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Can Guacamole Go Bad?: Guacamole is a great alternative to salsa and can even be a delicious topping for your burritos. Guacamole is known for its health benefits and you could end up with some leftover Guacamole after a party at home.

You might be wondering what you should do with it, How to Store Guacamole, Can Guacamole Go Bad, and a lot more. Don’t bother as we have answers to all your questions in this article. You will get to know What is the Shelf Life of Guacamole, How Long Guacamole Last, etc. Read on to know more about the avocado-based sauce.

Can Guacamole Go Bad

Can Guacamole Go Bad?

Yes, Guacamole can go bad similar to any other fresh product. On the basis of the manufacturing process, ingredients used in Commercial Guacamole can last up to 2 weeks. Once you open the Guacamole ingredients existing in it react with air irrespective of the brand and thus reduce the shelf life. When it comes to Homemade Guacamole the shelf life is even shorter.

Can Guacamole Go Bad

How to tell if Guacamole has Gone Bad?

There are certain signs that you can check if your Guacamole Dip has Gone Bad or not. They are along the lines

Check the best by date: The easiest way to check if the Guacamole bought is good to use or not is by checking the best date to use. Most manufacturers mention the best date to use for customers to check for product freshness.

See if there is a Change in Color: One sign that tells if Guacamole has Gone Bad is that it will turn from darker green to a brownish hue. This is not an apparent sign that Guacamole has gone bad. This darkening occurs due to the reaction between avocado and oxygen just like an apple turning its color when reacted with air. Lightly Darkened Guacamole can be consumed but if it turns noticeably grey and brown a puddle of liquid forms which is harmful to consume.

Check for Mold Growth: Any indication of mold growth is a pure indication that Guacamole has gone wrong.

Check for Odor: If you get any sort of unpleasant, sour smell, or fermentation skill it shouldn’t be consumed.  If you don’t find any signs of deterioration and are always stored in the fridge the Guacamole is good to go and safe to eat.

Do a Quick Taste Test: You can even taste the Guacamole to check if it is good then consume it or discard it.

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How Long Does Guacamole Last?

You can see the best before date on the Guacamole after you buy it from the store. This is usually the tenure in which the product has its freshness and preferably the best time to use. This is safe to use and you can use it even after that for around 7 days. Have a quick glance at the table mentioned below to get an idea of rough estimates on how long guac lasts.

Guacamole Shelf Life

Guacamole (unopened) Use-by + 5 – 7 days
Guacamole (opened) 3 – 5 days
Guacamole (homemade) 2 – 4 days

How to Store Guacamole?

Follow the below procedures to store Guacamole in an effective manner and retain the quality for a long time. They are as such

  • Keep the Guacamole in an Air Tight Container and store it in Fridge.
  • If you are worried about Oxidized Guacamole then it’s advised to cover the surface of the Guacamole with Citrus. Citric Acid prevents the avocado from oxidizing thus preserving its rich green color too. However, remember adding additional lime shouldn’t increase the flavor.
  • Keep the Plastic Wrap around the Guacamole surface so that you can create a tight seal between plastic and guacamole. This way air will not reach the surface. This can stop the color from becoming brown and keeps the original green intact.

Can you Freeze Guacamole?

Yes, you can Freeze Guacamole and it’s a great option if you want to store a large amount of Guacamole. However, there might be a little difference in the taste and texture upon freezing. Store-bought Guacamole can be saved for about 8 months in a freezer. It’s not a bad idea to buy Guacamole in bulk when you have any sales happening around. Homemade Guacamole will have a shorter shelf life compared to a commercial or store-bought one.

Close the container tightly while storing it in a fridge. After thawing the Guacamole stir it thoroughly before serving. Make sure you consume it within three days as Thawed Guacamole shouldn’t be consumed.

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FAQs on Does Guacamole Go Bad if Left Out

1. Why does Guacamole turn brown so fast?

Natural Enzyme in the Guacamole reacts with air and results in a brownish color and the process is known as Oxidation.

2. How long does Guacamole Last in Freezer?

Guacamole lasts about 8 months in a Freezer when you store it in an air-tight container sealed properly.

3. How to know if Guac is Bad?

You can know if Guac is Bad or not by seeing signs of spoilage. You will get an unpleasant, sour, and off smell if Guac has gone bad. You can even give it a quick taste to check if it’s degraded or not.

Key Takeaways

Hope you got enough information that is needed for you with regards to Can Guacamole Go Bad? Store it properly in an air-tight container so that the freshness remains intact for a long time. See for any signs that indicate if Guacamole has Gone Bad like off smell, sour smell, or unpleasant smell before consuming to make sure you don’t eat the deteriorated product. Stay tuned to our site for more information on several kinds of food-related queries at your fingertips.

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