Can Brandy Go Bad? – How to Prevent Brandy from Going Bad?

Does Brandy Expire? & Does Brandy Go Off Once Opened: Sometimes the older the alcohol, the better it tastes. But not all alcohol defines time like that. That brandy is also one of them. Liquor cabinets will have various bottled spirits over the years.

But many of you do not know that spirit can go bad. After all, brandy is heated from wine, do you think it will not go bad? Brandy is an alcoholic beverage distilled from fermented fruit mash or wine.

It can also be used as a fuel that helps to produce the flame in crepes. If you want to know can brandy go bad? or not before opening the bottle that was sitting for a long time.

Read on to this article as we have provided you with much information on how to store it, brandy expiry date, signs to know brandy has gone bad, and many more.

Can brandy go bad

Can Brandy Go Bad?

No, brandy will not go bad in terms of food safety. Even an opened bottle of brandy can have an indefinite shelf life if you store it properly. On the other hand, storing it for a long time doesn’t taste good and quality also decreases as the days go on.

But it remains safe for consumption. If the bottle is unopened you can have the same quality and taste for a long time that we have when it is prepared.

As we have the high alcohol content in the brandy it will prevent it from going bad.

Signs of Spoilage Of Brandy

Due to high alcohol content, brandy doesn’t deteriorate quickly. But if it is not preserved properly, it will prone to oxidation and evaporation which are the main culprits of making brandy go bad.

If you are in a dilemma, whether the brandy you have with you has gone bad or not, then check out the signs that were given below, and if you notice any one of them throw it out.

Sour Smell

The first sign that you will find if the brandy has gone bad is the foul smell emanating from it. Before you decide to take a sip, just pour it into a glass and whiff to check the quality. If the brandy smells rancid or sour, it is an indication that the brandy has gone bad.

Liquid Appearance

When the brandy is opened or unopened if it is exposed to oxidation or oxygen, the spirit goes a much darker color, and that affects its quality.

Weak Strength and Flavor

As we have the high alcohol content in the brandy the spirit will get evaporated over time and the older the brandy becomes it will have less strength and flavor to drink.

Flat Taste

One of the surefire ways to tell that the brandy has gone bad is by tasting the brandy. It is best if you fail to recognize the above signs. When you taste the spirit then you will find the flat taste if the brandy has gone bad. This will happen because the flavor of the spirit has mostly disappeared.

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Can Brandy Go Bad

Storing Brandy Long Term

To store the brandy for a long time without losing its flavor and taste here are the ways that we have given. By using these ways you can store the brandy for a long time.

Store it Away from Heat and Sunlight

If you expose the brandy to warmth and sunlight that will lead to the degradation of its flavor, color, and quality. Once after used the bottle, store it in a cool dry place.

Separate Brandy into Smaller Bottles

It may look like a tiresome method but it will work best. When you bring a large size bottle, after using it separate the remaining into smaller bottles so that it will lower the oxidation process and stay long.

Seal the Bottle Properly

This will be the best tip that you need to know after using the brandy bottles you need to seal the bottle properly. So that it will not lose its quality.

Avoid using Cork

The corked bottle used for brandy may not be fruitful for its taste and quality, so it is better to avoid using cork.


If an opened bottle has lost its quality, still you can restore its taste by using the infusion technique. Infusion with dry fruits or species that help you to serve the taste of your brandy well.

Storing Tips of Brandy

How Long Does Brandy Last After Opening? – Do Brandy Expire

Like other spirits, brandy can have an indefinite shelf life, if it is opened or unopened. If the bottle is opened, over time you will notice that the taste is flat and the flavors of it start vanishing from the day you opened it.

An unopened bottle can stay longer if you store it properly. If you keep it in high temperatures and sunlight even an unopened bottle can go bad.

Below we have given how long does opened brandy lasts, and the brandy shelf life of the unopened bottle clearly. Check them out.

 Unopened/ Opened Except for Pantry Pantry
Brandy (Unopened) Quality and flavor degrade with time indefinite
Brandy (Opened) Quality and flavor degrade with time 2-3 years

Here, we are going to share with you the image of shelf life, so that you can share it on your social media.

shelf life of brandy

Facts to Know About Brandy

Brandy’s name comes from the Dutch word ‘brandewijn’. Many other common names for brandy are applejack, cognac, and Armagnac.

If you feel interested to know more here we have provided you with more interesting facts about the brandy. Just check it out.

  • Brandy is used as the base spirit in the production of another type of distilled liquor.
  • An ounce of brandy contains 65 calories, but a flavored brandy contains more than 80 calories.
  • Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol can lead to heart disease.
  • Brandy is derived from wine.
  • Brandy has many health benefits like weight control, boosting heart health, reducing respiratory issues, and many others.

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FAQs on  Does Brandy Go Bad? – Does Brandy have Expiry Date

1. Can we freeze brandy?

No, freezing a brandy is not an ideal option. Brandy will always be served or used in a mixture at an ideal temperature.

2. Is there any risk if we consume expired brandy? 

No, there is no risk of consuming an expired brandy. Brandy never expires to the extent that it can cause serious life-threatening sickness.

3. How can you tell if brandy has gone bad?

If you notice a flat taste when you drink brandy then it is better to discard it into the trash.

4. Does Brandy Go Off if Unopened?

No, brandy will not go off if it is unopened, and kept away from heat and light.

5. Does Brandy has Expiry Date?

What is the brandy expiry period? Yes, once after opening the bottle, you need to complete it, within 1 to 2 years before noticeable degradation in flavor and quality.

6. Should Brandy be Refrigerated After Opening?

No, you cannot able to freeze brandy after opening.

Key Takeaway – Can Brandy Expire

Hope that the content that we have shared on the topic can brandy go off, how long does brandy keep once opened? had shed some light on you. Brandy is always safe to drink regardless of how long it has been sitting on your shelf.

But the taste and quality will go bad over time if you don’t store it properly. Bookmark our site and if you have any doubts do comment to us in the comment section below.

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