Can Fermented Food Go Bad? – Explore What Is The Shelf Life of Fermented Foods?

Can Fermented Food Go Bad?: If you are new to the fermentation process you might find it new and strange at the beginning. You might have questions like How Long do fermented Vegetables Last and Can Fermented Food Go Bad, etc. running in your head.

Then this article is for you as we have covered all of them here regarding What Fermentation looks like and the benefits of fermenting food, Warning Signs that Fermented Food is Spoiled, and Tips and Tricks on how to store fermented food from spoilage in the later modules.

Can Fermented Food Go Bad

How Fermentation Preserves Food?

The Process of Fermentation is to preserve the food using various mechanisms. You can maintain the texture and flavor of food using this process and some examples include

  • If you provide culturing with some bacteria it inhibits mold and yeast growth and thus prevents the spoiling of food. A better example of this is Yogurt where milk can last about 7 days and Yogurt will stay for 14 days.
  • Fermentation of Vegetables will turn them more acidic thus limiting the unwanted bacteria growth.
  • Beverages that are fermented with Yeast Based Culture will turn alcoholic over time and thus inhibits the growth of yeast and bacteria.

Factors that extend the Expiry Date of Fermented Foods

There are certain factors that can prolong the shelf life of fermented foods and here are few

  • Temperature is a crucial factor and if you feel the food is as per your choice you can shift it to the Refrigerator. The cooler the temperature is the slower the decomposition process and thus halts the fermentation process.
  • If the fermented foods reach their best level acid is formed and it prevents them.
  • Anaerobic Environment will prevent oxygen from entering which is the major factor that attracts mold. Thus, try to keep your fermented foods submerged and far from oxygen by using weights and lids with airlocks.

How To Tell If Fermented Food is Bad? | Signs Fermented Food Expired

It is clearly obvious when fermented food goes off. If you are not sure about the signs that indicate fermented food is spoiled then you have a look at the following sections and they are as below

  • Visual Inspection: Firstly, check out the ferment and if it has any dull color it is probably an old one. Any mold appearing is a sign that fermented food has gone bad and you should probably throw out the food.
  • Smell: When you sniff the fermented food you should get a good smell. If the smell feels rotten, moldy, or bad you should discard it.
  • Taste: If the ferment doesn’t take like how it should you should let it go. If it is fermented too long or contaminated by bacteria you should toss it out.

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Tips to Store Fermented Food

In order to prevent fermented foods from spoiling you need to follow the guidelines listed below to use them for a long time. They are explained below

  • As a thumb rule, go with fresh vegetables as a small portion of vegetable spoiled can damage the entire batch. Usually, spores from bad parts spread out and spoil the whole batch. So, choose the best ingredients possible to avoid spoiling food. Wash the vegetables with fresh water to eliminate the preservatives such as chlorine that can contaminate the entire fermentation process.
  • Always use treated chlorine water as any chlorine can harm the bacteria that cultivate as a part of fermentation. Use well water and filter water to eliminate traces of chlorine.
  • Ferment in the right temperatures and the right temperature for fermenting is 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit (17-22 Celsius).
  • Start with a good salt brine concentration so that the process of fermentation goes well.
  • Before beginning the process try to sanitize and clean the equipment properly.

Can Fermented Food Go Bad

Benefits of Fermenting Food

Following are some of the perks of using fermented food and we have mentioned them clearly below. Go through them and get to know why fermentation is necessary

  • When compared to canned foods fermented foods are far healthier and a great option.
  • It is a more traditional and sustainable method of food preservation that is present even before water bath canning and oil.
  • It is a faster and easier method compared to canning. You can make gallons of pickles too using this fermentation process.

FAQs on Do Fermented Foods Go Bad?

1. How do you know if fermented food is bad?

If the fermented food smells rancid and has a difference in texture it is a sign that your fermented food is bad.

2. How long does fermented food last?

Fermented food lasts about 4-18 months.

3. What happens if you eat bad fermented food?

Most fermented foods are safe. But in rare cases, fermented foods contaminated with bacteria might cause illness.

Wrapping Up

We as a team wish the knowledge prevailing here on Can Fermented Food Go Bad to be true and genuine.  Look for the signs of spoilage before using fermented foods to avoid any health associated risks. Keep in touch with us to get the latest updates on Can Dog Food Go Bad and many more in no time.

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