Can Ground Coffee Go Bad & Expire? How Long Does Ground Coffee Last In the Fridge

Can Ground Coffee Go Bad: In every house, we see coffee powder as the most common staple in the kitchen. Many of us have a habit of drinking a hot cup of coffee at home early in the morning. Ground coffee is a popular drink that many people love. Most people prefer grinding their coffee beans as it produces fresh, tasty coffee. As we like to drink coffee, many of us do not know how long does ground coffee last? and how to store it properly. Read on to learn more about can ground coffee go bad, shelf life, storage tips, and many more!!

Can Ground Coffee Go Bad

Can Ground Coffee Go Bad?

Yes, ground coffee can go bad but not in the sense of rotting or becoming smelly. If you do not store the ground coffee properly, your coffee will lose its rich, flavorful taste. Compared to coffee beans, ground coffee will have a shorter shelf life. Even if ground coffee has gone bad still it is safe to drink, but you cannot find the taste of ground coffee. Unopened ground coffee can be stored in the freezer for a long time. An opened pack will have the shelf life reduced to five months, if you keep it in the freezer, the aroma and flavor will not be in that coffee.

How To Tell If Coffee Has Gone Bad?

As we are talking only about aroma and flavor, rarely or if there is no proper storage, we can also see the visual signs to know that coffee has gone bad. We will look into visual signs carefully.

  • The first sign that you can find immediately after opening the container is mold growth, if you see any mold in the container or if the container is wet at the bottom, just throw it away, as it is not good.
  • And also, you can know that ground coffee has gone bad, by smell. When you open a container, just give them a good sniff.  If it is fresh ground coffee you will get the herby, nutty smoky aroma. But once you get the musty smell you need to discard it as it has gone bad.
  • Another important sign that you can see is, that if you keep the ground coffee powder for a long time, you might notice a change in color as the ground coffee will have a rich, deep black of fresh coffee to a brownish blue.
  • If you cannot see any of the signs above, the final way that you can find that coffee has gone bad is by its taste. If the taste of the coffee doesn’t have your standards, then you can discard it as there is no use in drinking it.

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Can Ground Coffee Go Bad

How Long Does Ground Coffee Last?

Like all other kitchen staples and food, the ground coffee powder also will have the “best by date”. The shelf life of ground coffee depends on many variables like expiry date, quality, and how it is stored. An unopened pack of ground coffee will have a longer shelf life compared to opened pack. Here, we will see clear information about the shelf life in the given table below.

 Types Pantry Freezer
 Ground Coffee(Unopened) 3-5 months after the best by date 1-2 years after best by date
Ground Coffee(Opened) 3-5 months after the best by date 3-5 months after the best by date

shelf life of ground coffee

How To Store Ground Coffee

As grinding the coffee powder will take a lot of time, so to reduce all that many of them will go for ground coffee. If that is the case with you, then you need to store the ground coffee properly, so that you can use the ground coffee for a long time.

Store In Air Tight Container

The most important thing that you need to do once after buying the ground coffee is to store it in an air-tight container. It should be sealed tightly to avoid air to come in or going out.

Store Away From Heat Elements

Once you shift the ground coffee into an air-tight container you need to keep it in a safe place, as it should be away from moisture, light, and heat elements like a stove, and oven. Because the heat and light will change the cell structure of the grounds. So, place your jar in your pantry where it is dry, cool, and dark.

Freeze the Ground Coffee

We always store the jar of ground coffee or coffee beans in the freezer, so that they will stay for a long. It will be more useful when you buy ground coffee in bulk. Just by using freezer bags, you can store the ground coffee powder, and you can use it one by one by labeling the bags with the date. It will taste as good as ground coffee that was stored in the container.

Avoid Flavor Transfer

Be careful with your coffee powder when you are placing it in the pantry. The ground coffee powder may easily grasp the flavors and aromas of other items in the pantry. So, make sure to use air-tight containers for coffee powder and keep away from strongly flavored items.

Can Ground Coffee Go Bad

Interesting Things About Coffee

As coffee is a favorite drink for many people, we do not know many things about coffee. So look into some interesting things about coffee below.

  • Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer.
  • The most expensive coffee in the world cost $600 per pound.
  • Finland drinks the most coffee in the world.
  • Coffee drinkers live longer than noncoffee users.

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FAQs on Does Ground Coffee Go Bad

1. Can you freeze ground coffee?

Yes, you can store the ground coffee in the freezer. Coffee powder that was stored in the freezer will store for a long time without losing its flavor and aroma compared to the coffee powder stored at room temperature.

2. Is there any risk of consuming expired coffee?

Drinking ground coffee that was past its sell-by date or expiry date will not make you sick, but there will be a loss of taste and smell. But if it is having any mold growth avoid drinking it as it may make you sick, as mold has a poisonous substance.

3. What does rancid coffee smell like?

The Coffee which is rancid will smell dusty, mildewy, or flat.

Key Takeaways

As we have seen many things about ground coffee, hope that you have learned more things about can ground coffee go bad, and it will be very useful for you at home to store ground coffee for a long time and to keep it safe. Still, if you need any assistance with this article, you can comment to us in the comment section. For more interesting articles like can almond milk go bad, and can coffee go bad, stay connected with our site

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