Can Hummus Go Bad in the Fridge? – Tips To Store Hummus Fresh

Can Hummus Go Bad?: Hummus is a middle eastern dip, spread, or savory dish prepared from boiled & mashed chickpeas combined with tahini, garlic, and lemon juice. If you love to use humus as a side dish in your cuisine hence you bought numerous hummus jars on sale. Worried with the leftovers, not anymore because we have come up with the Can hummus go Bad guide that makes you understand the correct solution along with other related information like signs of spoilage, storage practices, and how long does hummus last? Just dive in!

Can Hummus Go Bad

Does Hummus Go Bad?

Yes, hummus goes bad & expires easily due to the presence of perishable ingredients. Want to know more about hummus and how they go bad? together with how long it can stay good after dipping? Do you refrigerate hummus? Can you freeze hummus? How to store it fresh? Be with us and get clarity for all your queries.

The store-bought hummus is packed in canned containers so it is shelf-stable and sold unrefrigerated. Also, the shelf life would be measured in months, not weeks and it can stay more than the printed date, but it goes bad a faster after opening it. Homemade hummus can stay for a couple of days as it doesn’t include any artificial preservatives so it may spoil too fast when it is stored in worse conditions. For more let’s check the below sections too.

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How Long Does Hummus Last?

In this section, we will check all the possible & available varieties of hummus shelf life. At first, we will see the commercial unrefrigerated one that comes with a best-by date printed on the package. So, this product will last up to the date it is printed on the label.

When it is unopened, the hummus stays fresh for a month past the date or sometimes more. If opened the package, it should last for 4 to 7 days. If it is homemade with no preservatives then just for 4 days it can stay good. If added preservatives then it can stay good for up to 7 days.

Now, let’s talk about the commercially packed hummus in the fridge. This one also comes with the use-by date printed on the label. If it is unopened then the sauce of hummus lasts for a few days past the printed use-by date. When it is opened then it sits in the fridge for 4 to 7 days period just like unopened ones. If you want to know the homemade sauce stay in the fridge and how long it can last then check the below table for sure and gather the information about homemade hummus shelf life.

Conditions Counter Fridge
Hummus when unopened Use-by + 5 – 7 days
Hummus after open 4 – 7 days
Canned (shelf-stable) hummus, unopened Best-by + 1 – 2 months
Canned (shelf-stable) hummus, opened 4 – 7 days
Homemade hummus 3 – 4 days

Please note that all the above periods are estimated ones and for exact periods you have to experience them at least once in your life. Also, I hope you got enough idea on the shelf life of hummus, if you want to share it with others then download the below image and share it for free on social media handles.

How Long Does Hummus Last

How to Tell if Hummus Is Bad?

Hummus goes bad when it undergoes with below conditions:

  • Moldy: If any fuzzy things happen then it signs mold on the surface of the hummus, so get rid of it.
  • Smells off: Hummus can go rancid. If go rancid it smells sour or funny or harsh or moldy. The actual smell of hummus has in light and natural.
  • Discoloration & Dark Specs: The color of hummus is uniform so you can spot the other colors easily and you can deal with spoilage so quickly.
  • Taste Off: When it tastes bitter, sour, or off in any other kind then it should discard immediately.
  • When it gets stored for a longer time: If the store-bought or homemade hummus is left in the fridge for more than its shelf life then you should toss it.

Major spoilage signs are explained above clearly, if we get missed any of them or you have noticed anything new signs then make sure to suggest adding in our content and spreading awareness. On the other hand, you will also see some weird things with hummus like separation which doesn’t come under spoilage sign. Want to know more about it? Let’s check the below matter.


The sign confuses new ones to hummus, but it’s a normal sign that can happen with every nut or seed-based dip and spread. Hummus may separate a bit but not like tahini or almond butter. If you need a trick to fix it, follow me:

All you have to do is give it a good stir and retain its consistency. If you are unable to stir it properly then check for other above spoilage signs and confirm whether it is safe to eat or not.

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How to Store Hummus?

Hummus should store in the fridge that doesn’t matter whether it’s homemade or store-bought. When it comes to the shelf-stable variety, it can last & be stored in a cool and dark place in unopened condition. When it opens, it’s time to sit in the refrigerator.

Moreover, how it is stored the sealing of the container or jar of hummus should be kept tight. If anything went wrong with your hummus container or bad, just transfer it to a sealed container and keep it in the fridge. One more tip to follow while storing hummus is always practiced proper hygiene near food. This means using a clean and dry knife or spoon is important and doesn’t use the same spoon to dip in the jar.

If you maintain this hygiene with your hummus, then it won’t contaminate your humus with microbes or other bad organisms and prevent spoilage.

Does Hummus Need to Be Refrigerated?

Yes, hummus needs to be refrigerated all the time from open canned to homemade hummus. The only variety that is excepted from the fridge is the unopened canned hummus. As the canned and unopened hummus is shelf-stable food, which means it doesn’t need any refrigeration till you open it). Also, remember to read the instruction printed on the label to ensure the category it falls into.

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Can You Freeze Hummus?

Yes, you can freeze hummus with no issues. Some of the sellers agree to freeze the hummus and store it for a longer time. After defrosting hummus, you may find some separation on top of the surface, it’s normal and you can fix it easily by giving a nice stir. You don’t have to worry at all about the taste, it remains the same taste as the original one. Simple liners about how to freeze humus are given here:

  • Seal the jar or container tight always
  • Divide the large dip into portions and store it separately.
  • Keep all portioned containers or jars in the freezer to freeze them at last for a few more months past the shelf life.

The process of thawing the hummus is followed by taking the container and placing it in the fridge overnight. Next morning, the dip is ready to use but give a nice stir before you use or dip.

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Can Hummus Go Bad

Facts About Hummus

Things you should know about Hummus are listed out here. Check the below fun and interesting facts about hummus like health benefits, historical facts, and more:

  • Hummus is made of chickpeas and India is the world’s largest country producing chickpeas.
  • Desi, Ceci Neri, and Kabuli are the three types of chickpeas.
  • People in ancient times believe that chickpeas help to increase sperm and milk production in human beings and support while treatment of kidney stones.
  • In May 2010, Lebanon prepared the world’s largest 10450 kg weighing hummus dish and achieved a position in the Guinness world record.
  • Hummus is a combination of two iron-rich sources ie., chickpeas and tahini, that assist in combating anemia.
  • Hummus is high in vitamin B which helps to stop spina bifida in babies.
  • There are various health benefits like curing digestion issues, reducing cholesterol levels, and many more.

FAQs on Can Hummus Go Bad? – Hummus Shelf Life, Spoilage Signs & Storage Tips

1. Is it safe to eat expired hummus?

Yes, absolutely safe to eat expired hummus but try to take a sniff test and taste test before you use it for a whole recipe or snack. If you know that hummus is mold or rancid then discard it immediately.

2. How can you tell if hummus is bad?

There are some signs of spoilage that tells you if your hummus is bad or not. The most common signs are smelling sour, paint-like, and tasting sour or bitter when it goes bad. The rest of the signs are explained on our page, have a look at the modules for detailed info.

3. Can hummus give you food poisoning?

Yes, hummus may give you food poisoning. The symptoms of humus food poisoning contain vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea which were reported commonly.

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