Can Ghee Go Bad? – How To Tell If Ghee Is Spoiled?

Can Ghee Go Bad or Turn Rancid?: Ghee is clarified butter and comes into the healthy fat category. It is generally used in cooking, traditional medicine and religious rituals. When you have several bottles of ghee, then the question raises is can ghee go bad?

Like other fats, ghee also has preservation quality. Here we are giving answers to all questions such as tips to preserve ghee, how long ghee last, and the signs to tell if ghee is spoiled.

can ghee go bad

Does Ghee Go Bad?

Yes, ghee goes bad over time. The average shelf life of ghee is about 1 to 2 years and better storage precautions even increase its life span. Actually, ghee can go rancid or bad just like other fats. The taste and smell of ghee degrade steadily. Few sellers may tell that ghee lasts forever, but it is not true.

Ghee retains its quality good for months even if it is not refrigerated because it has most monounsaturated as well as saturated fats.

Does Ghee Need to Be Refrigerated?

In general, ghee doesn’t need refrigeration. Even the room temperature is useful to retain it’s quality longer. Many producers recommend storing ghee in the refrigerator after opening. The fridge is useful to keep quality for 12 months, but at room temperature, the ghee lasts for 3 to 6 months.

But few producers suggest storing the opened ghee bottle at room temperature i.e pantry. Finally, if you want ghee to retain its taste, and smell for a longer period, it is better to refrigerate it.

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Can Ghee Go Bad

How to Store Ghee?

Always recommend storing ghee in a cool and dry place that is away from direct sunlight and other heat sources. You can refrigerate the ghee if you want to store it for more days. When scooping ghee from the container, it is mandatory to use clean spoons and never double dip.

If you don’t like the old ghee taste for cooking, then you can use it as a makeup remover, hair oil or even skin moisturizer.

How to Tell if Ghee is Spoiled?

The following list is the signs to tell if ghee is turned rancid.

  • If ghee turned white, discard it.
  • If it tastes harsh or bitter, then it has gone rancid.
  • If the ghee odor is funny or unpleasant, then it has spoiled.
  • There is mold or any other nasty stuff on the surface.

Melting ghee is a normal process when you store it at a warm enough temperature. Graininess caused by melting and resolidifying the fat is normal when you store ghee at room temperature during hot summers.

How Long Does Ghee Last?

The unopened ghee bottle lasts for 2 years even in the pantry or in the refrigerator. Once the bottle is opened, it lasts for 4 to 6 months in the pantry and more than 1 year in the fridge. Every ghee bottle has a use by date printed on the label. That date is the rough estimate of how long it lasts fresh.

If you store the ghee properly, it will last after the expiration date. But there is no method to tell how long ghee stays fresh after the best by date.

Pantry Fridge
Ghee, unopened 1 – 2 years 1 – 2 years
Ghee, opened 4 – 6 months 12+ months

how long does ghee lasts

Facts About Ghee

The interesting facts about ghee are here:

  • Ghee is rejuvenating and easily absorbed.
  • Ghee will give you that glimmer in your eyes
  • It great cooking agent because of its high smoking point.
  • It is high in Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Ghee is used to boost immunity.
  • Ghee is good for your bones.
  • It aids digestion.
  • Lactose intolerance sufferers will appreciate ghee.

FAQs on Can Ghee Go Bad

1. Can you freeze ghee?

Yes, you can freeze ghee to maintain its quality for a longer period.

2. What does rancid ghee smell like?

Rancid ghee has a distinct odor instead of the usual milky sweet smell.

3. What to do with expired ghee?

You can use the expired ghee as an eye makeup remover, skin moisturiser or even hair oil.

4. Does ghee actually expire?

Yes, ghee expires after a specific time. The expired or spoiled ghee smells, tastes bad and color changes to white.


We are hoping that the details mentioned here about can ghee go bad are helpful to you. The best storage tips given are useful to increase the shelf life of ghee. Also, check the signs of spoilage, and ghee shelf life. Stay tuned to our site to know other fats info.

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