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Can Rum Go Bad?:  The confusion most people have while having a drink of rum that’s been kept for a while is Can Rum Go Bad? Rum has an indefinite shelf period but that doesn’t mean you will have the same taste throughout. Just like any other alcohol Rum does go bad if not taken care of.

The clock on the rum’s mortality starts ticking once after you open the bottle. An opened Bottle of Rum goes bad and loses its flavor and taste eventually. If you want to explore more about shelf life, storage techniques, whether or not you can freeze rum, and signs to tell if rum is bad then continue to read further.

Can Rum Go Bad

Does Rum Go Bad?

No, Rum can’t go bad and has an indefinite shelf life. As Rum is a strong spirit it goes terrible in rare cases if not stored properly. If you haven’t taken care of Rum will become vile and unpleasant.

If you keep your rum ideally you can enjoy this drink for cooking, baking, and cocktails for years. The high alcohol present in the Rum will prevent it from going bad easily.

How to Store Rum?

You can store the Rum similarly just like any other whiskey. Preserve it in a cool and dry place in the Pantry or Kitchen. After you open the bottle make sure to close it tightly if not in use. Make sure not to close a bottle with the pourer on.

If the liquid isn’t closed tightly the alcohol content in the rum starts to evaporate at a faster rate and thus becomes mild. An opened bottle will even be a place where the oxidation process begins. These two processes will speed up the deterioration and thus change the taste of the Rum.

If the opened bottle is half empty shift it to a new bottle to slow down the process of evaporation. Evaporation and Oxidation happen even in a tightly sealed bottle but it takes place at a slower rate. However, you notice these changes in years to come.

You can even store the bottle of rum in the fridge if you enjoy a cool drink. However, make sure to close the seal so that the other products in the fridge will not affect the quality of the rum. You can store it in the freezer if you love icy cool drinks and rum stores well in the freezer.

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Can Rum Go Bad

Shelf Life of Rum | How Long Does Rum Last?

Rum is safe to drink for years and it has an indefinite shelf life if you store it properly. After opening the bottle for a long time you will slowly observe the difference in taste.

Thus, we advise you to finish it within a couple of years after opening. If you stored an existing opened bottle for years you might throw it out for quality reasons as the taste will not be the same.

Type Pantry
Rum (Unopened and Opened) Stays fine indefinitely

How Long Does Rum Last

How to Tell if Rum is Bad?

It is a necessary skill to tell if your Rum has gone bad or not. Below we have mentioned some of the tips by which you can tell if your Rum is still fresh to consume or not. They are along the lines

  • Examine the Bottle and the Contents: Firstly, as a part of the safety check examine the bottle and see if the Rum has changed its color or become moldy. Let the Rum Bottle Go if you find it is past the expiration date or become moldy for quality reasons. In case of any mold being developed around the bottle cap better toss it out. If your rum bottle’s cap is rusted better replace it with a new bottle.
  • Smell: Good Rum will have a pleasant and distinctive aroma. If you notice the smell isn’t well it is a sign that your rum has probably gone wrong and isn’t fresh anymore. However, you will not fall sick consuming this and it’s just that you might not have the taste you are hoping for.
  • Taste: Rum will have a fresh taste and if your one doesn’t have that taste it is no longer fresh and has passed the best date of consumption.

What is the Risk of Consuming Expired Rum?

There is no risk in consuming expired rum. Strong Spirits will not make you sick even after the expiration date. However, the taste will not be so promising. Thus, we advise you to drink rum wisely and responsibly. Make sure to see if there are any signs of spoilage before drinking your rum.

If the drink has any signs of mold contamination and if you drink it you will have gastrointestinal discomfort. Drinking expired rum that comes in contact with mold will cause nausea, vomiting, and bloating.

Can You Freeze Rum?

Yes, you can store your rum in the Freezer but it doesn’t freeze well. Typical Home freezers can’t freeze rum as the majority of them come with ABV. Pure Rum needs 17 Degrees Fahrenheit to freeze and typical home freezers don’t freeze rum as they are set to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you have a rum liqueur it’s better not to keep it in the freezer as they tend to have lower alcohol and need high temperatures to freeze. Due to this, you may find the rum liqueur becoming solid. Freezing the rum liqueur will degrade the quality of rum to a greater level and you need to wait for some time to thaw it again.

Fun Facts & Myths You Must Know About Rum

Who doesn’t love rum keeping this in mind we have collected some of the interesting yet fun facts one needs to know about Rum below. They are as follows

  • Rum is one of the oldest spirits in the world.
  • It used to be extremely valuable back in the 18th century when it was even used as currency.
  • Rum is known for preventing hair loss and even increasing hair thickness.
  • If you are looking for pure alcohol give the rum a try as it has 63% of alcohol.
  • You can best pair it with beverages like Coke, coconut cream, and juice.

FAQs on Does Rum Go Bad

1. How do you know if Rum has Gone Bad?

If you notice any visual signs of spoilage, funny smell, or difference in taste it is a sign that your Rum has gone bad.

2. Can Old Rum make you sick?

No, expired or Old Rum will not make you sick it’s just that you will not have the taste it should have.

3. How long can rum be kept after opening?

Rum should be consumed within 6-12 months after opening as the quality starts to decline once after you open.


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