Can Banana Go Bad – How Can You Tell If Banana Has Gone Bad?

Can Banana Go Bad: Banana is a fruit, rich in nutritional value and flavor, making it one of the most favored fruits of all time. However, they spoil pretty quickly, so it is essential to know how to store them so they can last longer. If you prefer your banana to be fresh and not all brown and mushy and are curious about what you need to watch out for to know if your banana is spoiled, then we are here to tell you everything you need to know.

Banana Go Bad

Can Banana Go Bad?

Yes, a banana is a fruit that goes bad pretty easily as its shelf life is relatively short in comparison to most fruits. If a banana gets too spoilt, it changes its color to black from yellow and its texture becomes extremely mushy.

Finding out a banana’s exact shelf is quite a difficult task so the max you can do is have a close estimation by analyzing the visible and nonvisible symptoms. Like, a banana going from yellow to black.

How Long Does Banana Last?

Banana is a fruit that doesn’t last for a long period but the benefits it provides and the blissful taste it has makes it worth the effort. The life expectancy of a banana is affected by how it’s stored and the state it is stored in. To get complete knowledge on the shelf life of bananas in various storage conditions check out our article on How Long Do Bananas Last and resolve your doubts.

State Of Banana Pantry Fridge Freezer
Unripe Banana 2 to 8 Days 8 to 12 Days 2 to 6 months
Ripe Banana 2 to 3 Days 7 to 10 Days 2 to 4 months
Fresh Banana 3 to 8 Days 4 to 9 Days 2 to 4 months

How Can You Tell If Banana Has Gone Bad?

Banana is a nutrient-rich fruit that is extremely fickle and has a short life span. They go from green to black in just a few days but it is easy to recognize if a banana is too ripe or rotten so here are a few signs you need to look out for, to know whether your banana has gone bad or not.

  • Touch: A banana’s texture should be fairly firm and the flesh beneath the peel should not be gooey and soft. If your banana feels exceptionally soft when you touch it, it could mean it is spoiled.
  • Change Of Color: A banana that is safe to eat should be firm and bright yellow. A few brown spots are okay but if your banana has changed its color to a dark brown or black then it is an indicator that your banana is about to go bad.
  • Though, a black peel or a peel with developing brown spots does not mean that the banana has expired for sure. It can also be a sign that the banana is overripe.
  • Foul Smell: A sour or unpleasant odor indicates that the banana has gone bad as fresh bananas have a pleasant and sweet odor.

How To Store Bananas?

Follow the simple practices over here to store bananas fresh for a pretty long time. These measures will ensure you use bananas with the utmost flavor and taste.

Remove The Banana From The Plastic Produce Bag: Storing a banana in a plastic produce bag for a more extended period can result in it rotting because a plastic bag holds moisture.

Storing Unripe Bananas: Refrigerating or freezing bananas before they are ripe, prevents the fruit from being able to ripe completely even after defrosting it. To speed up the ripening process, you can store it in a bag with an apple or a tomato for about 6-8 hours and your banana will be ripe.

Keeping Sliced Bananas Fresh: If you have accidentally sliced more bananas than you desired, how about saving them for later rather than letting them go to waste? Just cover the banana slices with some vinegar or acidic fruity juices like lemon which will keep them fresher for a longer period.

To know about banana product i.e. banana bread check out our article on how to store banana bread and get acquainted with details.

Do Bananas Go Bad In The Freezer?

An interesting thing is that frozen bananas don’t go bad if stored properly at 0 °F. Though according to the FDA, you can be confident that frozen bananas would be safe to consume for about three months without losing quality if frozen correctly.

Are Overripe Bananas Safe To Eat?

An overripe banana also has various stages and whether it’s safe to eat, depends on how ripe the banana is and whether it has begun to grow mold. A banana that has turned brown has a low chance of making you sick but if a banana has begun to grow to mold or has an unpleasant smell, then it has most likely begun to rot and is no longer safe to eat.

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Interesting Facts About Bananas

Banana is a fruit with many benefits and is quite beneficial for people who wish to live a healthy life. It also has a pretty exciting story about how it was traded across the world and a lot of interesting facts about it.

  • A banana is more of a berry than a fruit according to the botanical definition of a berry.
  • Bananas can’t be grown by sowing seeds but by cutting a piece from the tree itself and planting that piece in the spill.
  • Bananas were first cultivated for their fibrous properties rather than as a food source.
  • Bananas are actually radioactive as they contain a small amount of isotope potassium-40. However, for it to be harmful to your health, you’d have to consume about 800 bananas on a daily basis for the next 80 years.

FAQs On Can Banana Go Bad?

1. How long can a banana stay fresh at room temperature before it goes bad? 

A fresh banana can stay fresh for as long as 8 days at room temperature before it goes bad.

2. What type of banana is better for your health?

Green bananas are the healthiest ones due to their being full of highly resistant starch and the sugar content present in it is low.

3. How many bananas can you eat on a reasonable basis?

1-2 bananas per day are considered to be a moderate amount.

4. How much sugar is in a banana?

Banana is considered on the much sweeter side as one large banana can have up to 17 grams of sugar.

5. Do bananas help you sleep better?

Bananas are rich in nutrients like magnesium, tryptophan, vitamin B6 and much more, which help improve your sleep.

Key Takeaways

We hope the knowledge and details we provided about “Can Banana Go Bad?” were helpful to you and aided you. Banana is a wonderful fruit for consumption because of the benefits it provides. It’s rich in a wide variety of nutrients which provides you with a lot of benefits.

Follow the instruction given above to know how to store a banana so you can extend its shelf life and enjoy it for a much longer period. Please write to us if you have any queries or questions regarding this. For more articles on How Long Does Banana Bread Last and similar fruit products bookmark our site

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