Can Malibu Rum Go Bad? – How Long Does Malibu Rum Last Unopened?

Does Malibu Rum Go Bad?: Do you like the Malibu rum drink taste and have it frequently? If yes, read this to know more information about your favourite alcoholic beverage. Most people consume it in summer. If you have Malibu in your liquor store and want to know can Malibu Rum Go Bad and tips to store it, then place those bottles in the fridge.

Check the below-mentioned sections to know does malibu rum go bad in heat, how long does it last, storage precautions and signs to tell your rum has gone bad.

Can Malibu Rum Go Bad

Can Malibu Rum Go Bad? How Long Does It Last?

Yes, opened malibu rum goes bad after 2 years of the expiry date of the bottle if you store it in the fridge. The unopened malibu run lasts for years. But its quality starts degrading year by year.

Malibu rum is a liqueur and it’s called a flavoured rum. When it comes to does malibu rum go bad, there is no one straight answer. Theoretically, if you leave the bottle unsealed for a few years, some bacteria will grow inside of it, thus it turns bad.

Practically, an unsealed Malibu rum will not get spoiled if you store it properly. If you store Malibu bottles for more than 10 years, then open and check out their quality. Of course, the taste will change, but confirm whether it is good or bad.

Can Malibu Rum Go Bad

Opened Malibu rum also won’t get spoiled if you store it properly. But its quality will change. The important to remember is if the flavoured drink smells bad or changes its colour, then throw it out. The expected shelf life of Malibu under various conditions is here:

Pantry Fridge
Closed Malibu Bottle Best by date+ 10 years indefinite
Open Malibu Bottle 1 year Best by date+ 2 years

Malibu Rum Shelf Life

How To Store Malibu Rum?

The Malibu rum storage process is similar to other alcoholic drinks. Place in a cool place and away from sunlight and heat i.e pantry. Keep the rum bottle in the fridge if you want to consume it the next day and want to have it chilled. The 4 tips that will make Malibu rum storage easy and convenient are here:

  • Always remember to seal the opened rum bottles when not in use. The sealing process prevents air from entering or leaving the bottle.
  • Never store a bottle at the heat source or where the temperature is high. The liquor is affected by excess heat.
  • Never store a half-filled Malibu rum bottle. Because the half bottle spoils easily as it has high pressure and air.
  • It’s your choice to refrigerate the Malibu rum-based liqueur. Keeping it in the fridge may help to retain its taste for a longer period.

How Long Does Malibu Rum Last After Opening?

The Malibu lasts up to one year after opening it as per the production company. But the fact is that the Malibu shelf life is years even if it is opened. The quality and taste of the opened Malibu bottle will stay for a longer time.

But it is better to take a test before you consume Malibu rum that is opened one year back. If the colour, smell, and taste change, then don’t use them for making beverages. If you feel that your Malibu is not bad, then you can use it in recipes.

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How to Tell if Malibu Rum has Gone Bad?

Check whether your Malibu drink has gone bad or not by following these simple 3 tips. The thing to remember is that Malibu rum will never go bad if stored well as it has high alcohol content which gives it natural preservation. Get the signs to identify that your rum bottle is expired.

  • When Malibu keeps unsealed for a longer time, the flavour degrades as it is exposed to air and evaporation.
  • If the Malibu drink is stored for many years, then its smell will change. Either smell goes flat or becomes sour smell. It is not suggested to drink a fermented drink.
  • The drink’s appearance also changes when stored for longer periods. The Malibu rum turns cloudy and visible particles appear on the bottom.

Does Malibu Rum Need To Be Refrigerated?

Malibu Rum needs no Refrigeration after Opening. You can keep it in the fridge and it is not compulsory to do so.  If you intend to keep it for a long time you can keep the Malibu Rum in the Refrigerator.

Interesting Malibu Run Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Malibu Rum.

  • Malibu is distilled in the west indies rum distillery.
  • Malibu and Johnnie walker blue are close cousins.
  • Malibu is molasses based.
  • It is available in cans.
  • Malibu has a little bit of English in it.

FAQs on Does Malibu Rum Expire

1. Can you drink expired Malibu rum?

Yes, it is safe to consume the expired Malibu rum only up to 2 years of the expiration date.

2. How to know if Malibu rum is bad?

Check the flavour and smell of the Malibu rum before consuming it. If smell and taste go bad means the rum got spoiled.

3. Can you get sick from drinking old Malibu rum?

No, the expired alcohol doesn’t make you sick.

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We are hoping that the Can Malibu rum Go Bad article is helpful for you. Know the tips to store rum, indications of bad Malibu rum, and how long open Malibu Rum last from this page. Stay tuned to our website to get updates on storage precautions for other food beverages and drinks like Can Vermouth Go Bad and Can Triple Sec Go Bad, etc.

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