and remove as much air as you can.
  • Keep the Fertilizer in a Safe Place: Make sure to keep the fertilizer in a cool and dry place away from the sources of sunlight to avoid any temperature changes.

How To Tell If Plant Food Is Bad?

If you are unable to decide Is your Fertilizer still good you better look at the following signs. These signs will tell you whether the plant food you are about to use is safe or not for your plants. They are in the below fashion

  • Changing of texture: If there is any difference in the texture of the fertilizer then it is time for it to go into the trash.
  • Odd Smell: If the plant food gives any odd smell than the usual one then it should be discarded for quality reasons.
  • Change in Color: If the plant food has changed color from the fertilizer color then it is time for it to dispose of.
  • Mold Growth: If you notice any mold developed on the surface of the fertilizer let it go.

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Can Plant Food Go Bad

Storage Tips to Follow In Preserving Plant Food

To Preserve your Plant Food from getting spoiled one needs to follow the storage tips. The tips to store plant food is explained below

  • Try to keep the plant food in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep the plant food in the original packaging it comes with to avoid any confusion with regard to product usage and product type.
  • After you open the fertilizer make sure to seal it tightly in the container to prevent moisture from entering it.
  • Try to keep it far away from the place where you store food.

Is It Okay To Use Old Fertilizer Past Its Expiry?

It is up to you whether you want to use an expired fertilizer because it comes with its own risks. The problem is you will have either too little or too many nutrients after the best-by date which can damage the plants. Thus, we advise you to dispose of the expired fertilizer for safety reasons if you ever come across one in your home.

FAQs on Is Your Plant Food Still Good

1. How long can you keep plant food?

Depending on the category of plant food the shelf life varies. Based on the chemical components involved in the plant food the longevity varies.

2. Can old plant food hurt plants?

Yes, using old plant food might hurt the plants as it can release either too much or too little nutrients to the plant. This can harm the plants at times.

3. How do you store plant food?

Try to store the plant food in the original packaging or containers they come in so that they remain dry.


Hope you got the useful info needed to store the plant food properly. Thus, follow the above-listed practices to keep them and use them for your plants as they can be a boost for them. If you still have any other queries do write us through the comment section so we can get back to you. Bookmark our site for more updates on articles like Can Vacuum Sealed Food Go Bad and many others etc. in a matter of no time.

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