Best Indian Breakfast Ideas for Guests To Try Today! – Indian Breakfast Recipes You Can Make

Indian Breakfast Ideas: Indians are known for their rich culture and heritage. Indian Cuisine is famous for its authenticity in organic ingredients that involve fermented plant-based or animal-based direct foods that are less processed and give you the benefits of original herbs and spices. Starting from spicy, sweet, mild, and savoury to rich and luxurious as well, Indians have a wide range of recipes to fit into any category.

Indian dishes are not only flavourful but they are also highly rich in nutrients including an abundance of proteins, fibres, vitamins and minerals. So let’s break your overnight fast with some amazing healthy and breakfast-appropriate recipes that are not only nutrient dense but are also great to fuel up your day and keep you grinding all day long.

In this recipe, we have summarised the best Indian Breakfast Recipes that not only get ready quickly but also serve a large variety of consumers like toddlers, pregnant women, vegans, people on a diet, etc. Without wasting a minute, let’s quickly check what these breathtaking recipes are.

Indian Breakfast Ideas

List of Top 10 Best Indian Breakfast Ideas

Come let’s now look at the most famous Indian Breakfast ideas that are not only simple to make but also ooze out fresh organic flavours that are rich in probiotics and disease-killing enzymes. The recipes are mentioned below:

Aloo paratha

This recipe is basically stuffed flatbreads that are super delicious and get ready in no time. These flatbreads are well seasoned with mashed potatoes and other ingredients like cilantro, green peas, etc. making it an amazing warm breakfast food that is sure to blow up your tastebuds. This dish has a filling seasoned with garam masala and when paired with tomato sauce or kasundi tastes amazing and keeps you full till lunch.

Sali Par Eedu

This recipe is a powerhouse of energy and is generally made up of tomato and fried potatoes that are topped with some scrambled eggs to give the perfect combination of protein and carbs. This breakfast skillet keeps you full for a long period of time and is generally paired with some fresh parsley, black pepper and salt along with some fried potato strips to give you a super luxury meal.

Namkeen Seviyaan

This particular Indian Breakfast Recipe looks similar to noodles and generally comes combined with sauteed vegetables and peanut sauce. This recipe is also additionally flavoured with ginger and garlic that when roasted with Peanuts would give a super delightful crunch. This dish looks quite similar to pasta as well and has a base that completely resembles vermicelli noodles as per texture and taste too.


Poha has always been one of the most famous Indian Breakfast Recipes that have at least once been surely made in every Indian house. This green bowl has a base of rice topped with onion and potato.

This dish also does come with a variety of customisable combinations and is definitely incomplete without red kidney beans that give you protein and fresh bay leaves that provide the perfect final touch of heavenly flavours. It is super nutritious and generally comes paired with peas, coconuts, carrots, etc.

Poori Bhaji

This recipe is a South Indian version of Indian Aloo Puri. This recipe calls for puffed bread bites along with some curry sauce that is combined with heavenly spices. The Poori Bhaji avoids using onion or garlic in the recipe but has a super thick and savoury curry that is never going to go wrong.

Aloo Puri

This recipe is one of the most traditional forms of Indian Breakfast food that comes served with a puffed bread called Puri and potato curry. The potatoes are seasoned with a variety of spices and soaked with savoury tomato sauce and cilantro that gives you the perfect combination of tangy and spicy. You can also try stuffing the Puri with some mashed potatoes to give birth to a heavier version of it.

Vada Pav

This particular recipe is a super famous Indian dish that typically originated in Mumbai and looks like donut-shaped frittatas that pose to be a super savoury snack made out of veggies. The Vada in the dish is typically seasoned with traditional flavours of cilantro, curry and ginger and is then deep-fried in vegetable oil until golden brown and served with buttery and delicious sambar.


If you want to start your day with a super crunchy dish that goes perfectly with curries and chutneys then the crisped pakwaan is definitely a must-try for you. This pakwan comes smothered in cumin and carom seeds to give a delightful crunch that is deep fried. The best part about this recipe is that it is a super mess-free dish, perfect as an on-the-go for your rushed mornings where you literally have some minutes left at your lunchtime.


This particular Indian Breakfast dish is the heart and soul of Gujrat and is superbly popular for its moist dough that is seasoned with savoury onion, garlic and Fenugreek seeds, giving it a beautiful colour and deep array of flavours. These theplas go amazing with tea or curd as well.

Indian Spiced Omelette

These omelettes are generally famous because they are super quick to make and give you a boost of protein right at the start of the day to give you strength and boost your metabolism as well. The most unique part about this recipe is that you can season the eggs with as many types of fresh herbs as per your choice including fresh cilantro, mint, curry leaves, etc.

Indian Breakfast Ideas for Diabetics

People suffering from Type 1 or 2 Diabetes can try the following Indian Breakfast Ideas too:

  • Diabetic Friendly Multigrain Idlis
  • Ragi-Wheat dosa
  • Steamed Dahi Bada
  • Carrot and Cabbage High Fibre Chutney Open Toast
  • Buckwheat Kuttu Dosa
  • Red Poha with Veggies
  • Methi Bajra Paratha recipe
  • Sprouts Dhokla
  • Rajgira Buckwheat Brown Rice Flour Khakhra
  • Indian oats pancake with jowar recipe

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Indian Breakfast Ideas for Breastfeeding Moms

Lactating Mothers are very sensitive to certain foods and must consume nutritive and hydrating meals only. Here are some suggestions:

  • Sprouted Masala Matki
  • Banana Apple Porridge
  • Garlic Vegetable Soup
  • Spinach and Potatoes With a Dash of Poppy Seeds
  • Tea With Fennel Seeds ko
  • Nutritional Bajra Dosa
  • Strawberry Chikoo Shake
  • Masoor Dal and Paneer Soup
  • Masoor Dal with Spinach

North Indian Breakfast Recipe

Come let’s look at some of the best Breakfast Recipes that are the heart and soul of North India:

  • Punjabi chole masala
  • Chole bhature
  • Gobi parathas
  • Bedmi Puri With Raseele Aloo
  • Masala Anda Bhurji
  • Koraishutir Kochuri
  • Dal Bhari Poori
  • Cheese bread pakora
  • Paneer Toasty
  • Semiya Vermicelli Pulao

South Indian Breakfast Recipes

Now that you learned about some good North Indian Breakfast Recipes, let us look at some really popular South Indian Breakfast Recipes:

  • Karnataka Style Mandakki Usli Recipe (Puffed Rice Upma)
  • Medu Vada
  • Appam with Vegetable Stew
  • Rava Pongal
  • Chow chow bath
  • Crispy Mysore Bonda Fritters
  • Idiyappam recipe
  • Paniyaram recipe with Idli Batter
  • Puttu recipe with Kadala Kari
  • Akki Roti

Vegetarian Indian Breakfast Ideas

Vegans! Don’t worry, cause we haven’t missed you here. These are some really good Indian Breakfast Ideas that you must try:

  • Quinoa Veg Upma
  • Green Pea Poha (Matar Poha)
  • Tofu Bhurji
  • Sabudana Khichdi Recipe
  • Paneer Uttapam
  • Moong Dal Cheela
  • Ragi Malt (Ragi Porridge)
  • Palak Moong Dal Dosa (Palak Pesarattu)
  • Indian Masala Oats
  • Ven Pongal Recipe (Khara Pongal)

Indian Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss

Now, let us look at some amazing Gluten-free Indian Breakfast Ideas for people who want to try the Indian Cuisine but also would like to keep their weightloss journey right:

  • Vegetable paratha with curd
  • Lentil dosas like with ginger chutney
  • Strawberry And Yogurt Oats
  • Lentil Crepes With Spinach
  • Protein-Rich Chickpeas Salad
  • Oats Coriander Buttermilk
  • Boiled/poached eggs with wholewheat bread
  • Moong Dal Idli
  • Fig Banana Smoothie
  • Spinach And Broccoli Quinoa Pan Dish

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Toddler Indian Breakfast Ideas

Indian Breakfast recipes do have a few super fun options for your foodie kids too. Let’s see what these kid-friendly Indian Breakfast Ideas:

  • Beetroot Carrot Sandwich
  • Healthy Avocado Pasta
  • Tomato Bath
  • Lemon Rice
  • Mini idli are with chutney podi
  • Vermicelli Upma
  • Attu with Idli Batter
  • Egg Paniyaram
  • Egg Bhurji Sandwich
  • Green Moong Dal Dosa

FAQs on Healthy Indian Breakfast Ideas

1. What is a typical Indian Breakfast?

A typical Indian Breakfast is super filling, yummy, and nutritious and generally combines fermented steamed rice, deep-fried veggies, porridge, flatbreads, lentils, chutneys, sambar, yoghurt, fruits, etc.

2. What is the best food for breakfast in India?

When it comes to the best Indian Breakfast Foods, there is a huge list of options that you get to choose from, starting from poha, multigrain parathas, palak puris, masala omelettes, idli, sambar, besan chilla, chana dal, dosa, aloo paratha, etc.

3. What is a healthy Indian Breakfast?

A healthy Indian Breakfast is a dish that must have a higher content of protein and fibre to kick start your morning. Some good recipes are mixed veg parathas, methi muthiya, moong dal chilla, upma, poha, etc.

4. What is the lightest Breakfast in India?

The lightest form of Indian Breakfast dishes that are low in calories is ragi dosa, poha, scrambled eggs, Vegetable Dalia, rava, dhokla, upma, etc.

Bottom Line

So those were the best rich Indian Breakfast ideas that you would surely miss if you do not try once in a lifetime. These recipes are world-famous for their rich ornamentation of spices, veggies, meat, etc. In this article, you have got a huge variety of Indian Breakfast Idea options suitable for catering to a wide range of consumers. Make sure to read the article carefully and choose what suits you best. Stay tuned to read more of these Breakfast Casserole Recipes and many others all in one guide.

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