15+ Mouthwatering Mexican Breakfast Recipes That Taste Incredible & Make You Full All Day

Mexican Breakfast Recipes: Officegoers know how terrible a day can get with a bad breakfast. When we say bad breakfast, we don’t mean unhealthy. Rather it is the breakfast you are bored of eating or a breakfast that just tastes bland.

We get the fact that you can’t experiment with food at every possible opportunity but why try when there is Mexican food? Today, we will give you a handful of Mexican breakfast ideas you will love. So, pick your favorite Mexican breakfast.

 Mexican Breakfast Recipes

Best 9 Mexican Breakfast Recipes That Make Your Day Energetic

Mexican food is about a lot of peppers and hot sauce. So, you have to build spice tolerance even if it hurts. Nonetheless, Mexican breakfasts are pretty, but you can always be safe.

We are about to show you some interesting breakfast recipes up ahead. Hence, make sure you research enough about the recipe before adding any allergic ingredients. Now, let us find our fave Mexican breakfast.

  1. Breakfast Tostadas
  2. Chilaquiles Verde
  3. Horchata de Arroz
  4. Sausage Tortilla Bake
  5. Breakfast Burrito Casserole
  6. Chiles Rellenos Souffle
  7. Chorizo and Egg Breakfast Ring
  8. Skillet Chicken Chilaquiles
  9. Tetelas

Breakfast Tostadas

Tostadas are Mexican morning staples that are loaded with goodness. These breakfast tostadas have balanced nutritional ingredients including protein, carbs, and so on and so forth. These tostadas are delicious and great for a morning breakfast.

You can stack the tostada shells with poached eggs, avocados, and herbs of your choice. The flavors are very variant in these baked shells. Well, this might just be your call to grab some amazing tostadas and love your morning breakfast.

Chilaquiles Verde

Before you start thinking about what fancy thing in the world is this, let us give you a review. The Chilaquiles Verdes are tiny tortilla wraps filled with saucy tomato fillings. These are like fresh pasta with add of Mexican spice to it.

The Chilaquiles Verde is also very nutritious as it has a lot of fiber, carbs, and probiotics. You can pretty much add a bunch of cheese toppings. Personally, some parmesan cheese would be great for the taste and, even make it look fancy.

Horchata de Arroz

The well-known rice beverage from Mexico is here to improve your morning meal. A common beverage in Mexican homes, horchata de arroz has an exquisite flavor. In any case, since it doesn’t contain alcohol, keep drinking.

Rice water is used to make the Horchata de Arroz, which is not fermented. As a result, it does not cause intoxication and is suitable as a breakfast beverage. Choose your spices carefully because this beverage contains a lot of cinnamon.

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Sausage Tortilla Bake

The sausage tortilla bake is a perfect Mexican casserole for busy mornings. The casserole has balanced nutrition and tastes amazing with every bite. With or without cheese, the tortilla bake is still chewy and savory in the mouth.

The sausages can be of any kind, as there is no limit to the meat of preference. With loads of veggies and lots of savory meat, this breakfast is here to serve the fancy. An additional benefit is that you can even refrigerate the casserole for a day or two.

Breakfast Burrito Casserole

Burritos are a typical Mexican breakfast that is super healthy and even flavorful. However, it is not every day you will wake up and decide to make so much preparation for the burrito filling. Hence, making a lot of the food is a better option in the longer run.

The breakfast burrito is one heavy meal for breakfast and it has everything you will need. It has the right balance of nutrition and calories that our bodies need in today’s work life. Plus, the casserole burrito stores well both in the refrigerator and freezer.

Chiles Rellenos Souffle

Don’t cry out for help until you have tried making the dish all by yourself. The Chiles Rellenos Soufle is another Mexican staple from the Casserole list of breakfasts. As nutritious as it is, the spice level of this breakfast dish is quite high to beat.

If you didn’t already catch it, the casserole has a whole bottom layer of Mexican green chilies. You will also need some Mexican cheese to balance the spice of the casserole. So, this breakfast will be risky if you are not good with spicy dishes.

Chorizo and Egg Breakfast Ring

These crescent-like pastries are loved by Mexicans, just next to tacos. The Chorizo and Egg breakfast ring is a wholesome addition to your morning appetite. The flavors and spice in this baked ring are also minimum, so don’t sweat yourself.

The main ingredients are cooked chorizo and a grated sausage of any meat that you have available. The insides of this ring are super filling is great if you want extra protein in your breakfast. Well, it is not necessary, but some Mexican cheese would be great for this ring.

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Skillet Chicken Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles are the easiest recipes, take less time to make, and are overall nutritional. The skillet chicken chilaquiles have tons of ingredients that are good for the gut, and muscle recovery. Hence, this can also biome an easy post-workout meal.

People mostly go with chicken breasts when making skillet chicken chilaquiles for lean meat. The amount of veggies is also pretty moderate giving a good amount of fiber to the food. This recipe is pretty decent even with the fried tortilla chips.


Tetelas are corn masa flat soft bread with a tasty filling that anyone would love to eat. Kids are sometimes the pickiest with food and one bad breakfast will ruin their day. This recipe idea is for all those picky kids straight from the land of Mexico.

Tetelas has black bean filling, and the hint of Mexican spice makes everything better. This recipe serves as an illustration of how creative Mexicans can be when it comes to cooking. Tisy can literally use the adaptable maize masa to make savory and sweet dishes.

List Of Other Easy To Make Mexican Breakfast Foods

If you have loved these Mexican breakfast ideas so far, then these breakfast ideas will be awesome. It is impossible to get all the amazing Mexican dishes in one article. So, here are extra recipe ideas you can search for.

  • Chicken Enchiladas
  • Menudo
  • Gorditas
  • Churro Waffles
  • Grilled Mexican-style Corn

Healthy Mexican Breakfast Recipes You Should Try

While we did see a lot of Mexican breakfast ideas, it is good to look for healthier options. Let us see some Mexican recipes that are healthy for the gut and mind. Here goes:

Tomatillo Breakfast Tacos

The tomatillo tacos are the legendary tangy tacos that people all around the world love. These tacos have a hint of spice and are great in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions. The tomatillo tacos make a high-fiber and high-protein breakfast once mixed with ingredients in moderate amounts. So, enjoy amazing Breakfast Tacos in your mornings.

Chipotle Chilaquiles

Well, chipotle itself has some great additions for a healthy breakfast but you can also make it at home. This chilaquiles bowl is super refreshing and filling for a quick breakfast. With a good portion of greens, meat, and dressing, this dish is the perfect healthy meal. So, follow up with a recipe and serve your family and friends.

Mexican Egg Skillet

A fantastic Mexican breakfast dish is called migas. One pan, some leftover tortillas, a couple of eggs, and some delectable fresh vegetables are all you need. It is the ideal breakfast to share for two individuals.

What would otherwise be a plain and boring omelet is given a delightful heartiness and chewiness to the corn tortillas. It resembles cooking a sumptuous breakfast burrito on one skillet.

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FAQs On Tasty Mexican Recipes For Breakfast

1. Which is the most famous Mexican breakfast?

Tacos, regardless of when you eat it, are the most popular kind of Mexican breakfast. Tacos in Mexico are household staples and it has every right to be that famous all over the world. The taste of Mexican tacos is unbeatable with the amount of spice and flavor.

2. Is Mexican breakfast generally big?

Mexican breakfast often has one dish prepared for breakfasts generally. However, It can vary from occasion to occasion and the platter might get smaller or bigger. Although diet plans and preference also makes a difference in a common Mexican household.

3. Do Mexicans eat tacos for breakfast?

Yes, tacos are enjoyed in meals at every given opportunity, let alone breakfast. Not only Mexicans, but even people globally enjoy tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus, tacos also have good nutritional benefits with the addition of flavors and texture.

Final Thoughts

Above breakfasts are the spicy alternatives to the basic breakfast you go for every day. Not only are these Mexican breakfast ideas very flavorful, but also have balanced nutrients in them. Hence, going for Mexican breakfast once in a while is a great option if you like healthy diets. Well, that does bring a conclusion to our list of today’s breakfast ideas.

However, the search for a healthy breakfast will truly never come to an end no matter how many new recipes follow up. But, if you want some regular inspiration for cooking, visit our website and look through similar content like Mexican breakfast recipes.

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