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Does Almond Butter Go Bad?: Fitness lovers always opt for healthy foods like spreads, salads, toasters, etc. In spreads, they usually love to try peanut butter, almond butter, and more like this. Done with almond butter and wanted to take a break from it and shift to another spread likely PB? Just go for it and experiment with flavors every time. Unfortunately, your taste buds are asking for almond butter to have in your breakfast. Again going back to almond butter after ages can be happy but there will be a question raised in your mind ie., Does Almond Butter Go Bad?

Probably, you will get the answer to each and every query regarding almond butter from this guide. As we have come up with this page to make you understand particular topics regarding almond butter like what is the shelf life of almond butter, how to store it fresh, how to tell if almond butter is bad, fun facts about almond butter, etc. Also, you may find clear information about do almond butter need to be refrigerated in the modules below.

Does Almond Butter Go Bad

Does Almond Butter Go Bad?

Yes, almond butter goes bad because of the rancidity that happened with your spread. It can occur due to inappropriate conditions while storing almond butter. Also, there can be many reasons to go bad as we have observed in Can almond go bad, but the standard spoilage happened when it goes rancid.

You can’t estimate the time that it takes to go rancid as it only depends on the ingredients used and how it is stored. When you bought almond butter you find plenty of varieties in it, for example, it comes with sugar or palm oil. If the almond butter is included with extra ingredients it may retain the quality a bit long term and store better. Yet, the added ingredients can happy your taste buds but not really in your healthy results.

So, if you love almond butter to use in your breakfast make sure to opt for the pure one and be healthy. Knowing other spoilage signs may help you even better to understand whether your almond butter is bad or not.

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Does Almond Butter Go Bad

How to Tell if Almond Butter Is Bad?

You can always check for the spoilage signs before you opt for any food items so that you can save your favorite food from spoiling and enjoy it in the right way and at the right time. Here are some of the signs of spoilage for almond butter spread:

  • Firstly, rancid is the major spoilage sign that happens with any nut spread. When your almond butter goes rancid, it tastes sharp & bitter and smells like paint or chemical or nail polish remover. In this situation, you should toss your almond butter.
  • The second sign is the separation of oil on the surface. It happens when you store the almond butter for a long time. When you stir the spread and it got fixed then it is ok to use, else so hard to mix then it goes bad. At this point, your almond butter should be tossed.
  • The third sign is moldy. You can’t find the mold growth unless you left any of the other food particles in the almond butter jar. When you notice any fuzzy action or dark spots on the surface then you have to toss the jar.
  • Lastly, one more spoilage sign is storing the almond butter spread for a longer time. Past the best-by date on the label you are using the spread on your bread or buns then stop it right away, as it is not a safe thing to do.

Not only these you can also find some unknown signs of spoilage when time passes so be careful while using the spreads and store them properly after finishing the usage for the day. If you are using almond butter for the first time then check the below storage practices and follow them while storing your almond butter.

Do You Refrigerate Almond Butter? | How to Store Almond Butter?

Almond butter should be stored in a cool or cold place and need to be away from all types of heat sources. Also, remember to seal it tightly after use and store it in the correct condition. One more storage practice you can opt for is refrigerating. As it is optional for some brands and some may recommend you to store or not. Totally, up to your view to store it in the fridge or not.

If you store it in the fridge it retains quality for a longer time and prolongs the shelf life too. But there are some drawbacks too such as turns it firmer and so tough to spread it. Also, use clean spoons while taking the spread and never double dip so that you can avoid going rancid because of other contaminants.

When you store your almond butter at room temperature or in a fridge give a stir before you close the lid. If the spread includes additional stabilizers or without palm oil, you will observe the oil separation on the surface. By giving it a good stir, you can easily fix the texture back to normal and enjoy the nut butter spread. Let’s know how long it can last in the fridge and at room temperature from the below module.

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Does Almond Butter Go Bad

Does Almond Butter Go Bad 1

Nutritional Information
50 servings per container
Serving size – 10 g

Amount per 100 g %RDA
Energy (kcal) 740 4%
Total Fat (g) 82.0 12%
Saturated Fat (g) 49.0 22%
Trans Fat (g) 0.0 0%
Cholesterol (mg) 225
Carbohydrate (g) 0.0
Total Sugars (g) 0.0
Added Sugars (g) 0.0 0%
Protein (g) 0.6
Sodium (mg) 0 0%

RDA stands for Recommended Dietary and Allowance per serving
*Average values

Allergen Information: Contains milk.

How Long Does Almond Butter Last?

The shelf life of almond butter once opened is about a year in the fridge and can last for about three months in the pantry at room temperature. If the almond butter spread is unopened then it stays good up to best by date on the label plus 1 to 3 months longer if you stored it in the pantry. If you stored the unopened spread in the fridge it may last for more time compared to pantry storage.

When you made almond butter at home, then it can stay good for about a month at room temperature in the right storage places and maybe 3 to 4 months if you refrigerate it. All these time periods are estimated ones, if you need the correct periods then it all depends on the storage conditions and ingredients used in the spread. Moreover, the shelf life can be extended if you follow the above storage practices properly and enjoy the best quality nut butter spread for a longer time.

Conditions Pantry Fridge
Store-bought Almond butter (unopened) Best-by + 1 – 3 months Best-by + 12 months
Store-bought Almond butter (opened) 3 – 5 months 6 – 12 months
Homemade almond butter 1 month 3 months

Do share this image of the shelf life of almond butter with others and create awareness about the same.

How Long Does Almond Butter Last

Fun & Interesting Things About Almond Butter

  • A food paste that is made from raw or roasted almonds is called almond butter.
  • You can find almond butter in two variations stir or no-stir.
  • Almond butter is the most healthy nut spread as it contains high vitamin and mineral content approx 3 times more than vitamin E, twice as much iron, and 7 times more calcium compared with peanut butter.
  • Also, it is rich in the aforementioned heart-healthy MUFAs.
  • When it comes to health benefits, good for the brain, cholesterol, appetite control, glycemic index, skin, bones, and more.

FAQs on Can Almond Butter Go Bad?

1. How can you tell if nut butter is rancid?

If your nut butter goes rancid, you can easily identify it by checking the taste, smell, and color of the butter.

2. What happens if you eat rancid almond butter?

It doesn’t make your harm to a serious condition until you don’t have any allergic reactions to almonds. Also, your immune system should be strong to handle the small risks in terms of food.

3. Can you use almond butter past the expiration date?

Yes, you can use almond butter past the expiration date but before the shelf life like if it is unopened, use it for about 6 months past its expiration date in the pantry and about a year in the refrigerator. When it is opened, it can last about 6- 9 months if it’s refrigerated and about three to five months past its best-by date in the pantry.

Key Takeaways

We hope the information communicated on our page with regards to Does Almond Butter Go Bad helped you to some extent. If you need to know some other data that regards dips and spreads like can peanut butter go bad, etc. do comment to us below. Also, visit our site to avail latest updates on Can almond butter go bad in a blink of an eye.

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