From Pantry to Plate: Can Canned Food Go Bad? – Explore the Shelf Life of Canned Food

Can Canned Food Go Bad?: On days when it becomes hard or nearly impossible to go out and buy groceries, canned food sweeps in like a knight in shining armor to save the day.

Canned food lasts for many years and has proven to be a lifesaver in times of need and is a must to have in every household due to its affordable price and prolonged shelf life.

Here we are, giving you everything you need to know about the shelf life of canned foods, how to tell if canned food has gone bad, and so much more.

Can Canned Food Go Bad

Can Canned Food Go Bad?

Yes, like any other perishable food item, canned food also has an expiry date. Canned foods do last for a long time, but there is a limit to their shelf life of it as several factors influence them. First, damage to the containers can compromise the airtight, vacuum seal which can cause microorganisms to spoil the food.

Like any other food product, canned foods also have an expiry date, and it’s best to consume the product before that date, or you might notice a change in the texture and taste of the food, and it will also lose its nutritional value. There is no real or severe health risk in consuming expired canned food as long as they are stored in proper conditions. You should avoid storing them at high or low temperatures.

How Long Does Canned Food Last?

Canned foods do last for a long time, as long as the can is sealed and stored in suitable conditions. The shelf life of canned food may also vary according to the content, as the acidity of the food also affects the shelf life.

How Long Does Canned Food Last

Type Of Canned Food Opened Can In Fridge Stored In A Pantry
Canned Fruit Juice 3-4 days 1 Year
Canned Meats And Seafood 7-10 Days 2-5 Years
Canned Fruits 7 Days 1-2 Years
Canned Vegetable 7-10 Days 1-2 Years

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How Can You Tell If Canned Food Is Bad?

Canned foods do have a chance of getting contaminated by microorganisms due to the container being compromised, but not all contaminants can be seen or smelled like Botulism.

A person is unable to see or smell if the canned food is contaminated by Botulism spores. However, some contaminants are visible and can be smelled. On the other hand, canned food which has gone bad is quite easy to spot once you know what you are looking for. Below are a few warning signs indicating that your canned food has gone bad.

  • Bulge In The Lid Of The Jar: Canned food containers should not create a bulge as it is an indication of gas being created which is due to the presence of microorganisms, so refrain from eating the contents of such containers.
  • Excessive Pressure Being Released When You Open The Jar: Hearing a slight “whoosh” is fine when opening a sealed container, but a lot of pressure n opening the container is not a good sign as it could be a sign of bacterial activity.
  • Formation Of Bubbles: Bubbles are usually a sign of fermentation, which is great if done on purpose and under specific conditions. However, if it is unintentional, then it’s rare for it to be a good thing, as it can cause deadly problems.
  • Formation of Foam: Foam is an indication of bacterial activity, and dangerous bacteria like Botulism can form and multiply in there.
  • Signs of Mold: Any signs of mold on the underside of a lid mean the food should be discarded, despite the color of the mold.
  • Inadequate Seal: If the container is not safely sealed, then it will increase the chances of the content in the container getting spoiled due to microorganisms.
  • Leakage From The Container: Traces of food on the outside of the container is likely due to a leak in the container from which the content is spilling out. If there’s a leak, then the content is compromised and dangerous to consume.
  • Rust on a Can: If the exterior of your container shows no signs of rust then it is most probably okay to consume the content of the container, but if there is rust then your container is compromised. To prevent rust, evaluate your storage location and make sure to store it in ideal conditions.

How To Store Canned Foods?

Canned food is a commodity that if you store it under proper conditions then it will last for an extremely long period and would hold its nutritional value.

  • Store the container in a cool, clean, dry place where the temperature would be between 50-70 Fahrenheit/10-27 Celsius.
  • Have a constant food rotation cycle so that the oldest container is used first.
  • Canned fruit juices can be stored for up to one year, and it is best to be used before that.
  • Be sure to use canned meats and seafood within 3 years from the date on the package.
  • Low-acid canned foods have a longer span and can be stored for up to 3 years from the date of packaging. After opening the container, we can store it for up to 4 days max.
  • High-acid foods can be stored for up to 2 years from the date on the package but are advised to consume before that.
  • After opening the container, it can be stored for up to 7 days max.

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Can Canned Food Go Bad

Interesting Facts About Canned Food

The process of canning seals the freshness, quality, and nutritional value of the food, so it still holds a certain amount of nutrition even after a few years.

  • Canned food and vegetables have the same nutrients and vitamins as their fresh option.
  • Canned foods are more affordable and a more stable option because of their long shelf life.
  • Sealed containers of canned foods protect the content from microorganisms.

FAQs on Do Canned Food Go Bad

1. What happens if you eat expired canned food?

Canned food past its expiration date may taste weird and have an odd texture, but there is no real health risk in consuming canned food as long as it remains in good condition. Otherwise, you might develop symptoms of food poisoning.

2. What keeps canned food from going bad?

The metal can with food inside is heated to 100 °C or even higher to kill the microorganisms inside, which prevents spoilage.

3. How long can canned food last?

Canned foods will last for years as long as the can itself is in a good condition.

4. What does spoiled canned food taste like?

Spoiled canned food tastes bitter or fermented. Don’t consume it as it can cause health problems.

Key Takeaways

We wish the information and knowledge regarding Can Canned Food Go Bad have been useful to you and assisted you. Store the canned food by following the conditions given above to prevent it from spoilage. If you still have any other questions to ask, then do write us in the comment section. Bookmark our site to get the latest updates on Can Wet Cat Food Go Bad and others in no time.

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